Whether you want to be a comfortable social dancer or a competitive hobby dancer, you are on the right place! Choosing a dance studio can be really hard sometimes, so don’t worry. We listed 18 dance schools in Philadelphia so you can choose your favorite dance style, schedule, class and more alternatives they offer.

Also, if some of the dance classes doesn’t fit with your daily work, we offer the best online dance classes, so you can dance anytime, anywhere!

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iBalance Dance Studio LLC

iBalance Dance Studio LLC offers group and personalized dance lesson plans for teens and kids.

There are several styles to choose from, including ballet, acro, hip hop, and much more. The classes are built for the youngest age from 6-to 18 years old. All the classes are designed id different levels too. Adult classes are in  Modern Technique, Ballet Technique, Jazz & Praise.

They offer their studio space for your events, such as networking events, meetings, yoga dance rehearsals, lessons, acting lessons, film/photo/video shoots, auditions, and more.

Philly Dance Fitness

Philly Dance Fitness owned fitness studio that offers variety of dance classes for everyone. 

Improve your skills in dancing through various dance classes they offer such as hip hop, jazz, ballet, and more. All levels as welcome. They offer creative movement, pre-ballet, dance fitness and technique programs for kids from 3 to 12 year old, as well as for toddlers. 

Whether your kid has an interest in dance or theater, they offer Summer Camp for kids 5-12 years old.  They also have wedding lessons for your sepcial day. 

Urban Movement Arts

UMA’s offers dance classes in contemporary Black American folkloric dance, African folkloric dance, Latin American dance and contemporary somatic and movement culture practices.

All ages, genders, racial identities, and experience levels are welcomed. If you are a beginner, the UMA Dip is a program designed for dancers that have absolutely no dance experience. Also, if you want to achieve some dance goals, they offer private lessons and instructions. 

If you are looking dance classes near 2100 Chestnut St 2nd Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19103, check them out!

Living Arts Dance, Inc.

Living Arts Dance provide professional performing arts and fitness programs for all ages. 

They offer a number of dance classes and programs in jazz, tap, modern, ballet, hip hop, and many more. They offer a variety of performing art courses such as Creative Movement, Edu-Gym, Music, Theater, Ballet, Praise Dance, Jazz, for children ages 12 months and up. You can schedule a free sample class.

You can join their summer youth dance programs that are divided into 2 programs: Summer Camp and Saturday Summer Mini Session.

Equilibrium Dance Academy, LLC

Equilibrium Dance Academy offers variety of dance classes for adults and kids.

You can learn various dance moves from different dance genres they offer including ballet, creative movement, hip hop, and more. Their classes are available in various levels, to fit everyone’s dance skills. 

Also, you can join in one of their Summer Camps, so check them out!

Motion N' Dance

Motion N’ Dance offers dance classes in several dance styles for kids and teen.

They offer styles in jazz, tap, ballet, hip-hop, lyrical, contemporary, and much more. They have levels ranging from recreational, advanced, competitive, and also a traveling company team. They accept dancers ages 3 years old to 18 years old.

MND has been teaching children the art of dance for 28 years.

Koresh Dance Company

Koresh Dance Company offers variety of dance styles for children ages 4-18 and adults.

You can choose from their dance classes such as ballet, jazz, contemporary, hip hop, which are adjustable for everyone at different levels. You can also choose private lessons. 

They offer different workshops and summer programs you can join to. The Koresh School of Dance hosts 20+ adult drop-in dance classes Monday through Saturday.

The Philadelphia Dance Academy

The Philadelphia Dance Academy provides different dance programs for adults and kids. 

They offer early childhood dance, primary and pre-professional ballet programs, a boys scholarship program, theater dance, and many more. The classes are available from beginners to everyone who want to take an advanced dance classes. 

If you areinterested in one of their programs, check them out!

Sound Space Performing Arts

Sound Space Performing Arts provides different dance classes for adults and kids. 

They offer group and private lessons.  Also, you can join their Summer camp program. Their two studios are available to rent seven days a week.

You can view the calendar, in the more information tab.

Estilo Dance Studio

Estilo Dance Studio provides professional group instruction, choreography, and private lessons for adults and kids.

