Best online dance classes for free in 2022


If you like to dance, you have probably noticed how much positive energy dancing brings you. Dancing is an ideal exercise for all ages, and it also has a positive impact on your health. Dance is the best mood lifter. Dancing can break the routine of your everyday life, but it also has a positive effect on both physical and mental health. There are various styles of dance and each style is equally good.

However, with our busy lives today, we don’t have time to visit a dance studio for dance classes. That’s why online dance classes are always a good option for those who have a very busy life.

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Best 19 dance classes online which you can start today for free!

With so many dance schools, it is hard to choose the best one. In addition, we have collected the best free online dance classes.

#1 Hip hop dance moves

If you like to dance in clubs and parties, then learning some hip-hop moves will make you groove on.

RichStylez is a dance instructor over 13 years old on the dance floor. He had performed on stages with famous artists all over the world as well as in movies and tv shows. He teaches hip hop, breakdance, house, and more. He offers guides for beginners in each style.

He offers online classes without going to the dance studio. on Skillshare, you can take his classes online for free. You’ll get a 2-month free trial period once you sign up.

After you complete a certain course, you will learn the basic steps of hip hop. If you are an advanced dancer, these courses are not for you.

Get free hip hop dance classes.

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#2 Free ballet classes

Ballet is an excellent dance style if you are new to dancing. You have to move your whole body and be connected with it.

Learn ballet with Thuan. Thuan has several years of experience in ballet. She started taking classes at 16-year-old. She posted free dance classes on her Youtube channel. She offers monthly membership where you will learn different ballet techniques.

#3 Free Latin dance classes

Dance to your favorite Latin music. Whether you want to dance as a hobby or just dance, Latin dance styles such as bachata, salsa, kizomba, merengue, and more, are a perfect option to move your body in a fun way.

OnSean Zion is a well-known Latin instructor and choreographer for over 15 years. Singing and dancing are his favorite passion. That’s why all over the world including Japan, Korea, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland & Germany. OnSean is the creator, choreographer & director of “Latin Cabaret, and has choreographed 5 Broadway Style Dance Musicals, including “Rock with You,” celebrating the music & dance of Michael Jackson…Latin Style, “The Battle Of The Dance” for Disney, and more.

He shares free videos on his YouTube channel where you can learn salsa from the beginning. You can also take his beginner’s guide and learn the basic steps in various salsa styles.

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#4 Free Pole dancing

X-pole offers pole and aerial dancing for all levels. You can learn online and get 14-days of free access. Get online classes with a personal trainer and from a professional dancer. They teach everyone, beginners and advanced dancers.

Get free pole dancing classes.

#5 Jazz funk classes

Learn jazz funk movement and choreography with CLI Studios. Focus on finding texture, and dynamics, connect with your personality, and to your core. Start your seven-day free trial period. You can dance from your favorite place at home, so let’s prepare!

Get free jazz funk classes.

#6 Dance cardio

Popsugar fitness offers a variety of online dance classes on their website and YouTube channel. You can dance while having fun. All videos are available for different fitness levels. The teachers are certified dance instructors with lots of dance experience.

Visit their Youtube Channel

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#7 The Ballet Coach - Free ballet classes for kids

Let your kids learn from the best. The ballet coach offers the best online dance classes for kids at every level, despite your kid’s current dance skills. They have a special program for beginners too.

Visit their Youtube Channel

#8 Dance Parent 101

Dance parent 101 has the best online dance classes for free and tutorials for school-aged kids. They have listed all the online classes for free for kids which include tonnes of videos, links, fitness and movement classes for kids.

Visit their website

#9 American Ballet Theatre - Free dance classes for kids

ABT started offering virtual classes on YouTube. Their classes are for ages 2-4, while ABT Primary aims to teach kids aged 5-8. There are a few dance classes that are for people of all ages. If your kid has dance routines, it will help improve their coordination, movement, flexibility, confidence, endurance, health, and body constitution.

