Houston offers more than 10 dance schools with classes for every level and skill, from beginner, to intermediate and advanced. Whether you are looking for a place to relax or make a new hobby, or maybe advance your skills in a more professional way, you can find a dance school in Houston that will help achieve your goal.

If you have a busy life, you can take the best online dance classes we offer, so keep reading.

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Wedding Dance Houston

Houston City Dance offers top-notch dance lessons for all their enrollees. They accommodate students from pre-school children to adults.
Choose from a variety of dance lessons. Become a dance pro in ballet, tap, jazz, modern, and more with them! They help transform beginners into world-class performers. They have the resources and experience to live up to this promise. They have been in business since 1994.

Vitacca Vocational School

Enroll now with an outstanding dance school in the city!
Vitacca Vocational School for Dance Houston is a dance studio where you can enhance your skills in dancing in a learner-friendly environment.
They offer different dance lessons such as tap, jazz combo, ballet, and more.
Also, you can register for their summer training or in children’s summer camps.

West University Dance Centre

Learn new and complex dance moves as West University Dance Centre offers you quality dance instruction.
They can help you become a pro at ballet, jazz, contemporary, and more.
You can catch up on lessons that you might mistake as they give you Class Make-ups. Also, you get to choose different payment schemes for your tuition fee.

El Sabor de Houston Dance Academy

Step 2 Dance is a dance school where you can learn different dance genres.
You can choose whatever dance genre you want to master. You can learn the cha-cha, salsa, rumba, and more.
Available dance classes are divided into three categories. It includes International Latin, International Standard, and Kids and Special Occasion.
Specialize in your favorite dance genre now.

Ms. Ashley's Dance Academy

Enrich the love between you and your daughter as Ms. Ashley’s Dance Academy allows you to dance with your daughter with their DADDY DAUGHTER DANCE.
Learn various dance moves from different dance genres including tap, ballet, jazz, lyrical, ballet, and more.
Also, they have Winter and Summer Recitals. Showcase your learnings and talents with other passionate dancers during these recitals!

Mitsi Dancing School

One of the studios in the city that molds dancers who can meet the skills of world-class performers is the Mitsi Dancing School. They offer lessons including ballet, tap, modern, jazz, and more.
The school also allows you to participate in summer and professional programs of major ballet companies within the country.
Bask in the glory of taking center stage as they help you transform into a competent dancer!

Memorial Dance Center

For about 14 years in the industry, Memorial Dance Academy has been enriching future dance pros in an engaging and effective learning environment. They accept teenage to adult learners.
Enroll with them and become the best version of yourself with the guidance of top-performing dance mentors

First Wedding Dance Classes in Houston

Wedding Dance

Learn your first wedding dance in whatever style you want and any song you choose in Wedding Dance Houston.

Whether you want to dance some complex choreography for your first dance or just want some help with the basics, they can help you. They offer pop, classic or more styles. Also, they provide personal instruction at your home or a private studio. Beginners and advanced students are welcome.

They have several wedding packages, so visit their page for more info.

Love Dance HTX

Prepare your first wedding dance with Love Dance HTX studio.

They offer swing, tango, bachata, ballroom, and more. They have a Wedding Prep 101 program which is a group class that teaches couples different patterns of moves. Don’t worry if you or your partner have two left feet. Every level is welcome, including beginner, intermediate and advanced dancers.

They offer wedding packages to ease your decision.

The Dance Whisperer

The Dance Whisperer offers ballroom, salsa, swing, tango, and more wedding dance lessons. 

They provide customized wedding dance choreography for the bride and groom. The Dance Whisperer provides dance lessons for adult couples in a variety of social partner dancing styles. All dance lessons and dance classes are taught onsite in the dance studio. From simple basic steps to more complex and glamorous choreography.

The wedding dance package is included in the choreography.



  • What dance school in San Diego offers combo classes?

    4S Dance Academy offers combo classes in different dance types.

  • Which dance school can I enjoy learning at?

    DANCEOLOGY offers a spacious dance studio where you can learn while having fun.

  • What is the best dance school for beginners?

    Learning Ballet is one of the best dance classes that suit beginner learners.
    Alternatively, you can also enroll with Golden State Ballet Academy if you are a newbie in dancing.

Real videos of Wedding Dance Classes in Houston

Wedding Dance Houston

Love Dance HTX

The Dance Whisperer