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Dancing brings joy and engages your whole body as well as your mind. Whether you want to dance as a hobby, or you want to advance your skills and go to dancing competitions, we have collected all dance schools in Atlanta with the information that is necessary to get started.

If you are too busy during the weekdays or weekends, we provide you with the best online dance schools to enjoy your dance wherever you are.

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List of dance studios in Atlanta

Fit & Fancy Dance Studio

Fit & Fancy Dance Studio offer dance classes for adults for every level. 

They provide over 6 different party packages that will fit your party needs. You can choose pole, twerk, lap and a combination of two dance types. They have class packages include all class types you can choose from. They also have classes on Saturday.

Check them out if their schedule fits your busy life!


Celebrity Ballroom Dance Studios

Celebrity Ballroom Dance Studios offer a variety of different ballroom class dances.

You can choose waltz, tango, peabody, rhumba, samba, salsa, swing, and many more! They also offer private, group dance lessons, social dance practice sessions, dance enhancements, and amenities.

If you look for a dance class in the area near 2727 Canton Rd Suite 520, Marietta, GA 30066, check them out!

Legworx Dance and Rehearsal Studio

If you try to learn different types of dance, Legworx Dance and Rehearsal Studio offers dance classes for everyone.

Their dance classes are available for adults and kids. You can choose ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop and many more.

If you want to enroll on any of this program, click on the link for more information. 

Atlanta Dance & Music Academy

Atlanta Dance & Music Academy is a place where you can learn different types of dance such as ballet, jazz, hip hop, modern and more.

Their offer plenty of dance classes available for kids, teen, and adults. Their programs are designed for everyone, and for every level, from beginner, intermediate and advanced. The children & teen summer programs have dance camps, ballet camps and ballet intensives for children and teens ages 3-18. 

Atlanta Dance & Music offers professional music lessons for people of all ages too.

Dance 101

Dance 101 offers dance classes availible for everyone, from absolute beginner to those who have danced most their lives.

You can choose jazz roulette, burlesque jazz, lyrical jazz, hip hop, fuego, and more. If you don’t know how to start, they have a crash course in dance fundamentals which offers an intro to dance.  

Also, you can schedule dance classes on the weekends. 

Dance With Me Buckhead

Dance With Me Buckhead offers different dance classes including salsa, tango, hustle, swing, waltz, rumba, and more. 

Whether you want to learn to dance socially, take your skills to the next level, they provide a variety of services including private dance lessons, group dance classes, and social practice parties. 

They host showcases and competitions, provide event entertainment, offer corporate and team building services, plus much more!

Fred Astaire Dance Studios - Atlanta Midtown

Fred Astaire Dance Studios offer private lessons, group classes, and practise parties for adults. 

Their instructors are over 10 years experienced, who are also teaching dance classes in mambo, salsa, bolero, jive, bachata, and may more. If you are a new member, they have a special introductory offer.

They also have beginner and social foundation programs to teach newer students the step patterns and techniques, and progress to the bronze trophy program.

More bachata classes in Atlanta.

Rhythma Studios

Located in the heart of Atlanta, Rhythma Studios offer a variety of different private or group lessons to fit your schedule.

They offer jazz, African dance, hip hop, belly dance, and more. They have workshops, classes, and training intensives across many levels and genres of movement arts. 

For information about classes, workshops, workstudy opportunities, and programs, click on more information.

Synrgy Dance ATL Dance Studio

Synrgy Dance ATL offers a program which progresses from Pre-K, through advanced levels of instruction.

The programs are divided into 4 groups including, mini movers (ages 3-5), primary (ages 6-8), petite & junior (ages 9-12), and teen (ages 13-18). They also offer dance classes on Saturday.

Check them out for more information. 

DanceMakers of Atlanta

DanceMakers of Atlanta provides a different selection of dance styles, and levels for all dancers. 

They have 6 different divisions that range in age from 6 to 18. There is a 15% family discount for parents with more than one child enrolled. 

Let your kid learn with DanceMakers of Atlanta. 

I-Inspire Dance Studios

I-Inspire Dance Studios provide dance classes for students of all ages to express themselves though music and dance.

They offer training programs and resources for talent of all ages in the fields of live performing arts, commercial performing arts, music and recording, media and communications, and more businesses. Also, they have programs and packages designed for everyone who wants to improve their dance skills.

They have weekend classes as well. Visit their page for more information.

Calo Dance Studio

If you want to learn flamenco dance, Caló Dance Company offer flamenco classes, presentations, social activities, student shows, and even bi-annual trips to Spain.

You can learn flamenco, tap, ballet, and more dances available in different levels. They offer flamenco presentations (in English or Spanish) for parties, restaurants, weddings, and private or other special events.

Caló Dance Studio is also available for rent for any special event, workshop, or creative activity.

Atlanta Ballet - Buckhead Centre

Atlanta Ballet-Buckhead Centre offers a variety of dance classes for kids and adults.

The classes are divided into several programs, including Creative Movement (ages 2-7), Student Division (ages 7+), Adult Open Division (ages 18+), and more. They have summer programs too, that will help enhance your dance skills. If you want to advance your skills, they offer an Academy program, you may audition. 

If you are looking for dance classes near 4279 Roswell Rd #703, Atlanta, GA 30342, check them out.  

AREA Ignite Dance + Fitness

AREA Ignite Dance offers dance classes for kids and adults.

The classes they offered are divided into several groups according to their skill level. If you want to improve your dance skills, they have an Academy program designed for dancers between 6-16yrs. In the Happy Kiddies program, your kid can join from 2 years of age. 

AREA Ignite offers weekly open classes, workshops, and development opportunities for novices to professionals.

First Wedding Dance Classes in Atlanta

TADA - The Atlanta Dance Academy

Have your first wedding dance from your dreams in TADA, which offers wedding dance lessons and choreography.

TADA’s instructors private wedding lessons and sessions for your special day. They offer Five 55-minute sessions for two people, and a Single session for two people. 

Click on more information to see their programs and schedules in detail. 

Academy Ballroom Atlanta

Feel confident and comfortable on your first wedding dance with dance classes Academy Ballroom Atlanta offers.

They offer first wedding lessons, as well as Father/Daughter & Mother/Son Dances at the wedding. You can choose from bachata, waltz to salsa, jive, mambo, and many more. Also, they teach you how to dance at your wedding party, how to lead with several dance tips and tricks.

If you are interested to learn any type of dance, check them out!

Fuego Y Hielo Dance Company

Fuego Y Hielo Dance Company offers a variety of different Latino dance classes for your special day. 

They offer first wedding dance in a variety of programs that can suit your needs. Also, they teach choreography for weddings, quinceañeras, and many more services.

If you are interested in the different types of classes, click on the link above to learn more.

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  • Which are the best dance classesin Atlanta for advanced dancers?

    Atlanta Dance & Music Academy offers advanced dance classes for kids, teens and adults. If you have finished the previous levels, you can join the advanced classes they offer. 

  • Which is the best dance school in Atlanta for couples who want to start dancing?

    Dance With Me Buckhead is a dance studio that offers dance classes for couples. If you are a beginner don't worry. They also have private lessons that are perfect for beginners.

  • What is the best dance school in Atlanta for beginners?

    If you are a beginner, learning ballet is the right choice for you. Alternatively, you can also enroll with Atlanta Dance & Music Academy, because they offer ballet dance classes for beginners.

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