Full guide of Online heels Classes in 2022



Everything you need to know about online heels dance classes

Heels dance is, for some reason, regarded as some of the most intimidating dance styles there is. Going out of your comfort zone and exploring your femininity might feel weird at the start, but we assure you it will be the most rewarding when you get into it! 

With online heels classes, you’ll be given the chance to discover your femininity without the urge of comparing yourself to other, more experienced dancers, which can easily make you lose your focus and drive. Also, these courses fit any schedule and don’t require as much preparation as in-person classes, which will make them less of a burden for dancers of all levels. Dance from home and enjoy the beauty of feminine movement with our list of online heels classes!

How to choose the perfect heels dance class for you

The most important things to consider when choosing a heels class are the teacher and the course syllabus. It’s always a good idea to discover more about the teacher’s style and see if this is the way you would like to look dancing. Also, make sure to check the perfect class according to whether you’d like to learn how to dance in heels, or feel more feminine overall. There are courses specialized in dancing, as well as platforms that focus on the entirety of your feminine expression, which includes heels, fitness, confidence, and much more! 

There are shortcuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them.

Best Online Heels Dance Classes in 2022

Here is a list of ALL courses we’ve tried and enjoyed. We hope it will help you make the best decision for yourself. 

1. Heels Course by Sara López

The best and most complete online heels course is Heels Empowerment, created by the one and only Sara López. Specialized in heels and kizomba, Sara López is one the most well-known dancers in the Latin world, with a following of more than 2 million people. 

In this course, Sara will teach you how to become more confident and feel sexier in your own skin, as well as maintain a feminine body posture when dancing in high heels. 

Her classes, perfect for beginner and intermediate dancers, provide detailed instructions and feminine choreographies that will improve your performance, musicality, and dancing technique. There’s nothing better than a woman oozing confidence when walking in heels, let alone dancing!

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2. USensual Club. The all-in-one platform for sensual women

The USensual Club platform will approach your femininity from different angles, including fashion, fitness, lifestyle, dancing, and others. 

Your heels dance skills will be challenged through styles, such as chair dance, bachata, kizomba, and belly dance, which are all beginner-friendly and will make your reach an intermediate level upon finishing them. 

What we liked best about this platform is the variety of its content which makes it easier to adapt to all sorts of individual aspirations, as well as 7-day free access to try the program and see if it is the right choice for you.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or you want to level up your sensual vibe, get the full studio experience at home with hundreds of classes for body shaping, dance, appearance and confidence.

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3. UYS by Kristina Mikolcic

Not exactly a typical heels course, but with Kristina Mikolcic’s sensuality classes you will definitely work on boosting your femininity. Over 8 thousand women have trusted Kristina with this learning process to become the best version of themselves.

With 30+ classes in dance, sensuality, and self-confidence classes, we consider Unlock Your Sensuality the best platform for beginners who wish to make a significant change in their day-to-day life. 

On top of the classes, you also get a private community to enjoy the exchange of experiences with other fellow subscribers and avoid feeling alone every step of the way. Take your heels and work on your sensuality through this Latin-oriented dance course aimed at awakening the woman in you!

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4. Secrets of Lady Style by Alba Sánchez

Alba Sánchez created this lady style course for all women eager to improve on their dance expression, technique, musicality, and body movement. These classes are done in heels, but the focus is on Latin dances, such as salsa and bachata. 

We don’t advise beginners to use this course as a starter but intermediate dancers will definitely enjoy it! Multiple choreographies are available anywhere and anytime for you to perfect your coordination, footwork, and overall styling.

Learning from a multiple world champion like Alba is definitely a step in the right direction if your dance styling has become dull and predictable.Try this heels course and shine bright on the dance floor.

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5. Ronald & Alba Online Dance School

Estilos Unidos Dance Community is the way to go if you want to improve your dancing on so many levels. 

Apart from styles such as ballet, reggaeton, salsa, and bachata lady style, this well-rounded platform includes Alba’s Sexy style classes, which will awaken the woman inside of you. These choreographies will make you ooze with confidence and sex appeal, boosting your feminine energy to the max. 

The best part about it all, with the platform’s lifestyle classes you can freshen up your fashion and make-up skills, to get the full picture of the woman you wish to become. The best version of you is around the corner with Estilos Unidos Dance Community!

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  • What is the best way to learn heels dance online?

    Starting fresh is always a good idea. You can choose a course with its main focus on heels, such as the Heels Empowerment, or you can opt for a platform that will develop your femininity on many levels, such as the USensual Club. The latter offers a 7 days trial period, which is convenient if you’re not sure about it and you don’t want to risk spending your money on a course that isn’t the right fit for you. 

  • How can I learn heels dance online?

    Heels dance often looks harder than it really is, all you have to do is give it a try. It also comes in different forms and it can be touched upon in other dance styles, which means you can’t go wrong whichever course you choose. Our list of online heels classes features the ones we find best suited for beginners, with features such as an individualized approach and step-by-step instructions being the main reason for such a good rating.

  • Which online heels dance class is best for beginners?

    If you wish to work particularly on your heels dance skills and you are a beginner dancer, Heels Empowerment by Sara López or Unlock Your Sensuality by Kristina Mikolcic are the best for you! However, for improving your performance to be more feminine and sensual, try the USensual Club platform.

  • Can I really learn heels dance with an online course?

    Yes. In addition, we can find plenty of reasons for learning heels dance online, some of which you’ll find listed below: 

    1. Your schedule is quite hectic, which makes it impossible for you to take part in regular classes at your local dance studio. 
    2. The dance studios near you don’t offer a variety of dance styles or the style you’d like to learn the most. 
    3. Best dancers of the style you like best teach in a studio that is too far from you. Therefore, not wanting to settle for less, you skip classes and your dance journey is brought to a halt. With online dance classes, this scenario is easily avoidable. 
    4. You’re new to heels dance and it makes you feel uneasy to start learning it in a room full of people. Going out of your comfort zone in this way scares you to death and it makes you feel uneasy to take the first step and sign up for a class at a dance studio. With online classes, you can learn from the comfort of your home and be as clumsy as you want during the first days of your learning process.
    5. Online classes are more cost-effective than regular in-person classes. Some of these online platforms even offer a free trial period in duration of a week, or a full refund of your money if you were asked to pay for the course beforehand.

  • Can I try online heels dance classes for free?

    Definitely! With some of these platforms, you can dance for 7 days without paying a single dollar or you can count on a 100% money-back guarantee in case you have to buy the course in advance. Don’t be scared of making that first payment, you will receive a refund regardless of the reason that pushed you to quit. Going online is the safest investment you can make!