Lincoln offers a variety of dance schools to fits everyone’s taste. They offer classes in ballet, hip hop, ballroom, salsa, and much more styles for kids and adults, whether you are a beginner or an advanced dancer. In addition, we have collected more than 12 dance schools in Lincoln with the most important information, so you can easily choose.

We also offer you the best online dance classes, if you are more comfortable dancing from your favorite place at home.

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Starstruck Dance Academy

Starstruck Dance Academy offers dance classes for adults and kids of all ages.

They offer classes in jazz, lyrical, ballet, hip hop, and more. At their academy, your kid can start dancing at the age of 2 and up. They have a Boys Hip Hop program, for boys ages 5+. Both, the kids’ and adult programs are for beginner to intermediate and advanced dancers. 

When you refer a friend to dance at Starstruck, you will a dance credit.

CK Dance Academy

CK Dance Academy provides dance classes for kids and adults.

CK Dance Academy offers a wide variety of classes including jazz, ballet, hip hop, tap, and many more. ance lessons are available for ages 2 through adult. They also provide a program for those who love to perform more frequently.

They have a recital throughout the year, so your kid can be a part of it. 

The Pure Movement

The Pure Movement Dance Academy offers dance classes for kids and teens up to 18 years old.

The Pure Movement Dance Institute is a studio to find beginning dance classes for kids. They offer a wide variety of classes for young dancers of all skill levels and ages up to 18. The classes are separated into different styles. They offer a free consultation too.

If your kid is new to dance, this school is a good option for starting.

Universal Dance Academy

Universal Dance Academy offers different dance genres you can choose from and learn. You can learn jazz, hip hop, ballet, and more.

Classes are open to children ages two years through adults. If you want to compete, they also offer a competition program. They provide opportunities for all ages! They offer Summer classes and camps too.

They are in business since 1995, so if this is something you would like to learn, check out for more details.

Pas de Deux, School of Dance

Pas De Deus offers dance classes for adults and kids.

They provide dance instruction from those young ages to adults. Classes are offered to teach classic dancing styles in ballet, tap, as well as Hip-Hop, lyrical, Irish Dance, and more. For families with multiple dancers, they offer discounted rates. For the adults classes some experience is a plus, but not necessary.

Each session is made up of 8 classes, so check out for more information about the classes they offer.

Motions Dance Academy

Motions Dance Academy offers a wide range of dance classes for kids and teens.

They provide classes in ballet, pointe, and jazz available for every age and level. For the small ones, they have pre-school classes too. They offer summer dance opportunities for all ages of dancers. Whether you’re looking for a technical class or a camp with dance and other activities, they have you covered!

Their summer dance classes meet for two weeks, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Hilary Johnson Dance Studio

Hilary Johnson Dance Studio offers a variety of different classes for kids of all ages.

They offer pointe, ballet, jazz, hip hop, and many other classes. They also have combo classes for the kids. The classes are divided into several different levels for beginners, to advanced dancers. If your kid wants to improve their skills, they also have a Competition team.

They offer several tuition packages, so visit them for more information.

Jessica Dodd's School of Dance

Jessica Dodd’s School of Dance offers classes that are available for all ages from 2 to adults.

You can choose to learn hip hop, ballet, tap, contemporary, and many more. They offer a variety of dance classes for recreational dancers. Throughout the school year, they have dance classes on Saturdays, in the morning. 

Jessica Dodd’s School of Dance was founded in 2011. Check out their schedules so you can include them in your daily tasks.

True Dance Academy

True Dance Academy offers dance classes available for all levels of dancers.

They provide dance classes for kids and teens in ballet, tap, jazz, and more. They have several children’s programs that are divided by age and ability level. They have a Pre-Professional Ballet Program that consists of students who want to pursue a classical ballet career. They also offer Summer Camps and Intensives.

If you want to learn some ballet moves, you should visit their website for more information.

Dance Arts

Dance Arts is offering dance classes for kids aged 3 to adults.

They offer a range of styles of classes in ballet, tap, pointe, lyrical, and more. The classes are available for beginners to advanced dancers. If your kid is new to ballet, they have the Baby Ballerinas program, a beginning level class for dancers aged 3-4 to learn the basic steps of ballet.

They also have a Boys Club Jazz/Hip hop program designed only for boys ages 6 and up.  

Lincoln Irish dance

Learn Irish dance steps in Lincoln Irish Dance Studio.

They offer Irish dance classes to adults. The classes last 6-week, including Step Class (classes for dancers aged 7 to adults)and Irish social dance (classes for dancers aged 12 to adult). Couples are welcomed but no partner is required. For students who wish to perform they offer Performance Class.

If you want to learn Irish dance steps, check them out.

The BellySpot

The BellySpot is a dance studio that offers belly dance classes on North African, Hellenic/Greek, and Turkish music.

They welcome all people of any level, size, and shape to join on this dance journey. All bodies are welcome too. Classes run for 6 weeks. They offer 3 levels of belly dancing, including Introduction to belly dance, intermediate belly dance and advanced belly dance.

Drop-in classes and private lessons are also available.

First Wedding Dance Classes in Lincoln

Nebraska Ballroom Dance

Nebraska Ballroom Dance offers wedding lessons for you and your partner.

They offer first wedding dance classes, where they can learn from simple to more complex steps. They can also create a choreography routine for your first father/daughter, son/mother dance. They also offer private lessons for your Bridal Party. They have 2 private lesson packages. 

Take a look at their website for more information.

The DelRay Ballroom

The DelRay Ballroom offers you and your partner to teach you to dance for your special day. 

They provide dance classes for your first dance at your wedding. If you are looking for something more unique and personalized, they offer full wedding dance choreography. Bring your own song and they will help you not only for your First Dance but also for all reception long.

If you want to join their wedding programs, contact them.



  • Which is the best dance school in Lincoln for adults?

    The BellySpot offers belly dance classes for adults only. You can learn adult dance classes in Jessica Dodd's School of Dance, whether you are a beginner or advanced dancer. Many schools in Lincoln offer adult dance classes in a variety of different dance styles including ballet, tap, hip hop, Latin, and more.

  • Which is the best dance school in Lincoln for kids?

    CK Dance Academy offers dance classes for kids, where they can learn while having fun. Your kids can join their programs from 2 years old. Also, Starstruck Dance Academy offers classes for kids where they can learn ballet, pointe, tap, and more dance styles. They offer Boys Hip hop program for boys ages 5 and up. 

  • Is there any dance school in Lincoln that offer dance classes on weekend?

    Jessica Dodd's School of Dance offers dance classes for kids, teens and adults in ballet, tap, hip op and more. They also offer dance classes in the morning on Saturdays. 

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CK Dance Academy

Motions Dance Academy