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Everything you need to know about pole dance in 2022


Whether you have two left feet, want to start a new hobby, or have some dance experience and want to improve your skills, you came to the right place. We have gathered all pole classes in Austin that offer pole dancing to beginners, intermediate and advanced dancers. 

You can dance in a group, or take private, and semi-private lessons for faster learning. You can reserve them for a birthday party, office event, and other special occasions.

Everything you need to know

Learn Pole in Austin - Classes & Studios

Inner Diva Studios

Learn pole dancing, chair, and more styles in Inner Diva Studios. 

If you are a beginner at the pole, they offer Pole level 1, where you will learn the basics. Also, for more advanced students they have pole dancing levels 2 and 3. If you want to practice what you’ve learned they have an Open level. No experience is necessary. The classes are designed for students of all ages, shapes, sizes, and fitness levels.

You must be 18 years of age or older to register and attend class.

soFly Social

Located on the east side of Austin, Texas, soFly Social offers pole dancing to all ages.

soFly Social offers pole dancing in group classes and private lessons. Their pole instructors teach pole dance styles such as Pole Fitness, Low Flow, Contemporary, and more. They offer 5 levels of Pole Skills, 4 levels of Spin Pole program, Pole fusion, and more, so beginners intermediate, and advanced dancers can join the classes.

They also offer private pole dancing to celebrate birthdays, bachelorette parties, and other special events. 

Brass Ovaries

Brass Ovaries is a dance studio that offers pole, twerk, aerial dance, and more.

They are open to all gender identities, no matter your race, ethnicity, age, shape, size, or fitness level. They offer drop-in classes throughout the week. Pole 1 class is for students that are new to pole. They offer Pole 2,3, and 4, Powerhouse pole, Yoga for pole dancers, and more. if you want to focus more on your goal, they offer one-on-one private pole lessons with an instructor.

Celebrate your bachelorette, birthday, or girls’ night out with a pole, striptease, or twerk.

Minx + Muse

Minx + Muse is a dance studio that offers pole classes, belly, and more.

The classes they offer are designed at different levels to fit everyone’s skills and abilities. They have an Intro class for beginners to learn the basics. Also, Pole Virgins is a class for beginners to learn the pole fundamentals. They offer Pole floorwork, and Pole+chair, which are for more advanced dancers. They also offer many workshops.

They welcome all gender identifications.

Four Elements Aerial

Four Elements Aerial is a dance studio that offers silks, Lyra, hammock dance, trapeze, pole dancing classes, and more.

The pole classes are divided into different levels, including beginning, intermediate and advanced dancers. If you are an absolute beginner, you should try an Intro pole class. They welcome all people regardless of age, gender, or physique. For students under 18, they require parental permission to attend classes.

They also offer private pole lessons, for faster and better learning.


Revolt is a dance studio that offers pole and aerial dance classes.

They welcome all levels, shapes, and sizes to join the classes. New Student Specials are offered for first-time visitors. They have pole classes on many levels. If you are new to pole, you should take Pole level 1 to learn the basic steps. They teach varieties of pole tricks, where heels are optional. 

You can book a private party for your bachelorette party, birthday, or other events. They offer different party packages.

Black Box Creative

Black Box Creative offers pole, dance, movement, and fitness classes.

They offer group classes in pole where all levels, genders, and humans are welcome. They have classes 7 days a week. If you are not sure you want to join in on a group class, they offer private lessons as well as private group parties. All pole classes are available for beginners, intermediate and advanced dancers. They also have an Open pole class to practice.

Their studio space is available for rentals, events, or collaborative projects.

Laché Movement Co.

You can build strength with some pole exercises in Lache Movement Co. 

Level 1 is for those wanting to get started but with little to no previous experience. The intro level is for those who are a little bit scared of the pole classes. Levels 2 and 3 are for more advanced dancers who have some prior experience. They offer pole fitness level 1 and 2 classes for kids. The kids’ pole classes are available for ages 6-12. 

You can host them for a private party and event, so check them out.

The Pole Chiro

The Pole Chiro offers pole classes for all who want to learn pole dancing.

Level 1/2 teaches variations of Spins, as seen in the Intro To Pole class, and introduces aerial tricks. They also offer a class where you will learn choreographies, spins, floorwork, and more. They have varieties of pole classes to learn on different levels. Also, choreography classes are available. No experience is needed and no weight limit is required. 

Visit their website for more information.

Sky Candy

Sky Candy offers classes in pole, aerial, Lyra rope, and other dance styles.

They offer drop-in classes and pole series. Regardless of your level, they have pole classes on 3 different levels, so beginners, intermediate and advanced dancers can join the classes. If you are looking for some one-on-one instruction, many of their teachers are available for Private Lessons for 1-3 students. 

Visit their website and choose the best class that fits your needs.

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More Dance Classes in Austin and Texas

Pole dancing can be really fun but hard at the same time. However, if you can’t find pole classes near your area, Austin and Texas have more dance styles to offer including ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, salsa, bachata, ballroom, and more. They are available for every level, whether you are a newbie or have some experience.