Visit their Youtube Channel

#10 Battery Dance TV

Battery Dance TV provides online dance programming for all ages. They offer free online live classes in different styles such as ballet, jazz, hip-hop, swing, musical theatre, ballroom dancing, and more. The classes are for people of all ages, whether you are a beginner or an advanced dancer.

#11 Turn It Out With Tiler

Tiler is New York City ballet dancer, choreographer actress, and children’s book author. She teaches combinations, choreography, and exercises to help you improve your dance skills and techniques. Classes are on Instagram via a live stream.

#12 Ava May Vibes - Free contemporary dance classes

Ava is a 17-year-old dancer who posted online dance tutorials. She started posting through the end of 2021 during the quarantine so people can dance and have some activities while they are stuck in their homes. All of her videos are still available online. She teaches contemporary dance, combo, and many more.

#13 Dance Theatre of Harlem

Dance Theatre of Harlem offers online classes for all levels. Students of all levels have the opportunity to develop, succeed and continue their dance journey. The Dance Theatre of Harlem School provides high-quality classical ballet and dance training to children and youth from ages 3 to 18. Also, they offer virtual adult classes.

#14 Dance Plug - Free dance classes for 7 days

DancePlug offers a range of online dance classes from ballet to hip-hop and even Bollywood. They offer free classes for 7 days. Whether you’ve just started learning to dance or are an advanced mover, DancePlug offers unlimited access to 700+ tutorials with new videos added every week. Class genres include jazz, contemporary, hip-hop, tap, house, jazz, jazz funk, theatre dance, ballet, and lyrical.

Get 7-day free access

#15 STEEZY Studio

Steezy Studio offers classes in hip-hop, funk, urban dancing, and more dance styles, whether you’re a beginner who’s just starting out or an advanced dancer. Their online platform is a paid subscription option, but they are offering a seven-day free trial. Also, once you sign up to make a free account, they offer a few free classes.

Visit Steezy website

#17 Andreson Moore Dance - Free dance classes for couples

Anderson Moore Dance teaches a variety of styles including ballroom dancing, American tango, cha cha, swing, and many more. In his online videos on YouTube, he presents the basic steps of each style. His videos are free, so don’t doubt, and start your dance game today.

Visit Youtube CHannel

#18 Bachata Dance Academy - Free dance classes for couples

Bachata Dance Academy offers salsa and bachata online dance classes. They teach different styles of salsa and bachata, for beginners, intermediate and advanced dancers. Once you sign up, you can get access to free bachata and salsa workshop. These programs are for students that have zero prior dance experience. However, you will learn from professional dancers.

Visit their website

#19 Bachata Chemistry - One of the best online dance classes for couples (begginer friendly)

Bachata Chemistry is one of the best online dance classes for couples. It’s begginer friendly and it’s created for couples who never have danced before.They teach romantic bachata dance and each class is around 20 minutes.

The online course is structurated so you can improve faster from the first class.

They offer a 7-day money-back guarantee, no asked questions. But we have tried and we consider Bachata Chemistry as one of the best online courses for couples that you can try for free.

Click here to learn more about this online dance course for couples.

#20 Fit Lara

Fit Lara provides online dance classes and workouts for beginners. She also offers choreography in different dance styles such as hip hop, jazz, and house dance. Her classes are free. Also, on her online platform, she has different free fitness workouts.

Visit her Youtube Channel

Benefits of Online Dance Classes

One of the biggest advantages of online classes is certainly flexibility. It is most often designed so that, if you are unable to attend a dance class at the given time, you can certainly do so when you can. Given that you can access online classes regardless of where you are, your travel costs are lower. You don’t have to spend money on fuel or public transport tickets. All you need is an internet connection and a mobile phone or laptop.

With online dance classes, you are not limited to the place and time. Most of the dance classes are saved as videos which means if you are not available to take your dance class at the moment, you can always dance later that day or whenever you are free.

Another great benefit of taking online dance classes is that whether you are too shy to dance in a group or want to start dancing alone, you can take them from your favorite place at home.