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If you are looking for a dance classes in Seatle, you are on the right place! we collected all the dance schools in Seatle wa, with the most important information that you need to have to choose a dance studio near you. 

And if you don’t know which style to choose, or the clases are not fitting with your bussy life, we provide you the best online dance schools in 2022.

Everything you need to know


VAM Studios

VAM Studios accommodates learners from age three and up.
They offer dance lessons from a variety of dance genres. These genres include ballet, contemporary, hip hop, and more.
Also, they provide workshops, camps, and masterclasses for their learners.
Additionally, they have top-skilled dance instructors with years of experience in the genre they are teaching.
You can register to their dance categories such as Adult, Teen, and Youth dance classes.


Creative Dance Center

Creative Dance Center helps you learn dance techniques in different dance genres. It includes hip hop, ballet, jazz, pop, and more.
They support creativity, collaboration, and mind-body connections for you to learn and grow.
Enroll in their dance classes now and allow them to nurture your passion and help you to master your craft.

Rainier Dance Center

Rainier Dance Center offers you dance lessons from a range of dance genres.
You can try to enroll in their dance teams. These teams include junior performance and competitive, senior performance and competitive, hip hop performance and competitive, and musical theater.
Enjoy your passion as you improve and showcase your talent with other like-minded learners!


Emerald City Dance Complex

Looking for a place to help you improve your dance skills?
Try to enroll now with Emerald City Dance Complex. They provide you with a dance studio that radiates warmth like home but still encourages you to work harder for your dreams.
Flourished your dance moves as they provide lessons for varieties of dance genres.
You can register with them via the online registration portal.

Dance Conservatory Seattle

Dance Conservatory Seattle offers dance classes that supply learners with new techniques in different dance genres. You can learn ballet, modern, and jazz dance lessons.
Unleash your full potential as a dancer while learning in a respectful and supportive learning environment.
You can register with them online. Do not forget to send them a photo of your vaccination card.


DASSdance helps you learn new dance skills that will help you become a pro in your chosen dance genre.
They can help you learn the needed skills to master acro, ballet, hip hop, jazz, tap dance, and more.
Also, Dassdance has four different dance programs for its learners. It includes Mini-Nutcracker, Seattle City Nutcracker, All 4 1 Dancepalooza, and Alice in Wonderland.
Enroll in their classes now and be the best version of yourself!

All That Dance

All That Dance provides you with a world-class dance studio that nurtures you to improve your dance skills.
Aspiring dance performers are welcome to enroll in their different dance classes.
They offer dance lessons for ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, modern, and more.
Learn and loosen up to their spacious dance studio designed for all types of learners.

Dance Fremont

Do you want to learn ballet? Do you want to become a master of your chosen dance genre?
Try to enroll now with Dance Fremont. Their lessons are ideal for beginners to expert-level dancers. Learn ballet, modern, and more with their friendly and competent dance instructors.
Learn in a diverse environment. Additionally, their dance school accommodates learners from different races. Dance Fremont supports an anti-racism environment for all learners.

Bahia In Motion

Do you want to experience the Brazilian dance culture?
Enroll with Bahia in Motion dance classes now! They provide lessons for Brazilian dances and Zumba.
Enjoy learning as they provide you with energetic dance moves and music.
If you love energetic music that boosts your mood, why not try to learn how you can dance with every beat?
Loosen up your feet and showcase your passion for lively dance moves.
Join their online and in-person Brazilian dance lessons.

Rangeela Dance Company

Choose which learning setting you are comfortable with. Rangeela Dance Company allows you to select whether to take dance classes in a virtual or in-person setting. You can even experience learning new dance moves outdoors with them!
They provide dance lessons such as Bollywood, Bollycardio, Bhangra, Bollyhop, Urban Bollywood, and more.
Additionally, they accommodate future adult and child dance pros.


Swing It Seattle

Are you looking for a place where you can improve your dance skills alongside other passionate learners?
Swing It Seattle allows you to participate in a social dance with live music.
They can help you enhance your social skills while you work your way to becoming a professional dancer.
Enroll with them and improve your passion with the best dance instructors!

Enchant Vertical Dance

Enchant Vertical Dance helps you master artistic movements in pole dancing and contemporary dancing.
If you are looking for a place to help sync your movements with music, try to enroll in their dance classes now.
They offer dance lessons every day.

PopRox Dance Studio

PopRox Dance Studio offers a variety of dance lessons you will love to learn! They accommodate future dance pros from absolute beginner to expert-level learners.
Their studio provides you a treat where you can celebrate your special day in their school.
Also, anyone who wants to learn can enroll. They believe that dance is a universal and anti-discrimination environment.

Adage Ballet Studio

Dream of becoming a professional ballet dancer? Enroll now with Adage Ballet Studio.
They offer dance lessons on ballet techniques.
With professional ballet dancer coaches, you can achieve your full potential. Let your passion become your career with the help of this incredible dance school!

Northwest Tap Connection

Northwest Tap Connection is the home where you can transform into the best version of yourself.
They provide quality dance lessons that allow you to grow in your passion.
Also, aside from learning amazing dance moves, you will learn to value self-discipline, dedication, and passion that make you a better performer.

Charla's Creative Dance

Charla’s Creative Dance is a place where you can learn different dance genres.
They offer dance classes such as rumba, samba, cha-cha, waltz, foxtrot, quickstep, and more.
Additionally, they can help you with your social skills by learning with a group.
Grow with your passion with the help of competent dance instructors. Enroll with them now!


BALORICO provides dance choreography and lessons such as salsa, bachata, and more.
Do not be afraid if you are a beginner, their programs are ideal for newbies to expert-level students.
If you want to learn with a group of dancers, you can enroll in their group classes. Alternatively, you can sign up for their private classes.


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  • Which dance school in Seattle is the best place to help you achieve your dancing goals?

    DASSdance is the best dance school you need to try. They can help you achieve your dance objectives to help you become a pro in dancing.

  • Is there any dance school in Seattle that offers virtual classes?

    Rangeela Dance Company offers dance classes for virtual and in-studio learning.