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Choose group, private, party dance lessons, and more in any type of style in more than 18 dance schools in Sacramento! Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve got some training under your belt, we listed all the dance schools in Sacramento with the most important information that you need.

We also provide you with the best online dance schools in 2022 that offer different classes for everyone and every level.

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List of dance studios in Sacramento

Sac Dance Lab

Sac Dance Lab offers dance training for kids and adults including different styles like hip hop, heels, jazz, contemporary, and more.

All the dance classes fits everybody’s dance skills because they offer lessons from beginning to advanced levels. Whether you are an advanced dancer, or beginner you can book a one-on-one private lesson with one of their instructors in any level or style. They also offer weekend classes.

You can book one of our four dance studios hourly for non-production and production use

Fancy Feet Dance Academy & Parties

Fancy Feet Dance Academy offers a wide variety of classes to choose from.

They offer dance classes in different levels for kids ages 18 months to teens.  The studio focuses on not only dance skills but creative movement, original choreography, dance as art, and other kids’ joy. They offer the opportunity to perform at events, end of the year performances, and community events. 

They have Summer Camps to join, host birthday parties, so check them out!

Dance 10 East Sacramento

Dance 10 East Sacramento offers dance lasses for kids and adults.

Dance 10 East Sacramento’s instructors provide group classes in variety of dance styles including tap, jazz, ballet, hip hop, and more. All classes are in different levels, from beginner to advanced. Also, they offer weekends classes as well. 

Click on more information to see their programs and schedules in details. 

River City Dance Academy

River City Dance Academy offers dance classes for all ages.

You can learn different types of dance such as ballet, jazz, hip hop, tap and more. Their classes are in different levels too. You can also schedule your free trial class. The adult hip hop classes are available on Wednesdays.

Take a look at their classes schedule and choose the one that best fits your kid.

Del Campo Dance Studio

Del Campo Dance Studio offers dance classes available for adults, from absolute beginner to those who have danced most their lives.

You can choose Latin dance, bachata, salsa, and more. They offer groups classes, private lessons available for individual students or for couples. Private lessons are also if you are an experienced dancer who wants to quickly advance your dancing skills. No partner is needed for the classes.

We offer workshops throughout the year with Intensive training in styling, technique, and patterns in salsa and other dance styles.

Jodette's Belly Dance Academy

Jodette’s Belly Dance Academy offers belly dance. Jodette is the fist Belly Dancer to come to America.

The beginner classes are  every Monday from 6 to 7 pm. Also, they have have intermediate classes in Tuesdays. If you have an event, a party , or wedding and you would like to book a dancer/dancers, contact Jodette Dance Academy. 

Click on more information tab for more details. 

Kids Dance & Fitness

Kids Dance & Fitness offers variety of dance classes for kids and adults.

They are teaching ballet, tap, combo classes, contemporary, and more for kids, and they are available in different levels. From Adult jazz to boot camp, there’s an adult fitness class that fits different level. Their studio offers 2 dance recitals each calendar year,

The Kids Dance & Fitness Company Performance Team participate in many competitions across California.

Deane Dance Center

Deane Dance Center offers ballet classes for girls and boys, as well as teen and adults of every skill level.

From preschool through high school and beyond, they offer ballet, tap, contemporary, musical theater and more. Also, every student in Levels 2 through 9 is given a written exam on necessary ballet terms for their level at the end of the season.

Take a look at their schedule and find the dance class that fits you the most.

Greathouse of Dance

If you want to learn about hip hop, Greathouse of Dance offers dance classes in hip hop for adults and kids.

They offer a wide variety of classes specializing in different forms of hip hop. The classes are designed in different levels. You can schedule private lessons with any of our instructors including one-on-one DJ training.

If you are looking for hip hop classes near 1020 Front St #100, Sacramento, CA 95814, you can check them out!

McKeever School of Irish Dance

McKeever School of Irish Dance offers Irish dance classes for adults and kids.

They offer studio classes for adults and kids in different levels. They also have private lessons that are recommended for grade level dancers. They have packages for their classes, so you can take a look.

The offer family member discount, so if you are interested in learning Irish dance, check them out!

Sacramento Ballet

If you want to learn ballet, tap, musical theater, and many more, Sacramento Ballet offers dance classes for adults and kids.

Their dance classes are available in wide range of different levels, including beginner, intermediate and advanced level. All the adult classes are drop in. They also offer dance classes for male identifying young dancers. The kids classes are divided in several levels, so every kid can join according to its skills. 

If you want to enroll on any of their programs, click on the link for more information. 

Yemaya Salsa Dance Company

Express yourself with variety of dance classes that Yemaya Salsa Dance Company offers.

They offer group dance classes that you choose from. They offer salsa, bachata, kizomba and more. All classes are designed in different levels to fit everyone’s skills. 

They host many events, so if you are interested to learn any type of dance, check them out!

Move Studio

Move Studio provides a different selection of dance styles, and levels for all dancers.

They have different classes available for everyone. You can choose from zumba, hip hop, capoeira, and more. They offer weekly classes for children and adults that are open to the public to join. Besides dance classes, they offer personal training, kids birthday parties, international capoeira events , and more events.

You can rent the studio for your special occasion.  

Step 1 Dance & Fitness

Step 1 Dance & Fitness provides dance classes for dancers of all ages to express themselves though music and dance.

They offer ballet, tap, hip hop, zumba, and many more, that are available in different levels. All Classes are in person. They also have weekend classes.

Visit their page for more information.

First Wwedding dance classes in Sacramento

VIP Dance Ballroom Academy

VIP Dance Ballroom Academy offers first wedding dance lessons for you and your partner.

They offer free introductory lesson and consultation. You can choose to learn in every dance style you want. They can help you with the choreography. They also offer wedding packages.

If you are interested, take a lok at their schedule.

Spotlight Ballroom

Make your first wedding dance special with the wedding dance classes that Spotlight Ballroom is offering.

They offer free half-hour introductory private lesson for showing you the first steps towards the first dance. Whether you would like to do a choreographed performance, or just feel comfortable with a few cool moves, they will help you with any part.

Choose from  the variety of dance classes they offer including ballroom, tango, waltz, and more.

Tango By the River

Tango By the River offers first wedding dance classes.

They offer private lessons to create your wedding choreography. Because they offer tango classes, they can teach you and your partner to dance tango for your special day. They offer several packages you can choose from. 

If you are interested in wedding lessons near  128 J St, Sacramento, CA 95814, check them out!

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  • What dance school in Sacramento offers combo classes?

    Kids Dance & Fitness offers combo classes in different dance types. They have combo classes in Ballet/Tap in 3 different levels. Combo 1 is for kids ages 4-7 years old, Combo 2 is for kids ages 5-8 years old, and Combo 3 is for kids ages 6-9 years old.

  • Is there any dance school in Sacramento that offers drop in classes?

    All adults classes in Sacramento Ballet are drop in. Adult/Teen classes are open to anyone 16 years and older who want to take dance class. 

  • Do dance schools in Sacramento have social dance classes events?

    Yemaya Salsa Dance Company have social dance classes, and social events on Saturdays. They have Kizomba and Bachata night, every 2nd Saturday, where free dance lessons is offered. Also, every 4th Saturday they offer salsa social. In addition, they have showcases, and other special events.

Real videos of Dance Classes in Sacramento

Sac Dance Lab

Fancy Feet Dance Academy & Parties

Yemaya Salsa Dance Company