Are you considering starting dancing? Or do you have some prior experience and want to improve your skills? We have collected all dance schools in Chicago, that offer many different dance styles to every level, whether you are a beginner or advanced dancer.

You can also take competition classes if you want to level up your skills. Group classes and private lessons are also available, regarding your skill, ability, and age.

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Gus Giordano

GUS is a dance school that offers classes in ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, and more to kids and teens.

Dancers are placed in the appropriate GUS Company for their skill level and age. They offer classes to dancers from 4 months old to 18 years old. GUS Company dancers perform at various venues throughout the year. They have a beginning, intermediate and advanced classes. The classes are divided to fit the dancer’s skill. Many varieties and classes are available.

For more information, visit their page. 

Joel Hall Dancers & Center

Joel Hall Dancers & Center offers dance classes including jazz, modern, hip hop, and more.

JHDC offers youth classes for dancers ages 3-11 years old. Whether it’s your first time, or have some dance experience, they have adult classes open to ages 18 to 800, and offer a variety of styles jazz, modern, and contemporary to hip hop, ballet, and more. They also offer scholarships. The classes are for all levels.

For more information, visit their website.

Steadfast Dance Center

Do you love to dance within a group? Try to enroll now with Steadfast Dance Center.

They provide group dance lessons in different types of dance genres, including ballet, hip hop, and more. Kids and adults are welcome. The kids’ classes start from 2 years old. All classes are available at different levels, so every dancer can join according to their skills and ability. 

Some of the groups participate in the annual recital.

Dovetail Studios

Dovetail Studios offers many different dance styles for kids and adults.

The Mini dance classes are available for children aged 3 through 6. Youth classes are open for students from ages 7 through 12. Additionally, adult classes are available for future dance professionals aged 13 and above. They offer modern, contemporary, ballet, musical theater, and low-flying classes geared for professional dancers. Also, they host workshops for all ages, from minis to pros. 

All levels are available, and also you can rent their studio.

All About Dance

All About Dance Chicago offers you a variety of dance lessons, such as tap, jazz, ballet, and more.

You can try to enroll in their different Audition-Based Programs. These include ADD Starlets, ADD Company, and Adult programs-Dance Forever. Also, there are any classes available for the kids, divided by age and level. The classes are available for beginners, intermediate and advanced dancers. If you are new, contact them to get a free trial class. 

If you are looking for a class near 501 W. North Ave, Chicago IL, check them out.

Hyde Park School of Dance

Hyde Park School of Dance is accommodating new learners who want to improve their dance moves.

You are open to registering in their 3 different annual registration periods. You can try to enroll in different dance genres like ballet, tap, jazz, and more. Also, they have free dance trial classes that allow you to choose what type of dance you want to learn. The classes are divided into different levels, so every dancer can join.

Whether you want a new hobby or a more advanced class, check them out.

Visceral Dance Chicago

Visceral Dance Chicago offers dance lessons for adults and teens.

They offer classes 7 days a week. The youth program is for dancers ages 18 months to 17 years old.  The Center allows dance to all individuals, from the beginning dancer to more advanced students, offering work-study and scholarships as well. Also, they offer a pre-professional program for ages 18-24. 

Visceral Dance Chicago does not require you to go through dance auditions.

Dynamic Force Dance

Dynamic Force Dance offers dance lessons in a variety of dance genres such as hip hop, breakdance, and more.

The dance classes are available from Monday through Saturday. Dynamic Force offers an instructional and competitive dance program, for boys and girls ages 2-18yrs. They also provide workshops to improve your skills. All children’s class sessions are 12 weeks long.

If you want to learn more about their class packages and prices, visit their page.

Spotlight Dance Academy

Spotlight Dance Academy provides different dance lessons such as jazz, punk, contemporary, and more.

They provide classes for adults and kids. Both groups have different levels, where every student can join according to their skill and ability. You get a discount if you enroll with other members of your family. They offer “Tots N’ Tutus” classes for the smaller one, 18 mo-3yrs. One-on-one private lessons are also available by appointment, to improve your skills.

You can visit their page and learn more about their classes.

Chicago Dance

Chicago Dance is the home of Latin and Ballroom dances.

New 4-week class series begins each month. They offer group classes as well as private lessons. They offer private lessons for individual dancers or couples to learn to dance for any reason. The classes are designed for different levels. They have dance parties or socials where all levels can join and dance Swing, Latin, or Hip Hop.

