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Start your dancing journey with more than 18 dance schools in Phoenix we have provided to you. Learn from private lessons, groups, and social classes, to choreographies for your special occasions. They have classes are for both, kids and adults, beginners and advanced dancers.

If you prefer start dancing from your home or anywhere else, we offer you the best online dance classes, where everyone is welcome too.

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List of dance Studios in Phoenix

One World Dance and Music Studio

If you want to learn different techniques of belly dance, One World Dance and Music Studio offers dance classes for beginners as well as advanced dancers.

All ages, genders, and experience levels are welcomed. They offer 3 levels of belly dance for everyone to join. Also, students have the opportunity to participate in choreography sessions and perform a few times a year. Classes from total beginner through intermediate and advanced levels.

Whether you need rental space for your dance practice, they offer their studio for rental.

Royal Dance Works

Royal Dance Works offers up to 14 levels and over ten types of dance for kids and adults.

They offer jazz, ballet hip hop, and many more styles. The classes are available for beginners to those who want to put their dance skills to the next level. Students will have the chance to join the annual recital. 

If you or your kids are interested in dance classes near 402 E Greenway Pkwy UNIT 23, Phoenix, AZ 85022, you should check them out.

The Dance Shoppe

The Dance Shoppe offers dance classes for kids and adults of all ages.

They have plenty of dance styles including ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, musical theater, aerial and more. The classes are divided by level and age, to adjust your skills too. The adult classes are for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels.

They offer Summer Camps for kids of different ages group, so if you are interested visit their website for more details.

Evolve Dance & Fitness

Evolve Dance and Fitness offers dance classes for kids and adults.

The kid classes are for kids ages 2 – 18. They are divided into several different levels. They offer private instructions, group classes, birthday party services, and more. Choose from the wide range of dance classes they offer including acro, ballet, jazz, musical theater, and more. 

They have 2 studio rooms that are also available to rent for your needs.

Phoenix Dance Studio

Phoenix Dance Studio provides a wide variety of classes for ages 2 to 99 at levels from beginner through advanced. ​

Students are placed in class by ability and not by age. They have combo classes that are designed for dancers ages 2 – 5. They offer tap, ballet, jazz, hip hop, acro, and many more classes. Also, they have a Tummy Time program so your baby can learn fine motor, sensory-motor, and visual development.

They provide you a free trial class – take up to 4 classes for free!

Diverse Elements Dance Studio

Diverse Elements Dance Studio offers dance instruction for kids.

They offer dance classes from beginning to advanced levels in tap, jazz, ballet, technique, contemporary, and more. They also offer specialized group sessions for pom, cheer, technique, stretching, and conditioning. Your first class is free!

They offer their studio space for rentals, so check their schedule for more info.

Bricks Studio

Your kid can learn some dance moves at Bricks Studio.

They offer a variety of different styles including ballet, tumbling, hip hop, and many more. They have several programs that are divided by age. They can customize your birthday party, girls’ night out, boys’ poker nights, bridal/baby showers, and more.

They offer many class packages. Also, Your kid will have the opportunity to perform at the recitals.

Dance Starz AZ

Danze Starz AZ offers a variety of ballroom dance classes for adults.

They offer ballroom, rhythm and Latin, night club, country western, and more options. No partner is required because they teach both singles and couples. They offer social dancing to improve your confidence, groups, and private lessons. You can buy a card for 2 private lessons. If you want to advance your skill, they offer a competition team. 

The instructors have over 35 years of experience in teaching these styles.

Scorpius Dance Theatre

Scorpius Dance Theatre offers dance classes for kids and adults.

They offer aerial, dance, hoop, and many more. The classes are designed into several groups by age. All the classes are for beginners and advanced dancers too. You can take a solo, duo, and group private lessons. 

If you are looking for different dance classes that are near 1700 N 7th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85007, you are in the right place.

Diamond Dance Works

Diamond Dance Works is a dance studio that offers dance classes for your smallest one.

They offer several programs for kids including Tiny Tots (children ages 3-5), Essential Movement (children ages 2-3), and Toddler Time Walking (walking-24 months). Whether you are a beginner or advanced dancer, you are welcome to join their programs. They offer levels for everyone.

