Full guide of Online Salsa Dance Classes in 2022

Everything you need to know about and our real opinion after trying all online salsa courses here mentioned


The frenzied world we’re living in has required dancers to revolutionize the way they learn how to further improve their class-taking routine. Recently, online classes have been in high demand due to their accessibility regardless of time and location, which makes them easier to fit any busy schedule. 

Also, they are less terrifying for complete beginners, given that they prevent the initial shyness and fear of being judged or laughed at by other students in class. 

Therefore, with online classes you’ll be able to start and progress your dance journey at your own pace, not depending on studio timetables and the teacher’s syllabus.

Try one today and get the most out of this digitalized world we’re a part of!

Everything you need to know...

How to choose the perfect salsa dance class for you

There are many salsa classes available online from teachers of high-level or dubious quality, which makes it difficult to distinguish the “real deal” courses from scams. 

We’ve made a selection of the best online salsa classes to serve as a starting point for your dance learning path. Pick the best one for you in line with the goals you want to achieve, whether they concern partner work or the development of your own styling.

Online Salsa Classes for Couples

1. Estilos Unidos Dance School

With these two dancing powerhouses, you will learn everything a salsa dancer has to know!

Ronald and Alba have won the title of world champions five times, which made them one of the most prominent dance couples in the industry. To share their knowledge of salsa and bachata, they created the Estilos Unidos platform, rich in content for all aspiring dancers. 

Apart from partnerwork classes, this platform offers lady and man styling courses included in the subscription packages, which will result in you becoming a better dancer overall. Learning from the best is always a great idea!

If you are looking for online salsa classes, you have to try their online dance school.

Learn more about Ronald & Alba Dance School.

2. Salsa Classes Online by My Salsa Online

The absolute best platform for fiery salseros features incredible salsa partner work and styling courses. Here you will learn how to perfect the fundamental elements of salsa, as well as improve your own self-expression and confidence when dancing. 

This online dance course includes other styles which form an inextricable bond with salsa, such as Afro-Cuban, pachanga, and bachata. 

With all this content, we can assure you that you will have no competition on the dance floor. Salsa Classes Online platform will make you become some of the most advanced dancers out there if you’re willing to put in the effort.

3. Udemy Online Salsa Classes

The most famous online courses platform, Udemy, features a vast section of salsa dance classes of several styles, levels, and duration. 

With a total of 74 small-scale dance courses, you can learn the basics of salsa or improve your previous dance experience even further. Although for us, the quality is not the best, Udemy guarantees quality by offering a 30-day money-back guarantee, which makes it a risk-free investment in your dance journey. 

For the best results, feel free to combine the different courses available at Udemy and get the most out of all the content this platform has to offer!

Online Salsa Classes for women - Lady Style

Given that we tried ALL these courses, here is our top list of the best online salsa dance classes for women according to  price-quality ratio and user’s reviews.

1. Secrets of Lady Style Salsa Edition.

Learn from a five-time world champion and one of the best bachata and salsa dancers in the industry, Alba Sánchez, in this Salsa Lady Style course starting with basic-intermediate and ending with intermediate-advanced classes.

With this course, you’ll have access to pre-recorded dance classes, live and special bonus classes, as well as live review classes, where you’ll get a chance to clear any doubts with Alba and get feedback on your progress.

What we like the most: Alba Sanchez is always helping their students, so don’t hesitate to text her personally if you have any questions during the pre-recorded classes or during her live classes!

More than 2,500 students from all over the world give an excellent rating to Alba’s course, thanks to the incredible ease of access to the platform through several devices, the private community on Facebook, and the overall content available at the Secrets of Lady Style Salsa Edition.

2. USensual Club. Unlimited dances, fitness for women, and lifestyle coaches.

USensual Club gathers a variety of experts specialized in fashion, lifestyle, personal development, fitness, and dance. This platform includes a salsa course, as well as sensual courses, such as bachata, kizomba, belly dance, and chair dance. 

