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If you are looking for a dance classes in Los Angeles, you are on the right place! We collected all the dance schools in Los Angeles with the most important information that you need to have to choose a dance studio near you. 

And if you don’t know which style to choose, or the classes are not fitting with your busy life, we provide you the best online dance schools in 2022.

Everything you need to know

List of Dance Studios in Los Angeles

Marat Daukayev Youth Ballet

Do you want to learn ballet? Do you dream of becoming a professional ballerina someday?

Marat Daukayev Youth Ballet accommodates learners from age 3 to 18 both male and female. They have pre-ballet classes, intermediate and advanced levels. They have separate boys’ ballet classes divided into 3 levels. They offer summer intensive to improve your ballet techniques.

MDSB holds classes every day, so check out their schedule.

Debbie Allen Dance Academy

Debbie Allen Dance Academy offers classes in different dance genres including hip hop, ballet, African, and more.

They offer classes to students ages 4 and up. Also, they provide dance lessons for students across different skill levels. They have Academy programs for students ages 8 and up. They have Open classes, for students of all ages and skill levels. They have a Summer intensive that includes, techniques of Ballet and Modern, and more.

They support the Black and Latino dancing community.

Los Angeles Acro Dance

Los Angeles Acro Dance is a dance studio that offers ballet, acro jazz, and more style for kids and adults.

If you are not sure which type of dance you want to learn, they offer trial classes. They teach adult classes for 1 or couples. Also, they have Summer intensives and camps offered for kids ages 3 and up. All the classes are divided into different levels, so every kid and adult can join the classes.

Also, you can choose to register in their private or in-person lessons.

DC Dance Los Angeles

Looking for a dance school that helps you develop your dance moves in a group category?

DC Dance Los Angeles offers group classes such as Pre-Professional Company, Junior Company, Mino Company, and more. The classes are for beginners, intermediate and advanced dancers. They offer ballet classes for children as young as 3 years old. Also, they offer a wide range of classes for ages 9 to 18. 

They are about 25 years in the industry.

Pro Dance LA

Pro Dance LA offers you dance classes in various dance genres.

They offer kid and adult classes for all levels in ballroom, Latin, contemporary, hip hop, and belly dancing. They also have private lessons, master classes, special events, training for dance competitions, and wedding dances. Newbies are welcome of all ages. The levels vary according to the student’s ability. They offer group classes as well as private lessons. 

Improve your dance skills in various genres with the help of world-class dance instructors.

Take My Lead LA Dance

Take My Lead LA Dance offers lessons in different types of dance.

You can learn cha-cha, salsa, swing, tango, and more. Whether you are new to this or have some experience, they offer classes on several levels to fit your needs. Take My Lead LA is available to choreograph your next event, film, show, or music video! They have a special Introductory offer for new students.

They offer different class packages, so take a closer look.

The Floor Dance Academy

The Floor Dance Academy teaches dance moves in a wide range of dance genres.

The academy offers dance classes such as ballet, contemporary, hip hop, acro and more. If you want a one-on-one learning experience, you can enroll in their private dance lessons. Your child can start dancing from the age of 2. No previous experience is needed. All classes are designed in 3 levels, beginning, intermediate and advanced levels.

They also have a Pre-Professional Program, so check them out.

3rd Street Dance

3rd Street Dance offers you dance lessons such as bachata, ballroom, belly dance, and more.

Worried about not having the right equipment for your dance classes? You are lucky as they offer dance attires for their learners. They also offer shoes for both males and females. They offer classes at beginning, intermediate and advanced levels. Also, they have many boot camps that are designed at different levels.

Enroll with them now and let them help you become a dance pro.

More bachata classes in Los Angeles.

Blackbird Dance Company

Blackbird Dance Company has been the home of some of the famous dancers in the city.

Blackbird Dance Company offers various dance classes for you to choose from, ranging from different genres, including hip hop, ballet, tap, contemporary, and more. The dance classes are suited for students of all ages and abilities. Additionally, you can buy your dance attire in their DANCEWEAR shop. 

They are also open on the weekends, so take a look at their class schedule.

Liz Lira Dance Academy

Liz Lira Dance Academy offers dance classes in bachata, intermediate salsa, cha-cha, mambo, and more.

