Move and engage your body with the dance studios in Dallas. Dancing is a type of fitness routine comfortable for everyone, from an early age. If you are looking for private lessons, group classes, competitive classes, Latin dances, and more, see all the listed dance schools in Dallas! They contain information that will help you to choose your favorite style that fits your skills.

If you want to dance from your favorite place at home, we also offer the best online dance classes in 2022.

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Preston Hollow Dance

Preston Hollow Dance offers dance lessons for all ages and levels. 

Choose from a variety of dance lessons, including ballet, pointe, hip hop, jazz, and more. In Preston Hollow Dance are held competitions and performances throughout the year. They have private lessons where they offer choreography and specialty training in various dance styles.

If you are looking for dance classes in the area near  3720 Walnut Hl Ln Ste #205, Dallas, TX 75229, check it out. 

Kitty Carters Dance Factory

Arthur Murray Dance studio is a dance school where you can learn how to dance youth jam, samba, tango, and more.

They offer traditional classes in Tap, Ballet, and Jazz for ages 3 to 18. They also offer Hip-Hop classes for ages 6 to 18 and Lyrical, Modern and Pilates for ages 12 to 18. The classes are taught in different levels too.

If you are looking for dance classes that can fit your schedule, click on the link above to learn more.

Dallas Ballet Center

Dallas Ballet Center offers different levels of a variety of dance classes for kids and teens.

You can choose from ballet, tap, jazz, and many more. The school’s classes are divided into three divisions: pre-school, elementary, and pre-professional. Dallas Ballet Center offers a separate Boys’ Program for ages 8 and up. They have different levels for every class, so everyone can join.

Check out our calendar of classes to see what interests you most.

Apex Dance & Performing Arts

Apex Dance and Performing Arts Center offers dance classes from ages 2 up to adults, specializing in hip hop, jazz, contemporary, lyrical, and more.

They have different dance levels for everyone. For the youngest dancers they have Superhero and Princess Tea Party Class, where students will learn dances to their favorite Disney and Superhero Movie songs. They are also available for birthday parties, private lessons, artist development and many other performance and choreography needs. 

Check their schedule and the packages they offer. 

Contemporary Ballet Dallas

Contemporary Ballet Dallas offers several adult and kids dance and fitness classes from the beginner to the professional levels. 

You can learn various dance moves from different dance genres they offer including ballet, jazz, hip hop, tap, and more. Thy also offer master classes of different technique for those who want to improve their dance skills. CBD also offers studio rentals to groups for rehearsal space, private lessons, and more.

Contemporary Ballet Dallas can host events, workshops, and seminars, to fit your needs. They also host birthday parties for kids and adults.

Oak Cliff Dance

Oak Cliff Dance offers instruction in ballet, contemporary, hip hop, jazz, tap and technique for kids of all ages.

They offers gymnastics classes, as well as summer camp based on age groups including dance, gymnastics and creative movement. 

They offer advanced classes by being a part of a professional show. Also, if you want to do more, such as competition group, you can participate in numerous competitions. 

The offer several Monthly Membership packages, so take a look if you are interested.

Creation Station Dance

Creation Station Dance is a dance school which provides movement based programs for children 16 months through 16 years of age.

They help children develop and practice social, physical, and gross motor skills. Once your child turns 6, and wants a more formal training situation, they transition into the Creation Station Academy (CSA) program, next level program.

You can also request a free trial class. They have over 26 years of Birthday Party Planning experience, so book them for your party!

The Rhythm Room Ballroom Dance Studio

The Rhythm Room Ballroom Dance Studio offers a variety of different dance classes to fit your schedule.

They offer a variety of dance classes designed for all levels, including traditional ballroom, latin ballroom, swing/lindy hop and salsa. It doesn’t matter if you are an absolute beginner or an advanced student, their dance classes designed for all levels. They have weekend group classes too.

They have gift certificates, available for group and private lessons, valid for a year from the date of purchase.

HOF Dance Center

HOF Dance Center offers dance classes for kids and adults.

They offer hip hop, jazz, tap, ballet, contemporary, creative movement. Whether you are a beginner or experienced, they have classes for ages 3 to adult. They have different programs and groups.

If their schedule fits your daily tasks, check them out!

