Full guide of Online Dance Classes in 2022


Everything you need to know...

Online classes have been gaining momentum in the last couple of years and many people wonder why numerous dancers prefer this option instead of going to an in-person class. We’ll tell you everything you need to know!

With online dance classes, you don’t have to follow a strict schedule or run from work to make it to the studio. These classes allow you to decide when and where you’d like to take the class, without feeling the pressure of other people judging your dance skills. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you can take a class from the comfort of your home and be 1 on 1 with your favorite dance teacher.

Also, you always have the option of taking a short break and restarting your classes later, without missing anything important for your dance journey.

How to choose the perfect online dance course for you

The best thing about choosing the perfect online dance class for you is the variety of platforms, teachers, and styles available for dancers all over the world. 

You can’t go wrong if you choose your online class according to the goals you want to achieve. Whether you’d like to get in shape, improve your body coordination, become more feminine/masculine, or learn a new type of movement, online dance classes are the way to go! 

There are specific types of movement embedded in different styles of dance you can try online, such as latin (salsa, bachata), fast (hip-hop, breakdance), feminine (heels, chair dance), elegant (ballet fundamentals), and form-shaping (latin aerobic).

Best online dance classes for women in 2022

For most women, online dance classes serve to accomplish certain goals, such as improving their figure, sensuality, coordination, and dance technique.

Since we have tried ALL OF THEM, we’ll give you our top five online dance platforms according to our rating and price-value ratio.

1. Unlock Your Sensuality: Bachata Dance Course for becoming a sensual and elegant dancer.

This online dance program deserves to be our nº1 for the excellent ratings received, as well as over 8 thousand registered female users. If your goal is to learn how to dance without having prior experience in Latin dances, this online dance platform is for you! 

More than 30 classes, a private community, and direct contact with your dance teacher Kristina Mikolcic will provide more than enough guidance for everyone.

The best part of this course isn’t only the online dance classes platform, but also the community support, the teacher, and the modules for sensuality and self-confidence. For these reasons, we believe this program is the best option for women who want to learn how to dance online. 

2. Heels Dance Course by Sara López

Another online dance course with an excellent rating is made by the queen of kizomba and heels herself, the incredible Sara López. This course starts with a beginner level and reaches an intermediate level, where you’ll learn how to dance in heels.

The classes are well-explained, the choreographies are elegant and feminine, and the course provides extra classes to learn musicality, attitude, and technique.

With more than 2 million followers, Sara López is considered to be the best dancer of all time in her category. If your goal is to learn how to dance in heels, this is the very best you’ll find online.

3. R&A Online Dance School

With the help of other incredible dance teachers, Ronald and Alba have developed a rich offer of online dance classes for men and women. 

Here’s a list of all the courses that can be found on the platform:

Bachata for beginners, intermediate and advanced dancers

Choose this course and find out why there’s been such hype over the last couple of years about bachata. Partnerwork classes are best suited for intermediate dancers, who will improve their dance level significantly with the tips and tricks of Ronald and Alba. However, there’s also a basic level taught by Juan and Nerea, that will help you with your first steps in bachata. Get ready for hours and hours of dancing and building up your dance knowledge! 

Hip-Hop & Urban Style

Have you ever wanted to try hip-hop but felt that it was maybe too hard for you to get out of your comfort zone this much? Then Omar’s course is the best for you, no matter if you’re of a beginner or intermediate level. With his classes, you will learn how to control your body movement and feel more comfortable when dancing to hip-hop music.


Mar García created a basic and intermediate reggaeton level to help dancers improve their body movement and dissociation, as well as musicality and choreography. You should consider this reggaeton course as less of a course and more of a party, where you will have fun one-on-one with your teacher. 

Her energy will get you hooked to reggaeton and there will be no way back! 

Ballet for Adults

Most people think if you don’t start with ballet from an early age, you’re a lost cause. With Helena, you will see that this point of view is the wrong one. With this course, you will learn all the fundamentals, improve your body posture, balance, and coordination, as well as perfect your turns and musculature. These are only some of the benefits of ballet, find out the rest by dancing with Helena!

More online dance classes

Apart from the dance styles mentioned above, the Estilos Unidos Dance Community will help you improve your overall fitness and flexibility, as well as musicality, with lessons taught by some of the best bachata DJs in the world.

4. Lady Style by Alba Sanchez

Alba is considered one of the best female bachata dancers of all time, and with five world champion titles, she is a tough competition for everyone. 

If you want to learn from the very best, try her bachata lady style online course and take your dancing to the next level. Acquire some of her best secrets of musicality, body movement, footwork, and confidence to shine bright on the dancefloor. No need to mention that lady style classes will reflect on your femininity and social dancing, so don’t hesitate and give it a try!

By joining this program, you also get bonus and review lessons with Alba, which will clear all your doubts and remove any difficulties that come your way. Dancing has never been easier!

5. USensual Club. dance, fitness and lifestyle

One of the best options we’ve found online for women who want to start dancing or working on their fitness and lifestyle.

Dance styles featured on the platform include the following:

Sensual Bachata

One of the dances that have been gaining popularity over the years among couples and individuals is bachata. With Kristina Mikolcic, you will learn how to achieve sensual movement through bachata lady styling. This course is beginner-friendly, which makes it a perfect option to start with. 


Hips don’t lie, especially in kizomba lady styling, which you will have the opportunity to learn with uSensual Club. This sensual style is best danced in couple but styling courses will help you upgrade your follower skills even further. If you decide to try these classes, prepare yourself to get more confident and look like a pro on the dance floor. The secret is in the details! 

