Did you know that you can dance hip hop, ballet, salsa, jazz, and many other dance styles in Baltimore? Baltimore offers more than 15 school dances where you can learn how to dance if you are a beginner or advanced dancer, or if you want to go to a competition. Prepare your wedding dance with dance schools near your area.

If you want some private space, we offer the best online dance lessons for everyone, so you can dance anywhere, anytime.

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Morton Street Dance Center

Morton Street Dance Center offers dance classes for ages 3 to adult.

For the youngest students, they offer dance classes in creative movement, ballet, and modern. Older dancers receive technical training in classical ballet, pointe, pre-pointe, modern, and many more. The school also offers several Summer Dance Programs for all ages including dance intensives, dance classes, and Storybook Ballet.

All classes are at different levels for everyone to fit in. So, check their schedule to choose the best classes for you.

Baltimore School of Dance

Baltimore School of Dance offers dance classes for kids and adults of all ages.

They offer to teach lessons in ballet, jazz, tap, and much more variety of styles. The classes are for all levels, beginner, recreational, pre-professional, and advanced, ages 2 to adult. They offer internship and scholarship opportunities as well as a student performance company.

Visit their website for more information and class schedule.

Baltimore Dance Center

Baltimore Dance Center offers a wide range of dance classes for kids and adults.

They offer dance classes in ballet, jazz, hip hop, and more. They also have a Boys Crew class designed specifically for boys ages 10-18 incorporating hip hop/tap techniques. They offer many workshops and weekend choreography workshops where you can improve your skills. 

Baltimore Dance Center has been in business for 17 years serving Baltimore, so if you are interested, check them out!

Dance Happens

If your kid wants to learn different dance styles, Dance Happens offers dance classes for kids and teens of all ages.

They offer dance classes in ballet, jazz, modern, and more. The classes are divided by age and level, so every kid can join the class according to their ability and dance level. They provide Summer Intensive so your kid can develop the skills.

They offer other workshops and camps, and also have Saturday classes, so visit them for more info.

Hampden Dance Arts

Hampden Dance Arts is a dance studio that offers dance classes for kids, teens, and adults.

They teach ballet, hip hop, lyrical, acro, and more styles. Classes are formed around age and experience level. If you or your child are beginners, they offer beginners classes to everyone. You can join their Summer Camps too. 

If you want a thoughtful gift, they have gift certificates available to buy for your friend or family.

Ministry of Swing

Ministry of Swing offers coast swing dance classes for adults.

All ages, gender expressions, and backgrounds are welcome to join. If you are a newbie, don’t worry. They have classes for every level, from little to no experience to advanced dancers. They also offer group and private lessons, if you want to get more focused. 

They have social dances, mostly on Saturday, that are for beginners and intermediate dances. They are all drop-in classes.

The Carroll School of Dance

The Carrol School of Dance provides dance lessons for kids and adults.

They offer students dance classes in ballet, jazz, hip hop, African, zumba, and many more. All programs are designed for all ages, including children, teenagers, adults, and seniors. Classes are held on a weekly basis. For the kids, they offer dance classes on Saturdays too.

If you are interested in dance classes ear 6647 Belair Rd, Baltimore, MD 21206, check them out.

Dance & Artistic Expressions Studio

Dance & Artistic Studio offers dance classes for everyone, from kids to adults.

They offer hip hop, zumba, salsa, and more at various levels so everyone can join with their skill level, from beginner to intermediate and advanced dancer. They have classes on the weekends too. They have groups and private classes and offer 2 different packages. 

They have annual recitals you can be a part of. Also, they offer studio rentals, so visit their website for more information.

Bmore Bollywood Dance Studio

Mbore Bollywood offers dance classes available for all dancers, kids, and adults.

They offer dance classes in the style of Bollywood, Fusion, BollyContemporary, Bhangra, BollyHop, and more! They offer private sessions too if you want to learn in privacy or learn some more hard techniques. All their workshops are available for adults and kids of all ages. 

Wanna have a special occasion? They offer a short or a full-on performance along with interactive sessions, to entertain your guests.

Baltimore Dance Tech Inc

Baltimore Dance Tech offers dance classes available for kids and adults.

