Bachata is a great dance style to connect with your partner. Did you know that San Diego offers bachata classes for every age, skill, and ability? We have listed all the dance schools that offer bachata classes, with the most important information. You can dance alone or with your partner, whether you are a beginner or an advanced dancer.

Take a look at the dance schools, check out their schedules and classes, and choose the one that most fits you.

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Learn Bachata in San Diego - Classes & Studios

Majesty in Motion Dance Studio

Majesty in Motion Dance Studio offers dance classes in bachata, salsa, mambo, and others.

They teach the traditional bachata style. Their group classes are available only for Beginner & Intermediate levels. No partner is required. If you want to level up your skills, they also offer private bachata lessons. They offer free bachata classes for beginners on Saturdays. They also offer classes on Sundays.

If this sounds interesting to you, visit their site to see the schedule.

Melómano Entertainment

Melómano Entertainment delivers class dance services in Bachata, Salsa, Music, DJs, and much more!

They offer in-person classes, where you can learn salsa and traditional and modern bachata. The bachata classes are divided into 2 levels, beginner bachata, and intermediate bachata. No partner is necessary to attend any of our lessons. They also offer private bachata dance lessons to speed up your learning curve.

Book your dance classes, private dance lessons, dance team membership, and events.

San Diego Dance Headquarters

San Diego Dance Headquarters offers dance classes in bachata, salsa, and other dance styles for adults.

They teach different types of classes throughout the week from beginning to advanced, including bachata and salsa. On Saturdays, they also offer an anniversary bachata social dance. If you want to learn a one-on-one lesson with one instructor, they offer private bachata classes.

If you are looking for bachata dance classes near 5033 Shawline St, San Diego, CA 92111, check them out!

Dancing Together

Dancing Together offers dance classes in bachata, salsa, cha-cha, merengue, and other dance styles.

They teach traditional and modern bachata. If you don’t know where to start, they offer first dance lesson, where you’ll have a chance to experience the teaching style of your instructor. Also, if you have prior experience, they offer advanced levels. Dancing Together offers private dance instruction for better learning. 

Whether you’ll dance on your own or with a partner, they focus on your dance needs.

Arthur Murray

Arthur Murray Dance Studio specializes in teaching beginner to advanced dancers.

They offer merengue, bachata, salsa, swing, and many more dance styles. If you don’t have a partner, and also no prior experience, they offer classes for you too. If you are new to this, you’ll start to learn to dance in your very first lesson and leave with a plan of action for the next few sessions.

Whether you are a single, couple, or have a partner that isn’t interested in learning to dance, you are welcome to join them.

619 Dancers

619 Dancers is a dance studio that offers dance classes in bachata and salsa.

They teach sensual, traditional, fusion, and funk bachata. If you want to learn bachata they offer Ladies Bachata Intensive Series. Also, they offer 2 hrs Ladies bachata workshop. You don’t need to bring a partner. No experience necessary! They offer classes and teams for all levels.

They are open from Tuesday to Thursday, so check their schedule and classes.

Dance With Liza

Dance With Liza offers dance classes in Latin dances, bachata, swing, and more.

Their classes are for beginners and beyond who already know some basics. Also, if you want to improve your dance skills, they offer advanced classes. They also have private classes for everyone who wants to learn alone. You can choose private classes with 1 or with 2 instructors.

Visit their website, to check the availability, discounts for classes, and more information.



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