Increasingly popular lately, online classes have put a stop to distance and busy schedules being an obstacle for people trying to learn how to dance. 

Beginners have an extra hard time starting their dance journeys, which is made far easier with online classes where they don’t feel all eyes on them. 

These courses are perfect for dancers of all levels since they can pace their learning paths according to their free time or the perceived difficulty of the classes. With a personalized course schedule, you can take the class of top dance teachers whenever and wherever you like, even at home.

Everything you need to know...

How to choose the perfect bachata dance class for you

The offer of online dance classes might seem overwhelming to a beginner, but there are certain criteria you should follow when choosing your online bachata class. First of all, decide which aspects of your dancing you’d like to improve, whether it is partner work, lady/men styling, or your overall dance competence. When you’ve made up your mind about your learning path, pick the best instructors for your style and you’re all set up!

Online Bachata Classes for Couples

1. Estilos Unidos Online Dance School

Whereas intermediate or even advanced dancers who would like to learn new moves for social dance, advanced technique, and more complex figures, should use ESTILO & UNIDOS online sdance school by Ronald and Alba to reach their dance goals.

If you didn’t know, Ronald and Alba are 5 times world bachata champions and they have an online bachata classes for intermedaite and advanced dancers.

If you want to improve your style (man style or lady stlye) as well as bachata parnertwork, we trully recommend their online school.

Learn more about the online bachata course for couples Estilos Unidos Online Dance School‘.

2. Bachata Chemistry

Bachata is one of the best hobbies you can enjoy with your special other of your closest friends. The best thing about bachata online courses for couples is that they start from level 0. Therefore, if you’ve never danced in your life, or your partner moves like a baby giraffe on ice, online classes will lead you through all the beginner’s difficulties one step at a time.

Our recommendations go to two bachata online courses for couples: beginners who want to start dancing at home should definitely try Bachata Chemistry. An online bachata course for couples who have never danced before. And of course, we tried this course and we can say that:

  1. It’s the most fun course we have tried.
  2. They teach you from leveo 0,00000 and it’s easy to follow.
  3. They also have intermediate classes at the end of the course, so you can reach the intermediate level once you finish it.
  4. We have read reviews from other couples who already tried their course and they are very satisfied (like us).

Learn more about the online bachata course for couples Bachata Chemistry‘.

Online Bachata Classes for women - Lady Style

Choosing the perfect lady style course might be difficult due to the number of online platforms available currently. Luckily, we have tried ALL OF THEM and we would like to help you with our reviews and the perceived balance of value these classes provide for the price you pay.

1. Unlock Your Sensuality: Bachata Dance Course for becoming a sensual and elegant dancer.

Kristina Mikolcic’s dance platform holds firm the first place on our list. More than 8 thousand women use this course to start their dance journey or upgrade their femininity, with a program that consists of self-confidence and sensuality modules.

What we like best about this course is the support you get from your dance teacher, Kristina Mikolcic, and from the private community of other fellow dancers enjoying this program. Also, beginners will find it easy to start their Latin dance journey with level 0 content and more than 30 classes to help them on their dance learning path. If you recognized yourself in these lines, make sure to join this course and find out why we think it’s the best one out there!

Also, the course provides 7-day money-back guarantee (no asked questions) and has excellent reviews from hundred of women.

If you are a beginner and want to improve your sensuality, dance, and technique, we truly recommend this course and not others.

Learn more about the online bachata course ‘Unlock Your Sensuality’.

Pros and cons about Unlock Your Sensuality:

2. Secrets of Lady Style

Created by the one and only Alba Sánchez, one of the most famous bachata dancers and five-time world champion, this online course of lady style is intended for intermediate and intermediate/advanced students.  

With classes of footwork, dance routines, and coordination, this course will take your bachata styling to a whole new level. However, beginners will find Alba’s program too hard for their dance knowledge, which is why we advise them to start with our nº1 (Unlock Your Sensuality) and then move on to Secrets of Lady Style when they feel confident enough.

More than 5000 students have completed the course. That’s the reason why is the most popular and best rated online bachata course for intermediate dancers.

Learn more about the online bachata course ‘Secrets of Lady Style.

