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If you want to start with dance classes you are at the right place. Did you know that Tucson offers a variety of dance studios with different options available? If you want private or group lessons, first wedding dance preparation, birthday parties, and so much more, we have listed all studios near your area, with the most important information.

If you want to dance anytime and anywhere, we show you the best online dance classes, whether you are a beginner or an advanced dancer.

Dance classes in Tucson for adults

BreakOut Studios

BreakOut Studio offers dance classes for adults.

You can learn various dance moves from different dance genres they offer including ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, and more. All levels are welcome, and no previous experience is needed. They also offer weekend dance classes. They have BreakOut Work Trade Program Work where you can work three hours a week for unlimited classes.

You can also rent their studio for classes, or special occasions.

Floor Polish Dance Studio

Floor Polish Dance Studio offers dance classes that are mostly geared for adults ages 18+.

They offer dance & fitness classes in a wide variety of styles. From Cardio dance, Flamenco, Femme, Zumba, and more, to strength and tone classes like Total Bod, Strong Butt, and much more! Special workshops and events are happening at our studio every month.

Their studio is available to rent hourly for many uses too.

Belly Dance Tucson

If you are interested in belly dance classes, you are at the right place. Belly Dance Tucson offers belly dace classes for adults and every level.

They have a drop in beginner belly dance program, where new dancers can learn new techniques. They also have private lessons if you want some personal feedback, or you are struggling with dancing. 

“Like” Belly Dance Tucson on Facebook or Instagram and your second class is free!

Kinetic Arts Tucson

Kinetic Arts Tucson is a dance center that offers dance classes in pole, acrobatics, and more.

The classes are designed at different levels, from intro to advanced open pole/competition training. If you are new, you can take at least a couple of Pole Fundamental classes. If you want time to perfect a competition routine or performance piece, they offer advanced dance classes.

Whether you’re planning a bachelorette party, birthday party, divorce party, team building event, or something else, they offer Pole Parties as well.

Xanadu Dance Studio

If you try to learn belly dance, Xanadu Dance Studio offers dance classes for beginners and advanced dancers.

The classes are designed in several groups, and at different levels, to fit everyone’s dance skills. They offer Beginning Drills, Combos & Choreo Program which offers new students to improve their techniques. They also offer Upcoming Special Workshops!

If you want to enroll in any of their programs, click on the link for more details.

Dance classes in Tucson for adults and kids

The Drop Dance Studio

The Drop Dance Studio offers dance lessons for dancers with ages ranging from 5 to Adult.

Their classes are designed for beginners and for advanced dancers who also want to enhance their dance skills. They provide choreography classes in Hip Hop, Popping, Locking, Whacking, and other street/club styles. They also offer a 10-class package.

If you are looking for dance classes in the area near  716 E 46th St, Tucson, AZ 85713, for adults or kids check them out. 

Danswest Dance Studio

Danswest Dance Studio offers dance classes where they can learn dancing techniques.

Danswest Company has lots of different dance styles, including Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap, Modern, Musical Theatre, and much more! Competitive dance opportunities are available. They accept students from 2.5 up through adults.

Their instructors have more than 30 years of experience, so if you want to know in details, click on the More information tab.

Dance Force-1

Express yourself with ballet classes in Dance Force-1.

Their studio provides a variety of dance classes for students, ages 12 months to adults. Styles include jazz, ballet, pointe, tap, lyrical, hip hop, tumbling, and more. Skill levels range from beginner to advanced in all dance specialties.

Kids and parents can have a birthday party at Dance Force-1, for 2 hours on Saturday or Sunday, where a trained instructor will lead the children in exercise, dance, tumbling, and more activities.

ShowBiz Academy of Dance

ShowBiz Academy of Dance provides dance classes for students of all ages.

They offer 40 different dance classes for children and adults of all ages and levels. You can choose ballet, jazz, hip hop, tap, and more. They have classes for recreational dancers as well as opportunities for dancers to compete at regional and national levels.

Check out their schedule, because they also offer dance classes on Saturdays. 

Tucson Dance Academy

Tucson Dance Academy is a professional dance academy offering lessons to all students, regardless of ability or reason for study.

