Heels Dance Classes in NYC

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Feel confident with taking heels classes that NYC offers. From beginners to intermediate and advanced levels, they can fulfill everyone’s needs. Whether you want to try dancing in heels or have some previous experience, they have many schools that offer heels classes for everyone.

You can dance in a group or take private heels lessons. However, the choice is yours. Keep reading to explore the schools.

Everything you need to know

Learn Heels in NYC - Classes & Studios

DivaDance® NYC

Diva Dance offers dancing in heels on hip hop, jazz, and more.

All levels are welcome. They choreograph various music styles and songs. If you don’t have heels, no problem. They have pairs that may be fit for you. All of their DivaDance adult dance classes are hour-packed classes. No prior dance experience is required.

They offer different occasion packages, including birthdays, bachelorette, and more. For new students, they have a special offer.

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Explore striptease, floor work, exotic dance, sexuality, and lap dancing classes in StripXpertease.

They specialize in lap dance or floorwork. They offer group classes as well as private individualized custom lessons from our instructors. They have various classes for all levels. They can host a party for any occasion, including birthday parties, bachelorette, private parties, and more.

A variety of lesson packages are available, so check them out.


Sasi in Sasilicious studio is a choreographer, dancer, and dance instructor since 2004.

She specializes in street jazz fusion and Hip-hop, R&b. She offers different kinds of styles in heels. All levels are welcome. You can take group heels classes or take one-on-one private heels lessons. They are open 7 days a week. They can host a party or any kind of event.

Visit their webpage for more information.

Hell on Heels Fitness

Learn varieties of choreographies on heels in Hell on Heels Fitness.

They offer open level, cardio dance (8 Non-Stop), and Heels Fitness. All levels are welcome, regards your previous experience. Some of the classes focus on performance, body strengthening, and more. They offer a 2-hour workshop for Dance Mom’s. Hell on Heels offers private lessons in any type of heels.

They offer private lessons for any occasion. All ages and heel heights are welcomed.

PMT House of Dance

PMT House of Dance offers weekly classes in heels, ballet, hip hop, and more dance styles. 

They have an Open level for heels classes. If you are a beginner this class is the most suitable for you. Also, you can take more advanced classes if you have prior experience. They are also open on Saturdays. PMT Dance Studio has been offering private lessons to students of all ages and levels.

For more information, visit their website.

Broadway Dance Center

Shirlene’s Heels class is created to learn heels in various music styles.

If you are a beginner, she offers an Absolute beginner heels workshop, where you will learn the basics to strengthen your moves. This class is for all levels and anyone who wants to dance in heels. She also has a Street stilettos program, where you will learn advanced techniques. 

They offer private heels classes, as well as drop-in classes.


Sexylettos offers heels education.

They have a Sensual Seduction Heels workshop, which is designed as an alternative option for working out. The classes are for everyone. You will learn many sensual moves with heels. If you are new to this, they have beginner heels, and beginners twerkshop classes too. 

You can take more than 1 class, so take a look at their class packages.

Brooklyn Dance Lesson

Brooklyn Dance Lessons offers classes in many types of Latin dance, and heels.

They have a heels intensive workshop. It consists of a full body warm-up that involves rotational movement, isolations, core stability, and more techniques. The second hour will move into choreography and performance. They are offering special one-time intensive classes. Classes are 2 or 3 hours long and they are structured either for solo dancing or partner dancing.

Visit their website for more information.

Ailey Extension

Soca N Sweat offers heels classes to sweat your body.

If you are a beginner, they have beginner heels classes. This class is designed for students to discover the secrets to strutting in heels. Students will learn the basic technique of dancing in heels. Also, you will learn choreography that will focus on grooves, lines, floor work, and more techniques.

Visit their page for more details.

House of Pumps

House of Pumps offers heels classes for everyone.

You will learn varieties of heels techniques with instructors that have over 7 years of experience. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced dancer, they will help you learn heels according to your needs. You can also book a one-on-one private or a small group private heels classes.

If you have a birthday or bachelorette coming up, you can book a private party with them.

Strutting' With Charlie

Strutting’ With Charlie offers heels dance classes for adults.

She teaches all levels, to build their confidence and feel sexy in heels. The music consists of R&B, Hip Hop, Pop, and reggae. You can take group classes, as well as drop-in classes. She works with elementary students to adults in their 40s. 

For more info, click on the More information tab.

Yasmine’s Heels

Yasmine’s Heels and hip hop offers classes in heels, jazz, ballet, hip hop, and more.

She has been teaching from 3 years old. She teaches every level, from beginner to advanced. In her lessons, you will learn basic steps, and choreography, which will gradually become more challenging. She provides private lessons too. She works with students ranging from 3 years old to 40 years old.

You can take a close look, and learn more about her classes.

Polettes and Stilettos

Learn how to dance on heels in Polettes and Stilettos Series.

The heels classes are about demanding attention while in Heels. You can strengthen your body while doing pole freestyle in Heels. They will teach you heel pole choreography and dance routines including the walk, pole tricks, and spins. They also offer Burlesque Dance Heels and private heels lessons.

Visit their page for more information.

Sol Dance Center

Sol Dance Center offers ballet, heels, jazz, and more dance styles for young and adults. 

If you are a beginner or want to join a class to see what’s heels is about, they have an open heels program. This class focuses on developing the students’ confidence. You will also learn Heels techniques through walks, freestyle, and choreography. You will learn a different combination of other dance styles such as jazz, Latin, and more.

For more details and class packages visit their website.


1lovelydancer will teach you how to dance on heels.

If you are just starting, then these classes are a perfect opportunity for you. This Beginner Heels class is a 1-hour class, where you will discover your different heels techniques. You can take a class with your firend too. No heels are required. 

If you are looking for heels classes near  520 8th Ave 520 8th Avenue New York, NY 10018, check them out.

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More Dance Classes in NYC

If you can’t find heels classes near your area. you can always choose another dance style that best fits you. From beginner to advanced level, you can find classes in ballet, jazz, hip  hop, belly dance, pole, tap, modern and many more.