You can find more than 15 dance schools in Queens. From beginners to intermediate and advanced dancers, they have dance classes for every skill, level, and ability. They offer ballet, jazz, modern, contemporary, Latin, ballroom, hip hop, and many more styles you can choose from.

Whether you want to dance in a group class or take private lessons, they can help you. For a more busy schedule, we offer the best online classes in 2022.

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Martha's Center

Martha’s Dance Center helps you learn about the different dance genres you love.

They offer dance lessons for tap, jazz, ballet, and more. Also, they are accommodating learners of all ages. They provide private lessons and group classes. Additionally, they have a special wedding program for couples. They help you reach your dance goal.

Click on the More information tab to learn more.

Urzua Academy

Urzua Dance Academy offers classes in Acrobatics, Ballet, Ballroom, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Tap, Jazz, and Musical Theater for students ages 4-18.

The classes are divided into 3 levels, levels 1, 2, and 3. They offer 2 19-week semesters starting in September and February with performances at the end of each semester. All levels have a 3-hour-a-week minimum commitment. If you want to improve your skills they offer competition classes.

They have classes on Saturday too, so check them out.

Rose Academy

Rose Academy of Ballet offers dance classes in jazz, pre-ballet, and more.

They offer a level program that allows students to continue their studies and develop as dancers and artists. They also offer 75-minute open-level adult ballet classes. Also, your kids can participate in different practices such as playgroup and musical theatre for kids. They offer Summer Intensives too.

They offer themed sessions and a variety of classes in their Summer Day program for children ages 4 – 10 years old.

Moves & Motion

Moves and Motions School of Dance provides dance classes for kids starting ages 2 and up.

Their classes are divided by age and have several different groups. They also offer combo classes in ballet and tap for kids aged 5-8 years old. Both boys and girls enjoy these classes. All classes are fo every level, including beginner, itnemerdiate and advancd dancers. They also offer competitive dance classes for kid ages 6 and up in various dance styles.

If this sounds interesting, visit their site for more info.

Cathy's Studio

Cathy’s Dance Studio offers tap, jazz, ballet, hip-hop, modern, acrobatics, and pointe classes.

Classes run from September-June. All the classes are available for students from pre-K to pre-professional level. They also offer dance workshops. Also, they offer a free trial class and multi-class and sibling discounts. They also provide classes on Saturdays. 

They have a Dance Show in June at the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts in Astoria NY.  

Elite Academy

Elite Dance Academy offers dance classes for ages 3 through adult.

They specialize in jazz, lyrical, hip-hop, ballet, tap, creative movement, and more. The classes are available for beginning to advanced level dancers. They also offer Salsa classes for adults. No previous dance experience is needed because they offer dance classes for absolute beginners too.

If you are looking for dance lessons near 79-76 Cooper Ave, Queens, NY 11385, check them out.

I Love Dance

I Love Dance Company offers street dance classes to kids and adults.

Students of all ages and levels of experience are welcome to join the classes. No prior experience is necessary and regardless of age, everyone can dance. They also offer private lessons for teaching Kpop, Street Styles, or Basics/Foundations. They also provide services for directing group performances and preparing for auditions.

Visit their website for more info about the class schedule.

Queens Academy

Queens Dance Academy offers a variety of dance classes such as ballet, tap, jazz, and more.

They offer dance classes for children regadrs their ability, background, and level. All levels are welcome. They also offer a boys-only class. Whether you are a begineer or a more advanced student, they have classes for everyone’s needs.

Additionally, Queens Dance Academy gives you an option to choose your dance costumes. 

Mende Company

Mende Dance Company helps you to dance in varieties of dance genres, including ballroom, bachata, bolero, waltz, swing, and more.

They accommodate students from different expertise levels of all ages. No dance experience is needed. They offer private lessons, semi-private lessons, group classes, weekend socials, dance trips, recitals, competitions, and choreography for special occasions. A free introductory group lesson for first-time students is available.

Their staff is also available for shows, professional dance seminars, and coaching.

Rudanceny School

Rudanceny Dance Academy helps you to improve your dance in different genres.

