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If you are looking for dance classes in Colorado Springs, you are in the right place! Whether you are training to be professional or just dancing for your enjoyment, we collected all the dance schools in Colorado Springs with the most important information that you need to have to choose a dance studio near you.

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J & J Hip Hop Dance Company

If you are interested in learning some hip hop moves, J & J Hip Hop Dance Company offers hip hop dance classes.

They offers dance lessons for all their enrollees, including kids, teen and adults. All dance classes are divided in different levels from beginner, to intermediate and advanced. If you want to improve your dance skills, you can join their Summer Camp for learning new hip hop techniques. They offer Start Up Deals & Discounts  for all new students!

If you are looking for dance classes in the area near  4749 N Carefree Cir, Colorado Springs, CO 80917 check them out. 

Springs Dance

With classes for both beginner and advanced dancers, Springs Dance offers variety of dance styles.

Improve your skills in dancing through various dance classes they offer such as tap, jazz, ballet, and more. The classes are designed from beginner to advanced levels, for all ages from 2 years old to adults. New students start in an intro program that includes dance shoes and two weeks of group classes for a special package.

If you want to know more about their programs they offer, click on more information.

Kemper Dance Academy

Kemper Dance Academy offers different dance classes for kids and adults.

They offer training in Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, Tap, Hip Hop and Much More. Classes are available for ages 18 months to adult. If you or your kid are beginners, their classes are designed in different levels for everyone to fit. They also offer scholarships.

No dance experience is needed, so check them out!

Revolution Dance Academy

Revolution Dance Academy is a studio for dancers, that offers dance classes for ages 3 to adult.

They provide dance lessons for all levels in ballet, jazz, hip hop, acro, and more. They also offer introductory class combinations (combo) in ballet, tap jazz, hip hop and tumbling for the young dancer. If you want to advanced your skills, you can be a part from their Competitive Ensemble. 

If you are looking for dance classes that can fit your schedule, click on the link above to learn more.

Synergy Dance Academy

Synergy Dance Academy is premiere dance studio and dance education center that offers dance classes for ages 2 to adult.

You can learn various dance moves from different dance genres they offer including ballet, creative movement, hip hop, tap, and more. If you want to improve your dance skills, Synergy Dance Competition is a program that is formulated to take you to the next level.  

They also offer master classes, team opportunities, private instruction, workshops, kids activities and many others. 

The PEAK School of Dance

The PEAK School of Dance offers dance training for your kid. 

They offer classes from age 2 1/2 to adult, and from beginner to advanced in ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary, lyrical, pilates and much more! They offer private lessons too, to improve your kids techniques and skills. Their studio space is available for rent, for your special occasions.

Join their Summer Camp, and sign up to receive the early bird discount on all their camps. 

Dance Unlimited

Dance Unlimited offers dance classes for all ages. Classes are scheduled for dancers ages 3 to adult.

If you are looking for ballet, jazz, hip hop, tap and much more, they offer different levels in all the classes, whether you are a beginner or you want to enhance your skills. Dance Unlimited holds several events throughout the year to include Birthday Parties, Annual Recital, Guest Teacher Workshops and more.

They have more than 25 years of experience, so if you are interested, you can take a loo at more information tab. 

Latisha Hardy Dance & Company

Latisha Hardy Dance & Co Ltd. offers variety of different dance classes to fit your schedule.

They offer salsa, mambo, bachata and other dance classes in several different levels to fit your dance skills. You can also book private lessons. For new students, they offer a free dance class!

Visit their page, for more information about the dance classes and the schedule.

Dance Colorado Dance Studio

With more than 30 years of experience, Dance Colorado Dance Studio offers dance classes for adults. 

The styles of dance classes they offered include Ballroom, Country Western, Tango, Club Salsa, Swing, and more. They offer introductory offer package available to couples or singles interested in beginning the journey of learning partnership dance, available to adults 25 and older. They have several different programs for every level, as well as Wedding Dance Lessons.

If you want to know more, visit their page. 

