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Everything you need to know about pole dance in 2022


Wanna dance on a pole? You are at the right place! We have collected all pole dance studios that San Diego offers. Whether you starting a new hobby or have some previous experience and want to improve your skills, you can find classes that fit your needs, ability, and skills. The classes are available for beginners, intermediate and advanced dancers.

You can dance in a group, or take private lessons. Also, competition classes are available, so keep reading.

Everything you need to know

Learn Pole in San Diego - Classes & Studios

San Diego Pole Dance Academy

Learn how to dance on a pole at San Diego Pole Dance Academy.

They offer semi-private training with no more than 7 people/class. For more advanced dancing they offer one-on-one lessons. All classes are available for beginners, intermediate and advanced dancers. They are available for pole parties too. In addition, they offer teacher training. No dance or fitness background is required. 

Visit their page to learn more about the prices.

Pole Buzz @ Queen Bee's

Pole Buzz is a dance studio that offers pole classes for everyone.

All classes are open to all genders. There are options to choose private lessons for 2 or more students. Also, group classes are available. No visitors are allowed in the studio during classes. The classes are designed for beginners, intermediate and advanced dancers. Classes with less than 2 people, will be canceled. 

They offer pole spinning, pole tricks, conditioning, and many more pole dancing.

AK Pole Dance Studio

AK Pole Dance Studio offers pole dance classes.

They teach pole sport, pole dance, footwork, and more pole tricks. All classes are available for beginners, intermediate and advanced dancers. For new students, they offer 3 classes for a special price. If you have never poledance, they offer Intro to pole class, where you will learn everything about pole.

They offer a free class as a Birthday gift and more options.

Red Room Dance

Red Room Dance offers poledancing and other dance styles.

They offer 1-hour pole or burlesque, 2 hours pole, and belly. All the classes are available for parties, or other special events. They offer pole dancing to friends and family and offer pole choreography. Whether you are a beginner or have prior experience, they offer students of any level and skills.

Visit their page for more information about the classes.

Aerial Revolution

Take pole classes in Aerial Revolution dance studio.

They offer Chinese pole classes. They offer beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Student will need shoes and pants. Whether you are new to this or have some experience and want to enhance your skills, they offer classes for everyone. 

They also offer aerial rope, aerial conditioning, many performances, and more options available.

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More Dance Classes in San Diego and California

You can find other dance styles if you don’t have pole dancing near your area. San Diego offers ballet, jazz, tap, modern, hip hop, bachata, salsa, ballroom, and more. From beginner to advanced dancers, you can take classes according to your age, skills, and ability.