Dance Classes in Boston


You want to dance, but you don’t know which dance style to choose. Also, you are too busy with other things in your life and nothing fits your schedule.

Don’t worry! We gathered all dance schools in Boston with the most important information, so you can easily choose from. If the schedule doesn’t fit with your daily tasks, we provide you the best online dance schools in 2022.

Everything you need to know


Urbanity Dance

Urbanity Dance offer dance classes for adults, kids and even for the youngest.

You can choose from different dance styles including hip hop, jazz, modern jazz, ballet, breakdance, and many more. They provide early childhood dance classes for dancers ages 1-3.

If you want to have advanced classes, they offer master dance classes and workshops, as well as summer camp for intermediate-advanced dancers.

Uptown Dance Center

Uptown Dance Center offer dance classes for kids from age 3 and up.

Their dance classes are available for every kid with for all skill levels. Their classes are divided in 4 different levels.

If you want to know more click on the more information tab, or check out their YouTube channel to see more videos.

Dance Where You Are

Boston Dance Alliance offers different levels of dance classes for adults and young teens.

They offer weekly intermediate/advanced open ballet and int/adv open ballet class at développé. They have also master classes and workshops. 

Check them out to see the schedules available.


Dance Complex

The Dance Complex offers daily dance classes, workshops and festivals for all ages and levels.

You can choose and explore african, ballet, bollywood, capoeira, creative movement, flamenco, improv, irish, jazz, and many more. They offer different classes and workshops. 

If you want a place for your special occasion, you can rent Dance Complex for auditions, photo & video shoots, long-term company rehearsals, and more.

Click here for more bachata classes in Boston.


Integrate provide adult and youth programs. They are available for beginners and as pre-professional training.

Learn various dance moves from different dance genres including tap, ballet, jazz, zumba, and more.
Also, they have different programs including summer baroque dance workshop and summer intensive ballet coaching. 

If you want to have a private lesson, or want to know more about the programs they offer, check on more information.

Mass Motion Dance Boston

Mass Motion Dance Boston offers dance classes for kids and adults. The kids’ classes are divided into several levels from beginners to advanced levels.

They offer lessons including ballet, tap, modern, jazz, and more. The adult program include adult pilates, ballet, and adult combo classes. The school also allows you to participate in 6-week summer session classes and dance camp.

Check it out their schedules, so you can choose the dance class that fits you.

Beverly Richards Dance Center

Beverly Richards Dance Center offers dance classes for kids from ages walking to adult

They also offer single classes as well as competition classes. SIngle glasses are available for beginner, intermediate, advanced, competition, and professional levels. 

You can take advanced classes because they have professional instructors. 

Whizzo Performance and Arts Center & SunDance

Whizzo Performance and Arts Center & SunDancev provide dance classes for various genres including ballet, contemporary, street dance, and many more.

They offer complex and convenient packages for children, their parents and other adults to participate in a variety of activities. 

If you want to dance recreationally, take a look at their website for more information. 


Roxbury Center-Performing Arts

The Roxbury Center for the Performing Arts offers classes in ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, hip hop, pointe, contemporary, and more dances available for kids and adults.

You can choose from the variety of dance classes from beginners to advanced. Also, children can participate from 2 years of age for girls and 3 years of age for boys.

The adult classes include jazz, ballet, and tap dances.



Tony Williams Dance Center

If you are looking for a different dance classes for your kids, you are at the right place. Tony Williams Dance Center offers dance classes for kids and adults at different levels.

They offer summer camps for kids from the age of 5 to 14. They also offer summer ballet camps in beginning ballet III, int. ballet I, II, III, or advanced ballet.

Click on more information if you want to learn more about their dance lessons.

Boston Ballet School

Boston Ballet School offers ballet classes for kids and adults.

They have several programs including pre-professional training, classical ballet program, children’s program, continuing dance education for adults, and adaptive dance. They are available for all ages and in all different skill levels.

If you want to join ballet classes near 19 Clarendon St, Boston, MA 02116, check them out. 

Boston Lindy Hop

Boston Lindy Hop offers swing dance for adults at different levels.

If you are a beginner they offer programs and levels for new students. For example, Level 1 is the introductory class series to Lindy Hop and has six hours of class. Each level has requirements to complete, to be a part of it, or to level your skills up. No partner is needed because they rotate during the class. 

They welcome all students, including LGBTQ.

Chu Ling Dance Academy

Chu Ling Dance Academy offers dance classes for kids, teen & adult.

You can choose from their dance classes available including, ballet, Chinese dance, yoga, stretching, and more. They offer weekend program, where they give private classes for solo dance work, body training & yoga.

If you want to know more about their programs, check them out on more information.

Boston Pole Fitness - Brighton

Boston Pole Fitness – Brighton offers different levels of pole and fitness dance.

If you have a special event, they can host your party. You can choose from pole dance, chair dance, twerk & booty dance, and many others. They have 2 party packages, including small group lessons (parties up to 5 people), and party packages (parties up to 10 people).

If you are interested in taking pole dance classes, check them out for more details.

Gilded Studio Pole Dance and Fitness

Gilded Studio Pole Dance and Fitness offers pole dance classes and fitness for every body.

They have group classes, personal training, and private pole lessons. They have also workshops available, that offer weekends classes too.

If you are a beginner, they have intro classes for you. They also provide gift cards.

First Wedding Dance Classes in Boston

Boston Ballroom Dance Center

Boston Ballroom Dance Center offers wedding dance lessons, and first dance choreography in Latin, Ballroom, Smooth, and Rhythm.

For your first wedding dance they offer Customize Private Lessons to meet your individual needs, fully choreographed dance that suits your dream wedding dance, and Music Editing and ideas for first song choices. Boston Ballroom Center will lead you to your first wedding dance according to your needs.

Click on the More information tab to learn in detail about their dance wedding lessons. 

Dance in Boston

Dance in Boston offers all styles of dance for your first wedding dance.

Dance in Boston has instructors that will help prepare your first wedding dance. They offer three options: you can choose a wedding group speed course, private dance lessons, and a combination of them both. Dance in Boston welcomes all communities including GLBTQ.

If you want to dance at your special events such as your anniversary, or bachelorette shower, you can check them out.

Star Dance School Brighton

Learn your first wedding dance steps in Star Dance School Brighton.

At Star Dance School, they offer wedding dance instruction in all dance styles: Ballroom, Latin, Swing, Hip Hop, Jazz, and Modern. For your wedding, they provide individual private wedding dance lessons, and discounted bridal dance lesson packages. Also, they have A professional Ballroom or Latin dance show where you can dance for social events including weddings.

If you are looking for first dance lessons near 323 Washington St, Brighton, MA 02135, check it out!



  • What dance school in Boston offers combo classes?

    Mass Motion Dance Boston offers combo classes for adults and Beverly Richards Dance Center offers combo classes in different dance types for kids from kindergarten, 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade, and for adults as well.

  • Can I join latin dances in Boston if I don't have a partner?

    Of course, yes! Boston Lindy Hop offers latin dance classes for everyone, single and couples. No partner is required because they will rotate in class.

  • From what age can I enroll my child in dance classes in Boston?

    Urbanity Dance offers dance classes for kids, even the youngest. You can enroll your kid from only 1 year old because they provide early childhood dance classes.

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