Dance Wonderland

Dance Wonderland offers variety of different dance styles for adults.

They offer ballroom, latin, swing, tap, and many more you can choose from. They offer private lessons, group lessons, choreography and professional theatrical performances. The classes are designed in different levels too. 

You can hire their professionals to perform or teach lessons at an upcoming event.

Springs City Dance Force

For over 28 years, Springs City Dance Force offers dance classes for kids and teen. 

You can choose variety of dance classes including jazz, tap, hip hop and much more. They offer first free trial class.

If you want to enroll on any of their program, click on the link for more information.

Colorado Ballet Society

With more than 20 years of experience, Colorado Ballet Society offers dance classes for kids and adults.

They provide dance classes including classical ballet, contemporary, Broadway, tap, jazz, hip-hop, character, and more for advanced, intermediate, and beginning dancers. They also offer a complete and comprehensive training program for the pre-professional dancer.

They also provide master classes and workshops, so if you are intersted in some of their dance program, check them out!

Summit Dance Works

Summit Dance Works  provides a different selection of dance styles, for all ages.

You can choose ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop. and much more. All of our classes are designed for ages and level. They have several different kindergarten age classes too. 

They offer different genres, performance opportunities, and programs, so if you want to know more, visit their website.

On The Break Dance Academy

On The Break Dance Academy offer a large variety of classes such as Breakdance, Hip-hop, Acro, and Pilates, for kids and adults.

They have a variety of classes for all ages and levels, whether you are looking for a good workout or to have fun.

Explore their site for more information.

All About Dance

All About Dance is a dance studio, specializing in partner dancing and dance fitness.

They offer group and private lessons, as well as dance parties and practice time at different levels. They also offer wedding dances, and monthly social dance parties. They have adult classes, kids classes, family classes, and private or semi-private lessons.

You can view the calendar in the more information tab.

First Wedding Dance Classes in Colorado Springs

Ballroom Brilliance llc

Make your wedding day special, by learning some steps for your first wedding dance in Ballroom Brilliance llc.

Whether you are wanting something simple and graceful, or fun and energetic, they can help you with the choreography. They can assist you with other wedding dances, including general dancing at the reception, dancing with mother/father, and wedding party group dances.

Take a look at their calendar and the packages they offer.

Kara Fabina - Wedding Dance Lessons

Kara Fabina offers different dance styles for your first wedding day. 

Whether your song calls for Slow Dancing, Swing, Foxtrot, Two-Step Waltz, or Salsa, they can help you with every dance style. They also offer the first wedding father-daughter or mother-son dance. You can choose private wedding lessons they offer, so you can focus better.

Each lesson lasts 60 minutes. They have wedding packages available for whatever your wedding dance needs.

Love Springs Studios

Love Springs is a wedding photography and wedding dance studio.

Learn basics or a fully choreographed wedding dance in different dance styles they offer. If you want more than the basics, but less than a fully choreographed dance, they can also help you with whatever you need. They also offer Father/Daughter and Mother/Son wedding dances.

Most of their lessons are available Fridays & Saturdays. They have several wedding packages, so choose the one that meets your goal.


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  • Which are the best dance classes in Colorado Springs for advanced dancers?

    J & J Hip Hop Dance Company teaches dancers from different levels, including advanced dancers. Many dance schools in Colorado Springs offer classes for different levels, such as beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

  • Is there any private dance classes in Colorado Springs for semi-professional dancers?

     You can have a complete training program if you are a pre-professional dancer at the Colorado Ballet Society. They have pre-professional private classes in Pointe and Ballet. Pointe work begins at levels 3b-4 and Ballet Levels at 3b-8.

  • Can I join latin dances in Colorado Springs if I don't have a partner?

    If you want to enhance your technical skills, Latisha Hardy Dance & Company offers Latin dance classes for everyone, and no partner is needed. You can also join in their classes, whether you are a beginner or advanced dancer, because all the classes are available in 3 levels.

Real videos of First Wedding Dance Classes in Colorado Springs

Love Springs Studios

Ballroom Brilliance llc