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You can dance various bachata styles in San Jose, From beginners to intermediate and advanced dancers, they offer bachata classes for every skill, level, and age. You can learn in group bachata classes, or if you want some private space, you can take private bachata lessons. 

Whether you are new to dancing or want to compete, you can find bachata classes according to your needs. Keep reading to find out more about bachata dance schools in San Jose.

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Learn Bachata in San Jose - Classes & Studios

San Jose Bachata Nights

San Jose Bachata Night offers bachata dancing classes.

They teach several types of bachata. If you are a beginner, they also have a beginner bachata program. If you want to socialize and have fun, they provide social bachata dancing. Whether your needs are, they have classes for everyone. The classes are available for singles and couples.

San Jose Bachata Nights is a full-service Event Production Company that offers, Bachata Events, Bachata Classes, Bachata Private Lessons, and a Bachata Dance Team.

Dance Boulevard

Dance Boulevard is a dance studio that offers classes in bachata, salsa, tango, west coast, and more.

They have group bachata class programs, dance parties, and private bachata lessons. The bachata classes are divided into 2 levels, bachata beginner and bachata intermediate level. Also, they can prepare you and your partner for your first wedding dance.

They are open at the weekends too, so check out their schedule and start dancing.

Starlite Ballroom

Starlite Ballroom is a dance studio that offers classes in bachata, salsa, tango, rumba, waltz, and more.

They offer group bachata classes, social classes, drop in classes, and social bachata dance. If you want to accelerate your learning, you can take private bachata lessons. If you are a new student, they offer a free trial private lesson. 

They are also available at the weekends, so click on the More information tab for more details.

Studio M Ballroom Club

Studio M offers dance classes in bachata, salsa, hustle, ballroom, and more for kids and adults.

They offer dance classes for people of all ages and all levels. They have a wide variety of dance styles for kids and adults, both in group and private lessons. No matter what your goals are, they a wide range of classes and activities to fit your needs, including social dances, competitive programs, wedding dances, and more.

They offer a variety of parties, and events for social dances, so check them out.

DNA Dance Ballroom

DNA Dance Ballroom specializes in a variety of dance styles, ballroom, bachata, salsa, tango, and more. 

They have an Adult Social Dance program that has a variety of classes that include International Ballroom and Latin dances, Salsa, Bachata, Ladies’ Styling, and more. If you want to speed up your process and development, they have a competitive program. All programs are available for beginners, intermediate and advanced dancers. You can book your first lesson for free.

They can create a choreography for your first wedding day.

Arthur Murray Dance Centers

Arthur Murray Dance Studio offers a wide range of dance styles such as bachata, salsa, tango, waltz, rumba, and many more.

They offer several types of bachata. You can dance alone or together with your partner. Group bachata classes are available for everyone. If you want to learn faster and better you can take private bachata lessons. Whether you have 2 left feet or have some experience, they have classes for everyone’s needs.

They can prepare you for a competition, so check out their website for more info.

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More Dance Classes in San Jose and California

From beginner to advanced dancers, you can also find other dance styles in San Jose and California. If there are no bachata classes near your area, you can take a look at dance classes in ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, heels, pole, belly, and many more.