Their offer plenty of dance classes available for different skill levels. You can choose from ballet, jazz, tap, acro, ballroom, and many more. Classes are offered for ages 3 to adults. They also have 4 different studios. 

If you are looking for dance classes on Saturday, they offer several dance lessons available on Saturdays.

Dance classes in Tucson kids and teenagers

Viva Performing Arts-Dance Studio

Viva Performing Arts-Dance Studio offers a variety of different dance classes to fit your schedule.

They offer dance instruction to students aged 3 years old to young adults. You can choose from ballet, jazz, hip hop, and Mexican Folklorico. All students at Viva Performing Arts Center are eligible to participate in the Annual Viva Recitals.

They also offer dance classes on Saturdays.

Flor de Liz Dance

Flor de Liz Dance is a dance studio that offers dance classes for kids and teens. 

They offer various dance disciplines, including ballet, modern, hip hop/jazz, and tap. They have a toddlers program where all of the toddler classes are 30 minutes long. As soon as your child joins a Pre class, they may participate in our twice a year showcases.

They offer different camps and workshops, so take a look at the More information tab.

Gotta Dance!

Gotta Dance is a dance studio that offers dance classes for kids and teens. 

All classes are designed at different levels. After the age of 8, dancers are placed in class according to skill, technique, and experience level. Kids’ classes are leveled 1 through 5. They offer an Intro program, that introduces, develops, and further advances classical dance training.

Gotta Dance provides students with performance experiences through its recitals.

Headquarters Dance Studio

Headquarters Dance Studio offers dance classes in hip hop and other street dance styles.

They offer dance classes for your kids after school. On Wednesdays they will pick up your kids or your kids will be dropped off by a School rep. You will get a 10% off for each additional Sibling signed up.

They have several workshops, events, special deals, and more. So, if you are interested in street style, check them out!

Studio One Arizona

Studio One Arizona offers dance classes for all ages, from kids to young adults.

They offer several programs you can choose from, including First Time Dancer, Recreational Program, Company Program, Men’s Program, Private Lessons, and many more. They teach dancers in ballet, tap, jazz, modern, contemporary, hip hop, and much more!

You can also be part of a nationally recognized competition team, so visit their website for more information.

First Wedding Dance Classes in Tucson

Dream Dance

If you are looking for a variety of different dance styles for your special day, Dream Dance offers first wedding dance classes.

They offer ballroom, Latin dance, jive, samba, hustle, and many more you can choose from. Also, they offer choreograph dance and a wedding routine for your special day. You can have private lessons that are only available on Saturdays.

They have special discounted programs. 

Fred Astaire Dance Studios

Fred Astaire Dance Studios – Glenn Heights offers dance classes for adults.

They also offer dance lessons for your first wedding dance. Make your day special with the choreography they offer including Father/Daughter & Mother/Son Dances, and Wedding Party Dance Routines.

Their dance instructors can teach everything from a few simple dance steps to a fully-choreographed routine for your entire wedding party.

Studio West School of Dance

Studio West School of Dance offers first wedding dance lessons.

They offer private, and group lessons. You can bring on your own music, so they can choreograph on it. If you don’t know where to start, they can help you. Also, they offer a wide variety of dance instructions including waltz, foxtrot, tango, two-step, and much more! 

If you are interested in the different types of classes, click on the link above to learn more.

Map with dance studios in Tucson


  • Is there any dance school in Tucson that offers drop in classes?

    Don't worry if you are not sure which dance style you will most fit in. If you don't know which class to choose, or want to try one dance class, all classes in The Drop Dance Studio are drop-in style. 

  • Can I join latin dances in Tucson if I don't have a partner?

    Absolutely yes! Fred Astaire Dance Studios - Glenn Heights offers dance classes for single and couples, so if you come in as single, your dance instructor will be your partner for private lessons, and for their group classes, partners will be rotating during the class.

  • Is there any dance school in Tucson that offer dance classes on weekend?

    If you work 5 days per week, and you don't have time for anything else, don't worry because we have a solution for you. BreakOut Studios offers dance classes on weekends. They have morning classes on the weekends in ballet, hip hop, and belly dance, at different levels.

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