Visit their page and find out more about their class schedule.

May I Have This Dance

May I Have This Dance is a dance studio that offers classes in Ballroom, Salsa, West Coast Swing, and so much more.

They offer group classes, private lessons, dance practice, and dance vacations. Their classes are designed as 4-week series and also in different levels. Also, you can take workshops to learn better. They are also open during the weekend. For more advanced students, they have master classes that require instructor approval. 

For additional information about the classes, check them out.

Dance Gallery Chicago

Dance Gallery Chicago offers
dance classes in ballet, pointe, jazz, and more.

All levels and all ages are welcome to join the classes. New students with no or little dance experience will be placed in beginning classes without going on an audition. All Dance Gallery dance classes are 1 hour long, except for the 2-year-old creative movement which is 45- minutes. The instructors may offer private lessons on a student-to-student basis.

Dance Gallery offers a multiple-class discount.

Rhythm of the Street Dance Studio

The Rhythm of the Dance Street Dance Studio offers you dance lessons for tap, ballet, hip hop, and more.

Classes are available for children and adults from beginner to advanced-level learners. Your kid can join their classes from 3 years old. All classes for the kids and adults are designed in different levels, including beginning, intermediate and advanced levels. Private lessons in Tap, Ballet, or Jazz are available too.

Click on the More information tab to learn more.

Dance On Broadway

Dance on Broadway offers various dance lessons in different dance genres.

They offer classes for both children and adults in Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Contemporary, Modern, and more. They also offer a competitive program for dancer who wants to take their training and performance skills to the next level. The classes range from absolute beginner to professional level.

If you are interested check them out.

Glenwood Dance Studio

Glenwood Dance Studio offers dance classes in tap, contemporary, ballet, hip hop, and more.

They welcome people of any race, ethnicity, size, fitness level, gender identity, or nationality. All classes (except Ballet Basics and Tap Basics and some Social Dance) are drop-in classes. The first class is free for new students with advanced registration. The classes are divided into many levels so everyone can join. They offer classes during the weekends too.

Visit their page and find out more about their classes.

First Wedding Dance Classes in Chicago Il

Windy City Wedding Dance

Windy City Wedding Dance provides several options for couples preparing for wedding dances.

They can customize and choreograph a routine for your first wedding dance. Every level is available. They specialize in ballroom dance lessons, salsa dance lessons, and swing dance. For wedding couples, they have a variety of wedding dance packages available to serve your needs. They also offer classes for your first Father/Daughter dance, Mother/Son dance, and Family dance.

They also customize gift certificates and other kinds of services you need.

Duet Dance Studio

Learn your first wedding dance at Duet Dance Studio. 

If you don’t know which styles to begin with, they offer Ballroom and Latin, Modern, Hip Hop, Jazz, Tap, and Ballet styles. They offer Personalized Wedding Dance Lessons for Couples, Choreographed or Semi-choreographed First Dance, dance lessons for parents, bachelorette parties, and more other options. The lessons can be scheduled anytime Monday to Friday.

They have an introductory class, so visit their page for more information.

Ballroom Dance Chicago

Ballroom Dance Chicago offers wedding and first dance lessons in a wide variety of dance styles. 

Whether you have 2 left feet or have some dance experience, they offer a variety of dance options for you and your partner. They offer private lessons, completely private lessons, and accelerated dance lessons. If you have more than 12 weeks before your wedding, you can start with a Wedding Consultation they offer.

They offer a variety of different packages, so take a closer look.



  • Does Chicago have a dance school studio that offers group classes?

    All dance studios in Chicago offer group classes. For example, Steadfast Dance Center is the best school for you if you want to learn with a group. Their group dance classes include ballet, hip-hop group classes, and more.

  • Is there any dance school in Chicago that offer dance classes on weekend?

    If you are too busy on the working days, there are dance schools that offer classes on the weekends. Glenwood Dance Studio offers classes during the weekends. May I Have This Dance are also available on the weekends.

  • From what age can I enroll my child in dance classes in Chicago?

    GUS Company offers dance classes for dancers from 4 months old. They have Baby & Me program offered for dancers from 4 months old to 24 months old. 

Real videos of First Wedding Dance Classes in Chicago Il

Windy City Wedding Dance

Duet Dance Studio

Ballroom Dance Chicago