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Let’s dance bachata. Whether you want the traditional style or the more advanced Sensual style, you can do it in Tucson. Tucson has bachata dance classes for everyone, from beginners to intermediate and advanced dancers. You can learn the basic steps if you are a newbie, or take level-up classes. 

All dance schools have instructors that will guide you through your bachata journey. So, don’t doubt and keep reading to find the best bachata classes in your area.

Everything you need to know

Learn Bachata in Tucson - Classes & Studios

Floor Polish Dance Studio

Flow Polish Dance Studio offers dance classes in bachata, samba, zumba, flamenco, and more dance styles. 

They teach the traditional and sensual style of bachata. The classes are offered weekly. They also provide dance socials and special events, like bachata social dance night on the weekends. No partners are needed to attend the classes.

Visit their webpage and find your favorite class.

Dream Dance Studio

Dream dance offers dance classes in bachata, merengue, salsa, Ballroom, hustle, and more.

Their classes are for everyone. They have group classes, where Monday night is specific for Bronze level and above and Tuesday night is for beginners only. Whether you are taking lessons as an individual or as a couple, they offer private bachata lessons for better learning.

They can prepare you for your wedding dance, and other special events.

Ballroom Dance Schools Franchise

Ballroom Dance School offers bachata, salsa, country, ballroom, and other dance styles.

If you are new to the dance floor, they offer an introductory lesson in person. For the group classes, no partner is necessary. Each class varies in the dancers’ skills. All levels are welcome. If you are an advanced dancer and want to compete, they offer competition dance lessons.

Take a closer look, and see their class schedule.

Ritmos Latinos UofA

Ritmos Latinos is a dance studio that offers dance classes in bachata and salsa.

They offer Partner Bachata class on Mondays. The bachata classes are designed for beginners, intermediate 1 and 2. Every level contains additional 3 levels as subgroups. No partner is needed. They have demo circles on the first day to show you what you’ll be able to do if you are not sure about joining.

Visit their website and find out more about their classes.

Salsa Soulseros

Salsa Soulseros will teach you the fundamentals of Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Kizomba and Zouk.

They offer bachata workshops, where all levels are welcome, and the dancers will learn traditional bachata. They also teach the sensual style of bachata. You can take bachata classes as courses that last several weeks. They also offer bachata classes on the weekends for private lessons. 

To build your confidence, they offer private bachata lessons, for 1, 2, or 4 people, as well as prepare you for your first wedding dance.

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More Dance Classes in Tucson and Arizona

You can also find more dance styles like ballet, jazz, tap, pole, heels, afro dance, and more dance styles in Tucson and Arizona. If bachata classes aren’t available near your area, take a look at the dance schools that Tucson and Arizona offer. From beginners to advanced dancers, you can find the best class that fits you.