Looking for dance classes in Bronx? You are at the right place! Bronx has more than 15 dance schools that offer a variety of dance styles including ballet, tap, jazz, ballroom, Latin, and many more you can choose from. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced dancer, they have classes for everyone.

Keep reading to choose group classes or private lessons. Also, you can take a look at our best online dance classes in 2022 if in-studio classes don’t fit with your daily schedule.

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Fancy Feet Studio

Fancy Feet Dance Studio offers you a variety of dance classes you can enroll in. 

They have jazz, hip hop, gymnastics, combo, and more. They have a program for your little ones called Mommy & Me. They also have only a Boys hip hop program. They offer both group classes and private lessons if you want to improve your skills. They participate in many competitions.

They also have Summer camps, and they can host birthday parties for children of all ages.

City Stage

City Stage Dance Academy offers a wide range of dance classes including ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, and more.

Their classes are designed into beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels. No previous dance experience is required. They also offer a 45-minute introductory dance class for toddlers. Families with multiple students will receive a discount off for a sibling’s first class.

They have an annual dance recital at the end of June.

Yamulee Dance

Yamulee Dance Company offers salsa, body movement classes, and more

If you have trouble picking up dance classes, you can enroll in their one-on-one private lessons. They have Open shines available on 3 levels. The classes are available for beginners, intermediate and advanced dancers. They also have workshops in various dance styles. 

They are open on Saturdays too, so check them out.

Nieves Dance

Nieves Dance Studio offers salsa and bachata dance classes for all ages. 

They offer choreographies and new dance steps with their step-by-step dance movement lessons. This approach allows newbies to learn complicated dance steps the easiest way possible. The 101 courses are starting point for any new students entering their program. You can sign up for any free trial class. 

They offer Monthly Packages that are designed to take as many classes offered throughout the week.

Excel Yoga

Excel Yoga studio is offering classes in Belly Dance, Kickboxing, Yoga, Zumba, and more.

All ages are allowed to register for their classes. Also, with different choreographers in each dance category, they offer every level. They offer weekly classes. Also, they are available at the weekends, so you can take weekend classes if you are too busy.

Many of their classes are fitness classes, so check them out.

Sweet Water

Sweet Water Dance and Yoga offers dance lessons such as street jazz, Tambor groove, and more.

Many private lessons are available with any instructor. They offer boot camps in salsa, samba, belly dance, and more dance styles. For the kids, they offer Summer programs, available from Monday through Friday. The kids’ classes are available for kids ages 5 – 10 years old.

If you are interested, visit their website for more information.

Dancer Dreamzzz

Dancers Dreamzzz is a dance studio that offers dance classes for adults and kids.

They offer are Salsa, Hip Hop, Bachata, Ballet, Tap, and more. For the boys, they have a Boys salsa program. During the Summer months, they offer dance camps, and dance classes/intensives for students to continue their dance training. All classes are designed for beginners, intermediate and advanced dancers.

You can be a prt of their perfomraces throughout the year.

Michelle Compa

Michelle Compa Dance and Exercise offers dance and exercise classes to children and adults of all ages.

They offer different dance lessons such as ballet, pre-ballet, creative movement, flamenco, fundamentals of dance, hip-hop, jazz, and more. Also, you can choose to enroll in the summer programs that last 6 weeks, which are divided by age.

Their instructors have many years of experience, so check them out.

Jubilee Studio

​Jubilee Dance Studio provides dance instruction for ages 4 to adults.

They offer dance classes in ballet, modern, and jazz. They also offer workshops for students who want to improve their skills. Beginners, intermediate and advanced students are welcome to join. Students are offered the opportunity to dance at various events, conferences, and holiday performances.

Visit their page to learn about the class prices.

Performers Edge

Performers Edge Dance Academy provides dance classes to boys, girls, and adults of all skill levels.

