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Move your body on your favorite beats. If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about dance classes in Miami, now is a good time to explore. We have gathered all information that you need about 18 dance schools and what they offer in Miami. You can choose private lessons, social parties dances, and many more options.

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DanceHouse Miami

DanceHouse offers ballet, pointe, tap, jazz, and many more dance classes available for students ages 3-18.

Dancers get one week free trial class in each style of dance to ensure that your child finds the style they most enjoy.

You can rent their space for rehearsals and auditions, pilates, yoga, zumba, and much more.

Dance Awakening

Dance Awakening offers dance classes for adults in bachata, Brazilian zouk, salsa, zumba and more. 

They have classes in different levels. Also, the classes can be taken in the weekends. No partner or prior experience is required. You can schedule private lessons too.

Click on more information to find out more about their packages and schedule.

More bachata classes in Miami.

Mady's Dance Factory

Miami Dance Studio offers a wide range of lessons to match every dancer’s preference. Some of their most popular dance lessons are ballet, hip hop, acro, contemporary, jazz, and more.

Their lessons have varying levels of difficulty to accommodate a more diverse group of dancers. If you don’t want to take classes serious, they offer Slay Fitness for adults who just want to have fun while toning their body.

You can rent their studio, as well as they provide wedding dance classes, birthday parties, outreach programs, summer dance camp, and more services.

Dance Center of Florida

DCF Studio offering diverse dance training for both children and adults.

They provide professional instruction in a variety of dance styles, including ballet, hip hop, reggaeton, and more. They welcome all levels starting at the young age of three years old.

DCF Studio offers studio rentals for dance classes/workshops, rehearsals, music videos, and more!

Artevivo Dance Studio

Artevivo Dance Studio offers dance classes for adults, kids and teen to find their love of dance. 

You can learn various dance moves in different levels they offer including ballet, jazz, modern dance and more. They have several packages you can choose from. 

If you are looking dance classes near 7400 NW 7th St UNIT 109, Miami, FL 33126,check them out! 

Miami Pole

Miami Dance offers pole dance training for adults.

They offer lessons including pole dance, choreography, aerial hoop, and hammock dance. Miami Dance provide private events, such as pole crash and pole fest, where they offer private pole routine with live performance, paparazzi photos and videos. You can receive 2 free classes when you refer a friend for a Miami Pole membership.

You can rent the space for video shoot and photoshoot. 

Ayala Royal Ballet

Ayala Royal Ballet welcomes participants of all ages, backgrounds, and nationalities to learn variety of dance style, including ballet, hip hop, contemporary and more. 

Their classes are available in different levels to fit your dance skills. You can sign up for a free class trial.

If you are at the age of 55+, it’s never too late to learn to dance. Their Siler Swan program is specially designed for ages 55 and up to learn ballet.

True Talent Dance Studio

Dance classes in True Talent Dance Studio are offered to students ages 3 & up in jazz, ballet, tap, and more.

You can learn different levels of your favorite dance. Their studio is also available for rental for any events you may have. 

If you are looking a dance studio near 8690 Biscayne Blvd Unit 4, Miami, FL 33138, check them out!

Sexy Sassy Strong

Sexy Sassy Strong offers dance classes for women of all ages, body types, ability levels, and personalities.

Choose from a variety of different classes they offer including belly dance, pole, zumba, and many more. Their pole dance classes are available on 3 different levels, beginner, intermediate and advanced. You can take the classes if you are postpartum! They also offer Private Classes, Private Parties, Bachelorette Parties, and more.

They have class packages, so if you are interested, check them out. 

Cambio Studio

Cambio Studio offers variety of different dance styles including hip hop, jazz funk, house, and much more for adults.

The programs are designed for everyone, from beginners to advanced dancers. They offer several dance classes packages. They also offer day passes, if you want to take all of the classes they offer in one single day!

Cambio Studio offers their space for rentals too. So, if you are interested in one of their programs, check them out!