Chair Dance

Your teacher for this dance course will be Mar García, a two-time world latin champion, who will introduce you to this world of sensuality and confidence. Learn how to be more comfortable in your own body and awaken your sensuality with only one piece of equipment you will need: a chair. No more excuses! 


Tajana Varunek will teach you everything you have to know about salsa lady styling. Musicality, footwork, and body movement are some of the elements that will help you become a better dancer. Styling lessons will make you look more natural as a follower, thus letting the leader make you shine with your light when dancing. 

Belly Dance

Take part in this fascinating Oriental dance and change the way you use your hips and torso in real life. Belly dance will help make your movement more sensual, as well as shape your upper body by activating all muscles in this area. Who knows, maybe you’ll enjoy Mia Nemet’s course so much that you’ll decide to buy a costume to make you look like a professional belly dancer.

Fitness for women & sensual lifestyle

What we like most about uSensual is that it includes so much more than just fitness and dance, like classes concerning makeup, lifestyle, personal development, relationships, and fashion, taught by the platform’s very own feminine coaches.

This platform is a perfect 10 in our eyes and it offers 7 days of a free trial. If you want to start fresh and see which dance style suits best your taste, you can’t go wrong with uSensual Club.

6. Online Salsa Course by Alba

This is a salsa lady styling course created by the five-time world champion Alba Sánchez. Since this course isn’t beginner-friendly, if you’re only starting your dance journey, we would advise you to try our list’s no5 (USensual Club).

With Alba’s classes, you will learn footwork, coordination, and choreographies, as well as perfect your salsa styling. For those who are looking for an online salsa course of intermediate or intermediate/advanced level, this is the way to go!


1. Steezy

There isn’t a single soul in the dance world that hasn’t heard of the STEEZY platform with more than 1500+ classes of different levels and dance styles. Some of the styles you can try at the STEEZY studio include heels, jazz, salsa, hip hop, ballet, and many others.

With a monthly or an annual plan, you can learn from over 150 instructors, which feature the very best in the dance industry. STEEZY classes can be followed anytime and anywhere, from your desktop, mobile device, or TV via Chromecast.

Before choosing your premium subscription plan, you can enjoy all the benefits of STEEZY studio for free for a week. No matter if you’re a beginner or a pro, this platform will take your dancing to new heights. 

2. Bachata Man Stlye

Five-time world champion Ronald Castro will teach you everything you need to know to feel more satisfied with your dancing.

In his classes, he focuses on self-confidence and body movement, as much as on footwork and dance sequences. With Beyond Men Style, you’ll invest in improving your dance technique, musicality, and attitude, which will in turn help strengthen your connections during partner work.

However, to get the most out of this platform, it is advisable to have previous dance experience of some kind, but it is not necessary. Ronald’s course will only make you richer, don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the best!  


Founded by Ohad Naharin, this platform stands out for its dynamic research of movement divided into two main tracks: Gaga/people and Gaga/dancers. The former is aimed at dance veterans and newcomers, whereas the latter is designed specifically for advanced students and professionals.

These dance courses are continually developed and they offer special live-streamed workshops all the way from Israel. Therefore, if you wish to improve your mind-body connection by stimulating both your sensations and your imagination, join these online programs and enjoy the beauty of dance.

Best Online Bachata Classes for Couples

1. United Styles by R&A

Five-time world champions Ronald and Alba don’t need a lengthy introduction. Their forte being Latin dances, such as salsa and bachata, R&A will prepare you for all the challenges of social dancing and partner work in general.

Also, this platform goes a step further and includes ballet fundamentals, hip-hop, and aerobics, as well as salsa and bachata styling and couples.

Complete beginners might find their classes too demanding, which is why we recommend the Estilos Unidos courses for dancers of intermediate level, who want to further expand their dance knowledge and upgrade their technique.


  • It's possible to learn to dance online?

    Learning how to dance online is easier than it seems. Most of the courses from our list start with level 0, whether we’re talking about bachata, salsa, chair dance, heels, breakdance, or else. These online classes come with step-by-step instructions and support, either from your teacher, whom you can send a message for any difficulties, or a private dance community, where you can join other students following the same dance path. 

  • Which online dance class is best for women?

    USensual Club has the most well-rounded offer for beginners. If that’s not your case and you have danced previously, the best courses for intermediate level are from Alba Sánchez o Sara López, according to your preferences for either bachata and salsa or heels. 

  • Which online dance class is best for men?

    If you’ve never danced before and decided to learn how to dance just now,, CLI Studio and Steezy are the best options to start with. For intermediate dancers who want to pursue salsa or bachata, we highly encourage you to try the Beyond Man Style by Ronald Castro, one of the best courses with plenty of positive reviews from male dancers. 

  • Are online dance classes really worth it?

    Many dancers’ problems have been solved by online classes have become so popular because they solved many problems characteristic of dancers, including the following:

    1. You don’t have much free time and it is difficult to successfully coordinate their schedule with the class timetables of a dance studio.
    2.  Dance studios nearby do not offer the style you would like to learn.
    3. You want to learn from world champions or the best dance instructors in their style, who naturally don’t live where you live.
    4. You’re new to dance. You would like to learn but you’re shy about it because you’ve never danced before. Online classes can be followed from the comfort of your home, with no one intimidating you. Also, they give you the chance to repeat the class as many times as you need, without feeling frustrated for not doing it right or being stuck.
    5. Online dance classes tend to be much cheaper than face-to-face classes. Moreover, you are often offered a trial period to try the course without any commitment. 

  • How can try online dance classes for free?

    Yes, most of these platforms and courses have a 7- or 14-days free trial that doesn’t require any payment whatsoever. Furthermore, other courses offer a 100% money-back guarantee. So, even if you pay for the course and decide for any reason that it’s not for you, all your money will be refunded. Without any question.