They offer a wide variety of dance intensives and camps throughout the summer.

Encore Dance Center

Encore Dance Center offers dance classes for kids and teens.

The instructors have experience in teaching ballet, jazz, hip hop, and many more different styles. Whether you are a newbie or know some steps, they offer recreational and competitive dance for all ages and levels. Also, you can book private or group lessons. Your first class is free!

They are open on Saturday too, so if you are busy on weekdays, check them out.

Tempe Dance West Studio

Tempe Dance West offers dance classes in jazz, ballet, lyrical, contemporary, tap, musical theatre, and many more!

All the classes are designed at different levels to fit every child’s skills. They also offer combo classes in ballet, tap, and acrobatics for kids ages 2 – 6 years. The classes are designed for beginners, and intermediate and advanced dancers. Your kid can join their Saturday classes too.

If you are looking for dance classes for your kid, check out their schedule.

North Star Academy of Dance

North Star Academy of Dance has different dance classes for kids and adults.

They offer tap, jazz, lyrical, musical theater, and many more! Each kid will learn according to their ability and age. They have 2 programs that offer combo classes in tap/ballet, including Tiny Tykes and Kinder Kidz. All classes are in different 3 levels. Your kid can enroll from 3 years old. 

They offer many camps, workshops, and summer nights schedule.

Dance Studio 111

Dance Studio 111 offers dance classes for kids ages 3 and up.

They offer a variety of classes such as jazz, ballet, lyrical, contemporary, tap, musical theatre, and many more! The classes are for every level, from beginner to advanced dancers. For the smallest ones, they have Mommy and me program, and also some combo classes in tap, ballet, and jazz.

Check out their summer camps, auditions, intensives, and more options they offer.

Ascend Dance Academy

Ascend Dance Academy offers kids the opportunity to learn various dance styles.

They offer dance classes for kids ages 2 to 18, in ballet, jazz, broadway, and many more. The students have a chance to showcase their hard work with performances throughout the year. They have 3 programs that are based on age and development. For the teens, they also offer open dance opportunities and private lessons for those who want more specialized training.

They have a wide range of programs and styles, so click on the More information tab.

First Wedding Dance Classes in Phoenix

Fred Astaire Dance Studios

Get your first wedding dance at Fred Astaire Dance Studios.

They offer first wedding dance classes to couples from simple steps to more complex, and completely choreographed dance routines. Also, they offer Father/Daughter and Mother/Son dance and Wedding Party Dance Routines, according to your style, music, and level. Take a consultation because they provide a free 40-minute private lesson and consultation!

They offer all styles of ballroom dance, so check them out!

DanceWise Dance Studio

DanceWise Dance Studio offers you and your partner lessons for your special day. 

They provide dance classes for your first dance at your wedding, father & daughter/son & mother dances, and a bride’s or groom’s party. You can choose salsa, rumba, waltz, two-step, and many more styles they have.

If you have any questions, click on the More information tab and contact them. & Brisa

Take your wedding on fire with the dance classes Chad & Brisa offer.

They offer the first wedding dance for you and your partner as a couple, mother-sons, father-daughters, or for the whole wedding party. They offer workshops, classes, and private or group dance lessons according to your style and budget!

They have many packages and services they offer for your wedding, so take a closer look!

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  • Do dance schools in Phoenix have social dance classes events?

    Dance Starz AZ​ offers social dancing events to improve your social skills and confidence. Also, you can improve your skills if you are too shy at these varieties of dance classes because they offer group classes in hip hop, ballroom, jazz, ballet, and more. 

  • Which is the best dance school in Phoenix for kids?

    Bricks Studio offers dance classes for kids, where they can learn while having fun. Your kids can join their programs from 1 years old. Also, Royal Dance Works also offers 14 types of dance styles and levels for kids. Some of the dance schools, like Phoenix Dance Studio offers a Tummy Time program so your baby can learn various development.

  • Are the dance classes available for all ages?

    You and your kid can dance at The Dance Shoppe. Thye have classes divided by age and level. Also, dance schools in Phoenix offer classes for every level, race, gender, and age. Encore Dance Center also offer dance classes for every age and has private and group lessons.

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