Whether you are a beginner or you want to be in a competition team, there are more than 18 dance schools in Minneapolis that offer a variety of classes for kids, teens, and adults, from beginner to advanced levels. We gathered all the important information, so you can easily choose which one suits you the most.

We also offer the best online dance classes, in case you are too shy or you want to dance from your favorite place at home.

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Zenon Dance School

Zenon Dance Schools offers dance lessons for all ages and levels. 

Choose from a variety of dance lessons, including ballet, hip hop, jazz, and more. In Preston Hollow Dance you can take group, private, and drop in dance lessons. The classes are available at the weekends too. The dance classes for the kids are available ONLY at the weekends.

They also offer workshops available on different levels, for beginners, intermediate and advanced dancers. 

Hollywood Studio of Dance

Choose from the dance classes that Hollywood Studio of Dance is offering. 

They offer dance classes in ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, and theater dance. All the classes are available for all levels, and all ages. If you want to improve your dance skills or learn some more moves, they offer private dance lessons too. Also, if you want to perform on stage, they offer advanced dance classes.

Whether you’re looking for rental space by the hour or long term, their studio space is available for rent.

Ballare Teatro Performing Arts Center

With 30+ years of experience, Ballare Teatro Performing Arts Center offers dance classes for all ages. 

They have dance classes for toddlers too. The preschool program is a year-long program for children 3 to 4 years old. The adult program offers classes in ballet, tap, jazz, and modern for dancers at all levels, beginner to advanced.

They offer Summer Programs available for kids from 3-9 years old. The classes are weekly in the evening classes.

DeMure Dance

DeMure Dance is a dance studio that offers dance lessons for adults.

They offer group classes or private lessons in a variety of Latin and other social dances. We can also teach any of these styles of dance for private lessons, private groups/events, as choreographies, etc. The classes are divided into different levels. 

They have a performance team for those who want to be working on their dance skills.

Dollhouse Pole Dance Studio

Learn some pole moves at Dollhouse Pole Dance Studio. 

They offer a variety of pole dance classes to adults, from beginners to advanced dancers. No experience is needed. For new students, they offer 3 classes of any type for a special price. Also, they have other classes packages available. You can also take private lessons they offer or join in their workshops. 

They have an annual show, where they perform on stage!

Minnesota Dance Theater

Minnesota Dance Theater is offering dance lessons for all ages.

They offer dance classes in ballet, contemporary, jazz, and more for girls ages 4 to 11. MDT also offers tuition-free dance classes for boys ages 5 to 11. The program includes weekly classes in ballet and contemporary dance. Also, the classes are available on several levels. 

If you want to advance your dance skills, they offer The Performing Arts Division (PAD), for ages 8 to 18. If you are interested in various dance classes, check them out!

Essence Of Prodigy

Essence Of Prodigy Dance Studio is a Dance studio that offers dance classes to all age groups: kids, teens, and adults.

They specialized in New Skool Hip-Hop, R&B, Dancehall &  variety of other dance styles. All levels beginner to advanced is welcome. Even if you’ve never danced before and just want to give it a try, you are welcome. They also offer group and private dance lessons.

If you want to give it a try, or improve your dance skills, visit their website for more information.

The Cassandra School of Belly Dance

Come and learn belly dance with the dance classes that The Cassandra School of Belly Dance offers.

If you are a beginner, they have many options for beginners. Drop-ins are welcome for all in-studio classes and, they have a discount for 4 or more dance classes. The classes are at different levels too. They provide dance classes at the weekends too. 

If you are interested in learning some belly dance moves, click on the tab More information.

Dominion Dance Company

Dominion Dance Company is a place where your kid can learn a variety of dance styles.

They offer dance classes in ballet, hip hop, tap, and more. Whether you are a beginner or advanced dancer, they offer dance classes for every level. If you want to learn in private, they also offer private dance lessons. If you want to learn some advanced moves, they offer Competition Dance Classes.

Take a look at their schedule and prices.


Hothouse offer dance classes from adults ages 17 and up.

They offer various dance styles you can choose from including Ballet & Barre, Modern, Improvisation, and Contemporary. The classes are divided by levels not by age. All levels are available. If you have previous experience or want to put your skills on next level, they have dance masters classes.

