Dance Classes in San Diego


If you are looking for a dance classes in San Diego, you are on the right place! we collected all the dance schools in San Diego with the most important information that you need to have to choose a dance studio near you. 

And if you don’t know which style to choose, or the classes are not fitting with your busy life, we provide you the best online dance schools in 2022.

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Malashock Dance

Learn from the best instructors of Malashock Dance.
They accept learners both adults and kids of all ages.
Also, learn new dance styles in your chosen genre such as ballet, contemporary, and more.
Adult and youth classes are provided with attire guidelines. That way, learners can maximize their dance moves without any limit.
Also, drop-in classes are available for their learners.

San Diego Danceworks

Looking for a place to learn how to dance on a professional level?
Join the San Diego Dance Works and allow them to nurture your talent!
Their dance classes include ballet, tap, modern, tap/jazz, and more. Choose what you want to learn and let your instructors teach you their techniques!

The Movement Dance Center

The Movement Dance Center is home to aspiring dance pros.
Learners will be under the guidance of professional dance choreographers that will help them bring out their full potential.
All learners are required to learn ballet. Also, they will go through different classes throughout the year. These classes include master classes and conventions.
Additionally, they accept young learners.

Unite Dance Academy

Unite Dance Academy helps you learn new dance techniques.
They provide dance lessons such as ballet, tap, hip hop, jazz, contemporary, and more.
These classes have different dress codes. It helps you to be comfortable during lessons.
They accommodate adults and kids of all ages.

The Dancehouse

The Dancehouse studio are in the dance business since 2012. They offer dance classes including hip hop, jazz, contemporary, and more.
Since then, the Dancehouse studio joined every learner on their way to becoming a professional. They do this by offering high-quality dance instruction. That way, learners can focus on making precise and artistic dance moves.

4S Dance Academy

4S Dance Academy is the ideal place for you to learn combo dance classes.
They offer combo classes including ballet and tap combo. Additionally, you can learn pointe, cardio hip hop, and more.
Adults and children are open to registering.
Try to enroll with them now and let them help you build a strong foundation for your dancing career.


The DANCEOLOGY is one of the city’s spacious dance schools. It offers a variety of high-quality dance lessons to various levels of learners. The DANCEOLOGY provides a dance environment that encourages you to be the better version of yourself.
Become a dance pro in ballet, tap, hip hop, acro, and more with the help of their skillful dance instructors!

Vernetta's Dance Studio

Vernetta’s Dance Studio teaches different types of genres. It includes ballet, tap, ballroom, Latin, swing, hip hop, and more.
They have different skill level appointments according to the dance genres.
Also, Vernetta’s Dance Studio accepts learners from different skill levels.
Enroll with them and become the pro of your chosen dance genre!

Ooh La La Dance Academy

Ooh La La Dance Academy helps you grow into a professional in your chosen dance genre. These genres include dancing ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, ad more.
They offer more than 40 recreational dance classes. It accepts all aspiring dance pros from different skill levels.

Tap Fever Studios

Do you love to perform within a dance group? Try to enroll with Tap Fever Studios now!
Learn within a dance team where you can grow with other like-minded dancers.
These dance teams include FEVERGOLD, FEVERETTES, and FEVEROCITY. Other dance teams are under their Auxiliary Team.
Join them now as they compete in different stages across the city.

Golden State Ballet Academy

The GOLDEN STATE BALLET ACADEMY is where you can start building your dream of becoming one of the city’s world-class ballerina.
They offer lessons focusing on the enrichment of your movements. Also, they offer classes for proper posture while performing ballet.
Enroll with them now and start building a strong foundation for your career in ballet!

Flaunt Dance Studio

Flaunt Dance Studio is a place where you can learn different dance genres like dirty pop, hip hop, jazz basics, heels basics, and more.
They provide a learning environment that also helps support the skill growth of each dance student.
They accept all levels of performers, such as beginners and pros.
Let them help you build a strong foundation for your dance career!

Starlight Dance Studio

Looking for a dance studio where you can enhance your dance moves? Try to enroll with Starlight Dance Studio.
They can help you flourish your dance skills by teaching you techniques.
They provide lessons in a variety of dance genres. These genres include ballroom dancing, Argentine Tango Dancing, and more.

Balletcenter Studios

Balletcenter Studios has been in the industry for about 25 years.
If you want to learn different ballet techniques, it is the ideal place for you. Try to enroll in their ballet lessons and let them help you improve your ballet moves and posture.
Other classes are also available in their studios such as lyrical, tap, jazz, and more.


619Dancers offers you dance classes in different dance styles including salsa, modern, bachata, and more.
Try to enroll with them now and get your discounts in different dance classes.
You do not need to worry about getting a partner, because the instructors make rotations throughout the class.
Also, you have the option to enroll in group or private classes.

Click here for bachata classes in San Diego.

Limitless Dance Complex

Loosen up and dance without limits! Let Limitless Dance Complex teach you how to develop professional-level dance moves. Join them now and take classes in different genres such as ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, and more.
Also, be guided by their dance attire guidelines.

Step 2 Dance

Step 2 Dance is a dance school where you can learn different dance genres.
You can choose whatever dance genre you want to master. You can learn the cha-cha, salsa, rumba, and more.
Available dance classes are divided into three categories. It includes International Latin, International Standard, and Kids and Special Occasion.
Specialize in your favorite dance genre now.

Step by Step Dance

Step by Step was established in 1997. Its long experience in the industry allows them to develop its craft.
Let them enrich and nurture your dance skills in your selected dance genre. you love to perform.
With their talented choreographers, learning with them ensures you achieve your full potential.
Classes like hip hop, jazz, techniques, and lyrical are available in their studio.

Tango with Colette

Do you love to dance the Tango But somehow you are afraid to dance in public?
Tango with Colette helps you take away the shyness for public performances. They help you flourish your movements and techniques in tango dancing.
You can take up dance classes in private, semi-private, and group lessons.



  • What dance school in San Diego offers combo classes?

    4S Dance Academy offers combo classes in different dance types.

  • Which dance school can I enjoy learning at?

    DANCEOLOGY offers a spacious dance studio where you can learn while having fun.

  • What is the best dance school for beginners?

    Learning Ballet is one of the best dance classes that suit beginner learners.
    Alternatively, you can also enroll with Golden State Ballet Academy if you are a newbie in dancing.