She offers Latin dances for beginners, intermediate and advanced dancers. For new students, she provides 7 days of unlimited classes for a special price. You can teach several choreographies in 6 months of training. She offers weekly classes, as well as private lessons.

For more information, click on the More information tab.

Studio A Dance

The Studio A has been in the industry for about 41 years.

They continuously offer dance lessons including jazz, cardio, ballet, and more. They accommodate all students of all ages. They teach ballet and other dance styles for your smallest ones. The adult classes come on many levels, to fit everyone’s needs. They also offer events and workshops.

Visit their page for more information.

Ballroom Dance Academy

Looking for a dance school to help you improve your dance steps in ballroom dancing?

Try to enroll with Ballroom Dance Academy. They offer dance lessons in offer Ballroom, Latin, Salsa, Swing, and Argentine Tango classes for all levels. They offer teacher training, which is a vocational program that supports serious students and dance teachers at all stages of their training. They have a group and private lessons too.

Choose the best class that fits your needs.

Oxygen Tango School

Do you love to dance the Tango? Lucky for you, the Oxygen Tango School offers tango dance lessons.

All learner levels are invited to take the lessons. Newbies and advanced dancers are welcome to enroll. They offer intermediate classes, tango challenges, and private lessons. Additionally, they provide a social tango dancing program. They help couples prepare for their special wedding dance.

For beginners, they have a special program, where no partner is required, so take a closer look.

The Playground LA

The Playground LA offers dance classes for kids and adults, including ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, and more. 

All Classes are for ages 9+ except our Heels classes which are for ages +16. They offer only drop-in classes. All levels are available and each class is labeled with a level. They teach choreographies too. On weekends they have children’s attendance. They offer private lessons too.

For additional info, contact them.

Nicholas Dance Studio

Nicholas Dance Studio offers dance and fitness classes to kids and adults.

They welcome people of all levels to have fun in our classes, which include Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Yoga, and Tiny Tappers. The Adult dance and fitness classes are open to every adult. The classes are designed for all levels, beginning, intermediate and advanced levels. They also offer Summer camps.

They offer several packages, so you can choose the one you like.

First Wedding Dance Classes in Los Angeles CA

Ballroom Dance Lessons

Let’s prepare your wedding dance in Ballroom Dance Lessons.

They have certified instructors that will help you learn more, and faster – regardless of your age, dancing skills, or physical abilities. They can choreograph your first wedding dance to your favorite song. Couples can learn basic figures and more complex steps. They teach dance to wedding couples, parents, attendants, and guests. They offer private lessons and to learn or brush up on wedding dances.  

Visit their page for more info.

By Your Side Dance Studio

By Your Side Dance Studio specializes in preparing you for your first wedding dance.

No partner or prior dance experience is necessary. For first-time students, they have an Introductory offer. You can take private lessons too. They have several packages, for 1 or more lessons. Bring the type of music you like and they will tell you what dance will go with it. They can teach several dance styles.

Click on the More information tab to learn more.

Amy Lawrence Ballroom Dance

Amy Lawrence Ballroom Dance was featured in Martha Stewart Weddings.

Do you have 2 left feet? They will help you make your first dance and your wedding day the most memorable day of your lives. They offer specialized wedding packages, wedding choreography, personalized music editing/planning for live bands, included with lessons, and more options to choose from. 

Viti their website and fill out the wedding form.

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  • Which is the best dance studio in Los Angeles?

    In Los Angeles, you can find various dance schools that offer a wide range of dance styles including ballet, jazz, hip hop, salsa, bachata, and more. Studio A Dance offers classes for kids and adults and has been in the industry for about 41 years.

  • What kind of dance in Los Angeles is the best for kids?

    The Floor Dance Academy offers ballet classes for ages 3 and up. They offer balelt, jazz, contemporary and more styles for both,  girls and boys.

  • Which is the best dance for couples in Los Angeles?

    Los Angeles Acro Dance teaches adult classes in ballet acro-jazz, and more for individuals and couples. Also, Liz Lira Dance Academy offers salsa, bachata, and more Latin dances for couples.

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Ballroom Dance Lessons

By Your Side Dance Studio

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