Inner City Dance Club of Miami

If your kid want to learn different levels of ballet, contemporary, hip hop and more, Tango Milonga Classes offers dance classes for every level.

They hold a full educational, social and cultural camp. Also, the children have weekly activities that consists of not only all of the fine arts of dance, music, visual, and more, but field trips and age  educational activities.

If you are interested in taking some of their dance classes, visit their website. 

Hip Hop Kidz

Express yourself with hip hop choreography  in Hip Hop Kidz.

They offer the latest hip hop choreography for kids and teen. The youngest dancers are able to retain the choreographed dance steps through their break-down technique.

They have different levels, and you can choose group or private lessons. Their studio allows young people to perform for well-known sporting events, charitable foundations, and even TV shows. 

Kitty Kat Pole Dancing

 Located in the heart of Miami, Kitty Kat Pole Dancing offers pole dancing classes for adults.

In Pole Dancing Classes you can also have bachelorette parties, birthday parties, meetings and more.

Visit their website on more information to view their Pole Dancing party packages.

All Swing Miami

Whether you are a total beginner, want to learn a choreography, or want to improve your dance skills, All Swing Miami offers swing dance for everyone.

They offer different levels of swing dance. Also, they provide private lessons, semi-private lessons, and workshops! They have different events that you can be a part of.

For more detail, click on the More information tab.

Studio 305, Home of the Rolle Project

Home of the Rolle Project provides dance classes for adults, kids and teen in ballet, jazz hip hop, and more.

All the classes are divided into different levels depending on the skill level. They have summer intensives program for students from 6yrs to pre professional students. The dancers study all dance styles including lyrical, jazz, ballet, and much more!

Learn your favorite dance moves from beginner to advanced!

First Wedding Dance Classes in Miami

Creativo Dance Studio

nvolve some dance steps in your first wedding dance that Creativo Dance Studio offers.

Creativo Dance Studio provides choreographies to match anyone’s style and suggest ideas based on their demand. You can learn dance steps in a couple of practices, or you may take more classes to learn.  You can choose a dance from the various dance styles they offer.

For more information, click on the tab More information.

Image Dance Classes and Special Events

Image Dance has over 30 years of combined experience in choreographing all types of first dances.

You can choose from a simple sway together to a breathtaking rendition from “The Mask of Zorro” movie. If you don’t know where to start, choose their “Get Moving Wedding Package” which will help you get started and begin to learn your left foot from your right.

They offer 2 wedding packages, so check them out.

Salsa & Art Studio Miami

Make your first wedding dance memorable, with the dance classes that Salsa & art studio Miami offers.

They offer choreographed wedding first dance, with a private teacher and private room included. They offer discount packages to prepare for your special dance. They also offer private dance lessons in pole and lap dancing for the bride or for the bachelorette party. They provide Father / Daughter and Mother / Son dances too.

Take a look at the dance styles they offer, as well as their prices.


More dance classes and dance studios in Miami


  • Is there any dance school that offers dance classes in Miami on weekend?

    If you are busy during the week, Dance Awakening is offering dance classes at the weekends too. The Saturdays are open for private lessons, and on Sundays they offer beginner and intermediate Bachata and Zouk dance classes. 

  • Which is the best dance school in Miami for kids?

    True Talent Dance Studio offers dance classes to dancers from ages 3 & up. Also, other dance schools offer dance classes for kids. For example, DanceHouse Miami offers dance classes for kids ages 3 ad up, where get one week free trial class. 

  • Which are the best dance classes in Miami for advanced dancers?

    Studio 305, Home of the Rolle Project offers different levels of dance classes, from beginners to dance classes for advanced dancers. Many dance studios offer classes for advanced dancer in different style such as hip- hop, ballroom, ballet, and more. For example, Sexy Sassy Strong and Studio 305, Home of the Rolle Project offer classes for advanced dancers too.

Real videos of Dance Classes in Miami

All Swing Miami

Kitty Kat Pole Dancing

Hip Hop Kidz