The Movement Loft

The Movement Loft is an airy studio space offering a balanced blend of adult yoga, dance, sound bath and meditation classes.

They offer group classes for yoga, jazz, tap, and more.  Their classes are in different levels for everyone. No prior experience required! They also offer dorp in classes

If you are interested of the different types of classes, click on the link above to learn more.

Park Cities Studios

The Dallas Conservatory offers dance class training in all forms, for ages 18 months to senior.

They have summer classes for kids from 18 months to adults, where you will learn skills and technique. They also have special BOYS-ONLY classes! All the classes are available in beginning to advanced level.

If you want to enroll on any of this program, click on the link for more information. 

Studio B

Studio B offers different dance classes for kids for all ages.

You can choose from tp, jazz, ballet, contemporary and more, which are in different levels to fit everyone skills. They also provide many Summer camps for the kids to join. 

Check them out for more information.

Preston Center Dance

Preston Center Dance provides a different dance styles for kids. 

They offers workshops that provide opportunities to dig deeper into your dance training. Also, they have summer camps. All classes are available in different levels.

If you are looking a dance class for your kid near 6030 Luther Ln #170, Dallas, TX 75225, you can check them out for more information.

Zensual Dance Fitness

Zensual Dance Fitness provide dance classes for adults.

They offer pole dancing for all ages, and also non-pole dance such as Zensual Flow Series and others. Their classes are in different levels. They offer workshops where you can practice more new skills. 

If you are looking for a dance at your part, they Host a Pole Dancing Party!

Dallas Swing Dance Society

Moving Arts Academy of Dance provides dance programs for adults.

You can choose variety of different levels in swing, ballroom and more. They hold dances most Saturdays throughout the year and provide lessons, workshops, and special events. Their swing dance lessons are generally held on Mondays and Wednesdays.

You can view the calendar in the more information tab.

First Wedding Dance Classes in Dallas

Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Dallas

Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Austin offers you  the first wedding dance for your special day. 

They provide dance classes for your first dance at your wedding. If your partner doesn’t know how to dance, the instructor will teach him/her. They can also help you with the first Mother-Son and Father-Daughter dances.

If you want to join to their wedding programs, fill out their form on the website.

Salsabysal Dance Studio Of Salsa, Bachata & Cumbia

Salsabysal Dance Studio can help you find a song, choreograph your First Dance, and even edit the song to fit your Wedding Agenda.

They offer choreography for your first dance at your wedding. Whether you want a simple or glamour dance style, they will help you with both. Also, if you decided to take dance classes last minute, they can still help you with the dance steps.

They have different wedding dance packages to choose from. You can choose from1 class to 12 classes.

Studio 22

If you want dance classes for your first wedding dance, Studio 22 got you covered, whatever your style.

Wedding lessons are 45 minutes long, and taught in shared dance instruction space. You can choose from bachata, salsa, latin dance, ballroom dance, and many more. They provide different packages too. You will learn the basic steps of the particular style of dance, corresponding to the music they’ve chosen.

Check out our calendar to see which schedule fits you most.


uSensual Club

Online dance school where you will learn Sensual Bachata Dance, Chair Dance, Belly Dance, Salsa and Kizomba, as well as fitness and women lifestyle.
#1 for women


Online dance course where you will learn how to dance with your couple in less than 28 days. For us, one of the most fun courses for couples.



  • Is there any dance school in Dallas that offer dance classes on weekend?

    The Rhythm Room Ballroom Dance Studio offers weekend dance classes to fit your busy week. On Sundays, they have beginning and intermediate classes in Balboa and Salsa, Beginning Swing/Lindy Hop, and Beginner Tap. Dance

  • Which is the best dance school in Dallas for adults?

    Contemporary Ballet Dallas offers Beginner 1 and 2 for adults who are beginners in ballet, modern, tap and jazz. They also have Advanced & Professionals levels. Dallas Swing Dance Society is a good studio for adults dance classes in Latin dance, salsa, ballroom, swing, and more. You can take classes on most Saturdays too.

  • Which is the best dance school in Dallas for couples who want to start dancing?

    Dallas Swing Dance Society offers a wide range of dance classes for couples who want to start dancing. If you are a newbie they also have weekly beginner workshops in various dance styles.

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Contemporary Ballet Dallas

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