Pros and cons about Secrets of Lady Style

3. Heels Empowerment. Empower your feminine self

Even though this one isn’t precisely a bachata course (but similar to bachata lady style), it’s an excellent choice for women who want to learn how to dance in heels. To guide you on this journey of yours is Sara López, a world-famous dancer with more than 2 million followers on her social media accounts.

Beginner and intermediate dancers will get the most out of these classes, with elegant choreographies and extra content aimed at improving your femininity, dance technique, musicality, and attitude. If you want to incorporate all these aspects into your dance, don’t hesitate to try this heels online course.

Like the other courses, this one also has very good reviews and very well explained classes. Remember that only the courses that are here are the ones that for us offer the best value to learn to dance bachata online.

Learn more about the online heels dance course ‘Heels Empowerment.

Pros and cons about Heels Empowerment:

4. USensual Club. Unlimited dances, fitness for women, and lifestyle coaches.

USensual Club is one of the most complete platforms for women you can find online! Dance styles featured in this program include bachata, salsa, kizomba, chair dance, and belly dance.

But there’s more to being a woman than just dancing! With the USensual Club, you get access to fat-burning and body-shaping fitness programs exclusively for women, as well as makeup tutorials, lifestyle, fashion, and relationship tips, which will help you become the best version of yourself.

The bes is that you can try all this content for 7 days completely for free and see for yourself why the USensual platform deserves straight A’s for everything it offers! 

If you’re looking for a new beginning and experiencing different dance styles to find the one for you, USensual Club is the answer.

Learn more about the online ‘USensual Club Platform’.

Pros and cons about uSensual Club:

Best Online Bachata Classes for Men - Man Style

1. Beyond Man Style by Ronald Castro

The only dance course for men we tried and loved is Beyond Men Style, created by five-time world champion Ronald Castro.

With this course, you’re going to learn not only new moves and techniques, but you will also improve your attitude when dancing, learn how to look better, how to connect more with the girls you dance with, and much more.

By buying Beyond Men Style, you really get your money’s worth! For those who are looking for an online men style course and have previous dance experience, Ronald Castro’s classes are exactly what you need.

Learn more about the online bachata course for men ‘Beyond Man Style’.

Pros and cons about Beyond Man Style:


  • Best way to learn bachata online

    Starting from the basics. The platform that will allow women to build a solid foundation in dance is the USensual Club, which gives you 7 days to try all its features free of charge. On the other hand, men will find most helpful the Unidos Dance Community, which provide plenty of content for intermediate dancers.

    For couples, the best way to learn bachata online is with Bachata Chemistry Course.

  • How can I learn bachata online?

    Even if it sounds complicated, learning how to dance the bachata through online classes is quite simple. All you have to do is find a lady style/men style/ partner work course suitable for beginners and allow your teachers to show you all the colors of this incredible style. Each of the courses we’ve analyzed comes with detailed instructions and a progressive learning path, which makes them more than adequate for beginners or even first-time dancers.

  • Which online bachata class is best for women?

    For a first-time encounter with dance, the best options are the USensual Club and the Unlock Your Sensuality course. However, for ladies who already experienced the beauty of movement, the Secrets of Lady Style by Alba Sánchez will most definitely take your dancing to a whole new level. 

  • Are online bachata classes really worth it?

    They most certainly are because of the many benefits they bring compared to in-person classes:

    1. Even people who are short on free time can follow the classes, without having to necessarily fit a dance class into their busy schedule at an inconvenient hour.
    2.  The dance classes near you don’t cover all the styles you want to get good at.
    3. You have a preference to learn from the very best in the industry and they live too far to take their classes regularly.
    4.  You’re a beginner. You’d like to start your dance path, but you are afraid of feeling embarrassed being in class with other people or having a hard time learning new dance moves. The solution to both of these problems is an online class, that allows you to feel comfortable learning at your own pace from your favorite place – your home.
    5. In-person studio classes have a tendency to be much more expensive when compared to online classes. Also, they often give you a chance to try the course for free for 7 days, an option which is quite non-existent in regular dance studios.

  • Can I try these online bachata courses for free?

    Of course. There are two options for this: you’re either offered a 7-day period to try the programs for free or you can get a full refund of your payment if the course you bought didn’t meet your expectations. Therefore, if you’re scared that what you see might not be what you get, online courses at least give you a chance to see it for yourself without putting your money to risk at any moment.