Learn a variety of bachata classes in Los Angeles. They have dance schools that teach bachata for beginners, intermediate and advanced dancers. Whether you want to dance in a group or have private bachata lessons, they will cover you.

Keep scrolling down to find out which dance school suits you the best with your daily tasks. Bachata can be a perfect fit for every skill level, ability, age, and race.

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Learn Bachata in Los Angeles - Classes & Studios

Bachata Caliente Studio

Bachata Caliente offers bachata classes for adults.

They teach traditional bachata lessons. If you have never danced before, they offer Beginner Bachata Classes. Also, if you want to improve your dance skills in bachata they have Intermediate & Advanced Bachata Classes. They also offer Bachata Bootcamps, Performance Teams, and Private Bachata Lessons. You don’t need to bring your partner because you will rotate during class. 

Check them out for more details. 

Movers and Shakers

Learn bachata dance in Movers and Shakers.

They offer a variety of bachata styles including traditional, sensual, and modern. They provide 2 bachata programs. If you are new to this, they have bachata classes for beginners in 10-week series. If you have prior experience, they offer a 10-week bachata program where you will progress your skill.

They have classes available on Sundays too, so if you are interested check them out.

Liz Lira Dance Academy

Liz Lira Dance Academy offers a variety of bachata styles for adults.

They teach fusion bachata. They have bachata dance classes for the ladies. If you are new to this, they have bachata dance classes for beginners. If you are an intermediate or an advanced dancer, they teach Sensual, Modern, Urban, and Traditional Bachata. You can dance alone, or in a couple. 

Visit their website to see more about their schedule and classes.

3rd Street Dance

3rd Street Dance offers you bachata dance classes for adults.

They teach traditional bachata, salsa, ballroom, and other dance styles. They have bachata classes for every skill level, from beginners to intermediate and advanced dancers. You and your partner can also learn bachata lessons together as a couple. 

They provide drop-in classes too, as well as membership classes.

Javier Campines Dance

Javier Campines Dance offers bachata and salsa dance classes.

They offer traditional bachata dance classes. The bachata classes are divided into 2 different levels, Beginning Bachata, and Intermediate Bachata. They offer both group and private bachata lessons. For first-time students, they offer a 4 classes package for a special price.

Whether you’re just curious about Latin dance or you’ve been dancing for years, come check out a class.

Dancer University

Come learn and dance bachata and salsa at Dancer University.

They teach traditional bachata and salsa for every level and skill. The bachata classes are divided into 2 levels, Bachata 1 and Bachata 2. Bachata 1 is a program designed for beginners with no prior experience. Bachata 2 is a progressive program where you can develop your skills.

They offer group bachata classes, private bachata lessons, and bachata workshop.


Salseros-La is a dance studio that offers bachata and salsa dance classes for adults.

The bachata classes are divided into 2 groups: Beginners and Intermediate. There is no partner necessary! If you prefer not to rotate, you can always bring your partner. All levels are welcome. You can always take private bachata lessons, to level up your dance skills.

If this sounds interesting to you, click on the More information tab.

Danella Dutton

Danella Dutton Dance is an independent dance instructor. 

She teaches bachata, salsa, and other Latin dance styles. She teaches traditional bachata. Whether you are a beginner or advanced dancer, she offers bachata dance classes for everyone. She also offers bachata workshop, and private bachata lessons if you want to level up your skills. The group classes are as 3 or 4-week series that will depend on each month.

Whether you are learning choreography or how to freestyle, check the schedule.

Euphoria Dance LA

Euphoria Dance LA offers Latin and ballroom dance classes for adults.

They teach bachata and salsa too. Both singles and couples are welcome. If you are new to this, they offer beginner bachata classes too. If you want to teach alone with an instructor, they provide private bachata lessons. 

Whether you want to dance as a hobby or develop your dance skill, they offer classes for every need. Check their website for more information.



You can choose from other dance styles that dance schools in Los Angeles offer. If there are no bachata dance classes near your area, you can choose hip hop, ballet, belly dance, ballroom, and many more.