Whether you are an experienced dancer or have never stepped out on a dance floor, you can choose salsa, cha cha, mambo, or bachata.

If you are interested of the different types of Latin dance classes, click on the link above to learn more.

Symmetry Dance Wellness

If you try to learn different levels of ballet, Symmetry Dance Wellness offers dance classes for beginners and advanced.

Beginners with no prior experience are also welcome. They offer private and group lessons.

If you want to enroll on any of this program, click on the link for more information. Also, you can book your open ballet class on Saturday!

Cardell Dance Studio

Express yourself with different dance classes in Cardell Dance Studio. They offer adults and kids dance programs

Cardell Dance Studio offers recreational and professional dance classes as well as workshops. You can purchase private lessons in a variety of styles, including ballet, contemporary, modern dance and hip hop/ urban dance.

You can also rent their studio space.

Gwendolyn Bye Dance Center

Gwendolyn Bye Dance Center provides a different selection of styles, and levels for all dancers. 

Their kids program is available for beginners to intermediate levels. You can apply for scholarship through their Scholarship program. 

They offer Summer programs 2022, so you can book in-person classes. 

Top Hat Dance Studio

Top Hat Dance Studio offers the finest instruction in ballroom, ballet, hustle, salsa, hip hop, and many more for all ages to express themselves though music and dance.

They strive to provide students of all levels dance classes, as well as social dance parties, performance opportunities, dance competitions, and other performances. Every Sunday, Top Hat Dance Studio offers partner dance classes for the intellectually disabled. They also bring salsa dance classes to the LGBTQ community.

If you are looking a place to rent, or to join some of their programs you can check them out!

First Wedding Dance Classes in Philadelphia

Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Philadelphia

Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Austin offers you and your partner to teach you to dance for your special day. 

There are several styles to choose from, including bachata, rumba, samba, bolero, waltz, tango, and much more. Also, they offer dance lessons for the bride, for grooms, for couples, first dance choreography, and wedding party lessons.  You can cat a free wedding dance consultation. 

They also offer a special package for wedding dance lessons.

Society Hill Dance Academy

If you’re planning a wedding, Society Hill Dance Academy offers the first wedding dance for you and your partner.

They offer different dance styles for your special day. They also offer Urban Chic Wedding Venue in the Heart of East Passyunk, with two levels of flexible space. If you don’t know where to start, you can get your first lesson for free.

They provide gift cards that can be applied to specific packages or tailored to meet your specific needs.

Moving Image Dance Academy

At Moving Image Dance Academy in Philadelphia, we specialize in wedding dance preparation.

They offer wedding dances to singles and couples. Private and group lessons are available for you and your wedding party at your convenience. If you haven’t selected your wedding song yet and would like some help, they will suggest music and dance that suit your style.

Have your first wedding dance at Moving Image Dance Academy.


uSensual Club

Online dance school where you will learn Sensual Bachata Dance, Chair Dance, Belly Dance, Salsa and Kizomba, as well as fitness and women lifestyle.
#1 for women


Online dance course where you will learn how to dance with your couple in less than 28 days. For us, one of the most fun courses for couples.



  • From what age can I enroll my child in dance classes in Philadephia?

    You can enroll your kid in Living Arts Dance, Inc. because they offer dance classes for children ages 12 months and up. Dance classes in Top Hat Dance Studio are also offered for kids and adults with special needs. They have dance classes in variety of dance classes: Latin dance, balet, tap, jazz, and many more to choose from.

  • Can I join salsa, bachata or kizomba classes in Philadelphia if I don't have a partner?

    Top Hat Dance Studio offers groups dance classes, where it is not necessary to bring a partner, because all dancers will be rotated throughout the entire class. Also, Estilo Dance Studio offers Latin dance classes for kids and adults in different styles and levels. No partner is needed too. 

  • What is the best dance school in Philadelphia for beginners?

    Ballet can e a great choice for you if you are a newbie in dancing. The Philadelphia Dance Academy offers dance classes in ballet for kids and adults. These dance schools offer dance classes for beginners in hip hop, tap, acro, salsa, and other dance classes available.

Real videos of First Wedding Dance Classes in Philadelphia

Society Hill Dance Academy