You can buy a class pass or package so take a look at their schedule.

Klass MPLS

KLASS MPLS is a dance fitness studio that offers dance classes.

They offer dance classes for all levels for adults in a variety of styles. They have a few different pricing options for Klasses. All of these sessions and packages can be used for Dance Klasses and Fitness Klasses you can choose from.

They also offer weekend classes, so take a look for more details.


SAATH offers Bollywood Dance for all dancers.

Everyone at SAATH is welcome regardless of age, race, sexual orientation, gender expression, cultural or educational background, or ability. They offer group and drop-in dance classes. They offer a variety of different Bollywood dance styles, available at different levels.

They have annual dance-drama performances.

Zorongo Flamenco Dance School

Whether as a hobby or as an advanced performer, Zorongo Flamenco offers dance classes for everyone.

They teach the students the art of flamenco dance, which includes live flamenco guitar, stresses the structure of dances with flamenco cante (song), and many more instructions. The Group children’s classes are for students ages 7-12. They also offer private lessons.

Take a look at the different levels they offer, as well as the packages’ prices.

One Reason Dance Studio

One Reason Dance Studio offers Latin dance classes for everyone. 

You can choose from bachata, salsa, and many ore Latin dance styles they offer. All the classes are on different levels, from beginners to advanced dancers. If you want to develop your dance skills, they also offer private lessons. If you want to begin, no dance partner is needed!

Learn some Latin dance moves in One Reason Dance Studio. They offer several packages too. You can by a gift cards for you or for your family and friends. 

Uptown Swing

Learn Swing dance moves in Uptown Swing dance studio.

They offer Swing dance classes for everyone, whether you are a beginner or an advanced dancer. There is no experience or partner required. From total newbies to experienced swing dancers, they have classes for everyone.

They don’t offer drop in classes, so if you are looking to learn Swing dance moves step by step, you should check them out. 

First Wedding Dance Classes in Minneapolis

Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Minneapolis

Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Minneapolis offers you and your partner the first wedding dance.

If your partner doesn’t know how to dance, the classes are available for beginners too. They can also help you with the first Mother-Son and Father-Daughter dances. Also, they offer wedding party lessons, first dance choreography, dance lessons for the bride and the groom, and more. 

If you want to join to their wedding programs, click on the More information tab.

Ballroom & Wedding Dance Studio

Dance on your special day with the wedding dance classes Ballroom & Wedding Dance Studio offers.

They offer first wedding dance lessons for beginners to advanced social dancers. You can choose from a wide range of dances including swing, rumba, tango, salsa, and many more. You can also choose private wedding dance lessons. The wedding dance instruction are for singles, couples, and small groups.

Take a look at the wedding packages they offer.

Four Seasons Dance Studio

For your special day, Four Seasons Dance Studios offers first wedding dance classes.

They offer Wedding Couples Group Class and Wedding Couples Private Lessons. You can learn a routine to the song of your choice for the bride and groom, father/daughter or mother/son, and the whole wedding party. 

They have Wedding Dance Packages, including a package for private instruction, group classes for the couple, and a bridal party workshop.



  • Are dance classes in Minneapolis in the morning?

    Zenon Dance School is offering dance classes in the morning. Morning classes are available every day except Tuesday. They have weekend classes in the morning too, for kids ages 3 and up.

  • Is there any dance school in Minneapolis that offers drop in classes?

    One Reason Dance Studio offers drop in classes for a wide range of dance styles. You can find different classes, including salsa, bachata, Latin dance, and more for adults, for every level, from beginner, intermediate to advanced.

  • Which is the best dance school in Minneapolis for couples who want to start dancing?

    Uptown Swing offers Latin dance classes for singles and couples. If you and your partner want to start dancing, they offer swing dance classes that are perfect for couples. In these dance schools, you can find many different styles and levels for ages 2 to 62 years old, from beginners to advanced, from ballet to salsa.

Real videos of Dance Classes in Minneapolis

Ballare Teatro Performing Arts Center

DeMure Dance

Dollhouse Pole Dance Studio