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Dancing Bachata is a great way to improve your self-esteem. Seattle offers bachata dance schools, where you can learn different styles of bachata classes. Also, they have classes for every level and skill. From beginner through advanced dancers, they will cover you.

Keep reading and find out the best bachata dance school near you that will fit your busy life and daily work.

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Learn Bachata in Seattle - Classes & Studios

Salsa Con Todo

Salsa Con Todo offers 6 different major dance classes and programs to develop dancers at every level.

They offer Dominican and sensual bachata dance classes. They offer 4-week classes, as well as drop-in classes. Bachata classes are divided into several levels. If you are a beginner they offer Beginner bachata and Beginner sensual bachata program. No partner and experience is required.

If you want to level up your skills, they offer private bachata lessons too.

Suenos de Salsa

Sueños de Salsa is a dance studio where they teach salsa and bachata.

They have Bachata 4-week series. They offer 3 levels of bachata including, beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. They teach sensual and fusion bachata. You can take private bachata lessons, where you can accelerate your learning. Drop-in classes are also available.

They offer dance classes on Saturday too, so if you are interested take a look at their schedule and prices.

Balorico Dance

Balorico Dance is a dance studio that offers bachata, salsa, and ballroom dance classes.

They offer Dominican bachata dance classes. If you are a beginner, don’t worry. Their beginner classes run Mondays.  On Wednesdays is level 2 class practice, for intermediate dancers. They also provide bachata workshops you can join.

Visit their website for more information, so you can choose better. 

La Clave Cubana Salsa

La Clave Cubana Salsa offers bachata, salsa and Afro-Cuban dance classes.

This is your chance to learn the traditional Dominican bachata. Whether you are single or a couple, they offer dance classes for both. Also, their classes are adjustable for every level, from beginner to advanced dancers. 

If you want to learn directly from a dance instructor and accelerate your learning, they offer private bachata lessons. 

Bachata B2B

Bachata B2B is a dance studio that offers bachata and salsa dance classes.

They provide sensual bachata classes. The bachata classes are designed as 8-week classes, with no drop-in option available. They have 2 Sensual bachata programs available for students. 

The team offers 1-hour bachata training before choreography if you are a beginner. Check them out for their schedule and prices.

Century Ballroom

Learn Bachata dance classes in Century Ballroom.

They offer bachata, salsa, and other Latin dance styles. They teach both Dominican Style Bachata and Modern Style Bachata. They provide 2 levels of bachata, where in Bachata 1 you don’t need to have an experience, while in Bachata 2 you should have some prior experience.

They don’t always offer every class, so make sure you check their schedule before enrolling in the classes. 

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More dance classes in Seattle

Many dance schools in Seattle offers a variety of different dance style besides bachata, including jazz, hip hop, African, Latin, ballroom, and more. If you can’t find bachata classes near your area, these dance classes may suit you.