Apart from improving your salsa footwork and lady styling, which will, in turn, upgrade your partnerwork skills even further, you can shape your body and gain the confidence you need to become a better dancer.

Try this first-class platform for women and enjoy 7 days of free access to all the content. Once you try this course, you’ll never look for another one.

3. Anita Santos Rubin Online Classes

One of the most prominent faces in the dance industry, Anita is a six-time world salsa champion and classical ballet, contemporary, and jazz dancer.

Her teaching method is incredibly meticulous, which means you will get all the necessary details and exercises to improve your salsa lady styling, and consequently your partner work skills. Her classes are live, but thanks to the recording you can watch them whenever it suits you best. After the live class, there will be an extra hour of Q&A with Anita, during which she will clear all the doubts you might have experienced during the class. 

As a student, you will also get offers and discounts on dance apparel, such as clothing and shoes, as well as exclusive access to Anita’s WhatsApp group to get personal feedback on your progress. 

4. Bachata Lady Style by KM

The best course for beginners to serve as an introduction to movement is this Kristina Mikolcic course focused on self-confidence and sensuality. If you don’t know from where to start (Salsa or Bachata), we recomend you to try this bachata course. It provides you 7-day money back guarantee no asked question and is one of the best online dance courses in 2022.

More than 8,000 women enjoy this course with more than 30 classes aimed at arm movement, body posture, flexibility, and sensual dance moves. Even though this course is intended for bachata dancers, salseras will also get a lot of benefits from trying this course.

Through this process, you’ll get individualized support and feedback from your teacher, as well as a private circle with fellow students to share the experiences you take from your dance classes. Therefore, don’t be afraid to trust this platform to start your dance journey! 


  • What is the best way to learn salsa online in 2022?

    A beginner’s course is always the best way to start your dance journey. We highly encourage women to try the USensual Club platform for free during a week and find out more about its rich content. Also, Alba’s Secrets of Lady Style Salsa Edition is an excellent way to acquire body movement, technique and musicality skills every salsera has to possess.

  • How can I learn salsa online?

    Learning how to dance salsa with these online courses we listed is a breeze! They provide everything a dancer needs, ideally partnerwork combined with lady and men styling. And the best thing of all, you don’t have to be advanced to follow them successfully. Most of the classes we mentioned are beginner-friendly and progress in level gradually. 

  • Which online salsa class is best for women?

    For beginner ladies, our recommendation goes to USensual Club with comprehensive teaching methods. Dancers of a beginner-intermediate level will get the most out of Alba’s Secrets of Lady Style and further improve their skills.

  • Are online salsa classes really worth it?

    Online classes have so many benefits in comparison to regular classes that we’ve amazed it took so long to even introduced them. Here are some of the greatest pros when online courses are concerned: 

    1. They fit any schedule and are easier for a dancer’s time management given that they don’t have to calculate traveling to/from the studio or match their favorite teacher’s schedule not to miss their classes. 
    2. You can take classes of your favorite style even if they are far from where you reside. The best classes are more often than not taught in a different city or country, which was solved by introducing online classes. 
    3. You point to learning from the teachers you admire most, who are most likely to teach far away from your home. By taking their online class, you’ll be able to learn from them as often as you want. 
    4. Beginners won’t feel the burden of shame or fear when they aren’t faced with a room full of unfamiliar people staring at their lack of dance skills. In the comfort of their home, they will feel more relaxed and less likely to give up dancing if they face some difficulties learning. 
    5. Taking online classes is cheaper than paying a regular dance studio subscription. Also, in-person classes are rarely free, and with some of these courses, you can enjoy a full week of free content. Basically, what you see is what you get but you don’t have to pay for it in advance.

  • Can I try online salsa classes for free?

    With most of these platforms, you can enjoy 7 days of content for free. However, the courses that do require an upfront payment, offer a 100% refund if you’re not happy with them for any reason.

    Exactly, you’ll be given your money back without any questions, which makes the risk of actually losing money on pointless classes significantly reduced when compared to regular in-person classes.