They offer 30 group classes a week in ballet tap, hip hop, and more. Students range from toddlers to adults, no matter their age. You can choose private or semi-private lessons for better learning. They also offer combo classes in ballet/tap. For more advanced classes, they have a competition team for students ages 5 to 18. 

If you are interested, check them out.

Cache Studio

Cache Dance Studio Offers dance classes such as mambo, salsa, bachata, and more.

Their classes are designed for beginners, intermediate and advanced dancers. If you refer to a friend you will get a free class. Monthly packages are available at the studio. They offer classes 5 days per week, from Monday to Friday. 

They’ve been teaching for 20 years, so check them out for more information.

Starr Dance Studio

Starr Dance Studio offers hip hop, ballet, tap, and more classes for kids and teens.

Starr Dance has a large variety of classes for every skill level from beginner to pre-professional. Whether you are interested in a career in dance or looking to have some fun, they will help you. They offer weekly classes to students aged 2 to 18. If you are a new student, they offer a free trial class. 

They have a dress code for each class, so visit their page for more information.

Sweet Water

Sweet Water Dance & Yoga offers dance classes, fitness, and yoga to kids and adults.

They offer street jazz, Egyptian belly dance, Tambor groove, and more. Whether you are a beginner or have some dance experience, their classes are available for every age, skill, and ability. They have a 4-week Kids Summer program for kids ages 5 – 10 years old. They offer boot camps and fitness classes. If you want to learn faster, they have private sessions.

Check them out for more details.

Belly Dancer

Belly Dancer is a dance studio that offers belly dance for every age.

The classes are suitable for all shapes, sizes, and activity levels. Katherine can belly dance to your event. She is also available for Weddings, Birthdays, Parties, Corporate Events, and private classes. She has many years of experience and has danced around the world.

If you are interested in belly dancing, visit her website and contact her for more information.

First Wedding Dance Classes in Bronx NYC

Ballroom Wedding

Ballroom Wedding Dance provides classes for your first wedding dance.

Whether you have 2 left feet or have some experience, they can teach you. They have one-on-one lessons where no experience is needed. They offer several wedding packages to choose from. They also offer wedding choreographies. They can teach you on your favorite song and genres like salsa, tango, hip hop, swing.

Peter and Ballroom wedding dance have been teaching wedding couples how to dance since 1997.

Wedding Day Dance

Wedding Day Dance specializes in preparing couples for their first dance.

They teach all Ballroom and Latin dances. All lessons are held in a private studio reserved specifically for each couple. They teach couples that are absolute beginners or with 2 left feet. Lessons are 55 minutes in length. They are open on Saturdays too.

They offer many wedding packages, so take a closer look.

Ballroom Dance

Ballroom Dance Studio in New York offers private ballroom wedding dance lessons.

They teach bolero, cha-cha, hustle, fox-trot, mambo, merengue, rumba, swing, Viennese waltz, waltz, samba, and more. They offer Private classes in ballroom and wedding dance and offer lessons in the traditional Father/Daughter, Mother/Son ballroom dances as well as Non-traditional dances. No experience is needed.

Call them for a free consultation. 



  • Can I join Latin dances in Bronx if I don't have a partner?

    Absolutely yes! You don't need to have a partner to learn Latin dances. Yamulee Dance offers Latin dance classes to kids and adults. Also, Nieves Dance Studio offers salsa and bachata for all ages, where no partner and experience are needed.

  • Are the dance classes in Bronx available for all ages?

    Of course! You can dance whether you are teen or 50 years old. Fancy Feet Studio offers dance classes and Summer camps for kids of all ages. Also, Excel Yoga studio offers a variety of classes available for all ages. Michelle Coma Dance offers ballet, hip hop, jazz, and more styles to kids and adults of all ages. 

  • From what age can I enroll my child in dance classes in Bronx?

    You kid can dance from an early age. City stage offers dance classes for toddlers. Also, Performers Edge Dance Academy offers dance classes for toddlers and up.

Real videos of First Wedding Dance Classes in Bronx NYC

Ballroom Wedding Dance