They offer dance lessons for ballroom, rumba, waltz, and more. Rudanceny Dance Academy is open from Monday to Sunday. Kids are also welcome. No previous experience is needed. Regards your level, they offer classes for beginners, interemeriat and advanced dancers.

They offer social dances throughout the week for everyone from 2 – 5 pm all days besides Saturday.

Kaye's Studio

Kaye’s Dance Studio is a place where you can learn dance classes in various genres. 

They offer dance lessons such as ballet, hip hop, tap, jazz, and more for all ages. They teach beginner through advanced levels ages 2 1/2 through adults. Every level is welcome and no dance experience is needed. Boys and girls are welcome to join the kids classes.

They are in the dance community for 85 years.

Song And A Dance

Song And A Dance is a dance studio that offers different styles of dancing.

They offer dance lessons such as ballet, hip hop, tap, jazz, and more for all ages. They offer dance classes for kids of different ages. All classes are divided by age and by level. No previous experience is required because they offer classes for beginners too. Intermediate and advanced dancers are also welcome.

Let Song And A Dance can help you improve your dance moves.

Spotlight Factory

Spotlight Dance Factory will effectively assist your improvements to your dancing.

They help you to learn new dancing techniques in different dances. They offer lessons such as ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, and more. All levels are welcome, as regards your age, skills, and abilities. The kids can dance in various dance groups divided by age and skills. Both girls and boys can join the classes. 

Visit their classes for more information about the class packages and schedule.

Laurie Creations

Dance Creations by Laurie offers you a variety of dance classes such as tap, jazz, ballet, and more.

They design their dance lessons to fit the learner’s level of expertise. Additionally, they accommodate students from age 3 to adults. Dance Creations by Laurie is a Flushing dance studio available to both girls and boys. All levels are welcome to join the classes.

If you are looking for classes near 190-21 47th Ave, Flushing, NY 11358, visit their website.

Studio E School

Studio E School of Dance offers ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, and more for kids and adults.

The kids’ classes start at age of 3 and up. They offer a Tiny Toes & Me program for the smallest ones to develop basic musicality and movement. They also offer combo classes for kids ages 5-13 years old. They offer Ballet, Tap, and Hip Hop Open adult classes. All levels are welcome and no experience is needed.

They offer in-person classes. Register in advance for the classes.

First Wedding Dance Classes in Queens

Martinez Studios

Learn how to dance your first wedding dance at Martinez Dance Studios.

Whether you’re looking to learn new dance moves or hone in on your existing talent, they can help you. Everything will be personalized based on your song of choice, personality, and style. Martinez Dance Studios is a place where you can learn the technique and the precision of the ballroom.

Whether you are a beginner or know how to dance, they can prepare you for your first wedding dance.

Queens Ballroom

Queens Ballroom Dance specializes in first dance lessons.

You can discover your inner dancer and celebrate your wedding in style. You can choose from a variety of ballroom styles they offer. Their team will help you with the moves, whether they are simple steps or more complex dances routine. No experience is needed, every level is welcome.

Visit their website for more information bout the wedding classes and packages.

NY Wedding Dance

Impress your guests with the first dance wedding lessons that NY Wedding Dance offers.

All the wedding classes they offer are held with an instructor in a private studio. They will teach you every style and music you want. From simple steps to a more complex routine, whether you have 2 left feet. Every couple is welcome, regards their gender, level of skill, and ability. 

They offer 4 different wedding packages, so take a closer look for more information.



  • Is there any dance school in Queens that offers combo classes?

    Moves and Motions School of dance provides combo classes in ballet and tap for kids aged 5-8 years old. Also, the Studio E School of Dance offers combo classes for kids aged 5-13 years old. 

  • Are dance classes in the morning in Queens?

    If you are more busy in the evening, there are dance schools that offer dance classes in the morning. The Studio E School of Dance offers many classes in the morning for the kids. They offer dance classes from 10:45 am to 12:00 pm. 

  • Which are the best dance classes for advanced dancers in Queens?

    Every dance school in Queens offers dance classes for advanced students. Whether you want to improve your skills or you are an advanced dancer, Elite Dance Academy, Queens Dance Academy, Kaye's Dance Studio, and other, offers advanced classes for advanced students. The classes are available for both, kids and adults.

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