They provide variety of disciplines, including pointe, ballet, tap, hip hop, and many more. Classes are designed by level and age, so everyone can join. If you want to improve your skills, they offer a professional level dance education for all students. They provide summer camps also, where your kid can develop their dance techniques.

Click on the more information tab to see their schedule and class offered.

Dance Klinique Inc

Your kid can learn a variety of dance classes in Dance Klinique.

They offer dance classes in ballet jazz, hip hop contemporary, and many more styles. All classes are divided into different levels, from beginners to advanced dancers. They have over 15 classes per week. 

If your kid is interested in dance classes near 4026 W Belvedere Ave, Baltimore, MD 21215, you can check them for more info!

Zenith Dance Rhythms

Zenith Dance Rhythms offers dance classes in jazz, ballet, lyrical, contemporary, tap, and many more!

They teach dances from all cultures to people of all ages. All the classes are designed at different levels to fit every child’s skills. At Zenith Dance Rhythms in Baltimore, you can enroll in group classes, private classes, or join us for one of our many summer camp offerings. They offer many different summer camp options perfect for people of all ages and skill levels.

They also hold advanced dance recitals, and camps, to allow students to learn a new type of dance or to further strengthen their skills in dance.

Keur Khaleyi African Dance Co

Lear varieties of African dance at Keur Khaleyi Dance Company.

The classes are available for men, women, and children from as young as 3 to as old as 85. Everyone can join regardless of skill level. Performance showcase opportunities are available throughout the year. They have kids and adults dance classes on Saturdays too.

They also offer beginner and intermediate African drum classes, so let’s dance!

Fearless Dance Empire

Fearless Dance Empire offers dance classes for kids and adults.

They have a variety of classes including Ballet, Tap, Modern, Pointe, Hip Hop, Jumps, and more. The classes are once a week. They also have Boys Combo Class (tap and hip hop). Everyone can join, from beginners to intermediate and advanced dancers. 

Visit their website for more information and class schedule.

First Wedding Dance Classes in Baltimore

In Home Wedding Dance Lessons

Feel confident with the first wedding dance steps at In Home Weeding Dance Lessons.

They offer first wedding dance lessons at your home, so you can dance in privacy. If you are a beginner, don’t worry. They will teach you from the beginning as a couple. They also offer first dance, father-daughter, mother-son, and wedding party choreography, as well as traditional dance lessons.

They have several wedding packages, so visit their website and choose the best that fits your needs.

Beginning Ballroom

Beginning Ballroom offers the first wedding dance for your special day.

They offer group and private dance lessons, wedding and special event preparation, specialty DJ services featuring dance lessons, and many more options. They offer several wedding packages, as well as individually priced private, semi-private, and custom group lessons.  They provide free consulting too.

They provide classes that will fit your style, level, and ability to dance. 

Arthur Murray Dance Studio

 Learn to dance for your first wedding dance at Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Baltimore.

They offer first wedding dance lessons that will be customized to your music and skills. They also offer first Father-Daughter, Mother-Son dance classes, dance classes for the bride, the groom, and other dances for your whole wedding party! You can learn plenty of ballroom dace style.

They also  offer free wedding dance consultation. 



  • From what age can I enroll my child in dance classes in Baltimore?

    Baltimore School of Dance offers dance classes for kids 2 years old for the parent/child class and up through adult! Each class is divided by age and requirements but also based on previous experience.

  • Is there any dance school in Baltimore that offer dance classes on weekend?

    If you have a busy life, you can choose dance classes on the weekends. Hampden Dance Arts offers dance classes for kids, teens, and adults on Saturday mornings and early Saturday afternoons. However, all these schools have a variety of classes and schedules that can meet everyone's needs and busy life. 

  • Are dance classes in Baltimore in the morning?

    Yes, there are. Dance & Artistic Expressions Studio offers dance classes for kids and adults in the morning, and also on the weekends. Also, you can learn a variety of dance classes that these schools offer, from beginners to advanced.

Real videos of Dance Classes in Baltimore

The Carroll School of Dance

Bmore Bollywood Dance Studio

Keur Khaleyi African Dance Company