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Everything you need to know about pole dance in 2022


If you are a beginner or an experienced dancer who is looking for pole classes in Denver, you are at the right place. Denver provides pole classes to students of all ages, skills, and abilities, regarding your certain dance experience. You can find pole lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced dancers. 

They offer group pole classes or private lessons to advance your skills. If you are looking for a place to celebrate your birthday, bachelorette party, or divorce, the schools offer many party packages.

Everything you need to know

Learn Pole in Denver - Classes & Studios

Studio 3sixT

Studio 3sixT offers pole classes and pole fitness to all ages.

They offer drop-in pole classes and membership payments. Whether you are a beginner or have prior experience, they offer pole classes to every level, beginning, intermediate and advanced levels. Also, offer private pole lessons and pole workshops.

If you are looking for a place to host your party, they can offer many party packages.

Tease Studio

Tease Studio offers pole, dance, aerial, and fitness classes.

They offer Intro to pole for new students which is an introduction to pole and some basic pole moves. They offer Static Pole in 4 levels to learn pole techniques, tricks spins, and more advanced moves. The open pole is for dancers who need some time to work on pole technique. They offer a variety of pole classes to choose from.

They can host your party, and they are available on weekdays, weekends, and evenings. 

The Sankalpa Collec.

Sankalpa Collective offers yoga classes and a variety of movement and pole dancing classes.

Pole fitness and movement classes are held in person. The classes are available for beginners intermediate and advanced students. They also have many different teachers who offer private pole dance lessons for pole students looking to begin their training.

They also offer dance workshops, private parties, and bachelorette parties. 

Xpression Studio

Xpression Studio offers classes from Pole Dancing to Shuffling, Belly Dancing, and Hula Hooping.

All private lessons cater to all levels of skills ranging from beginner to advanced. They are offering one-on-one private lessons for all of their dance specialties. All pole lessons are private with a maximum of 2 students. The classes are available for beginners, intermediate and advanced dancers.

They offer private rental space for people looking to practice on their own time.

Selenite Studio

Selenite Studio offers Pole Fitness, Aerial Silks, Dance, and Yoga classes.

They offer a large variety of classes for every individual, regardless of their experience or ability. If you are brand new to pole they have an Intro to pole class. They have an Open pole free class with no instruction to practice your moves. For more advanced dancers, they offer advanced levels in pole and pole techniques. 

They offer private parties to celebrate a bachelorette party, birthday party, or girls’ night out. 

Denver Dance

Denver Dance offers a variety of classes for adults in hip hop, pole, tap, aerial and more.

If you have never taken any kind of pole class before, they offer a Beginner Swing pole class. If you are someone who has experience in swing pole, and aerial, they offer Intermediate and Advanced Swing pole classes. They offer private lessons to get personalized pole training. They also offer semi-private lessons for up to 3 people. 

Visit their page for more information.

Rockstar Pole

Rockstar Pole Fitness offers pole, aerial, and dance classes to all levels.

If you’ve never taken a class at Rockstar, you can sign up to get them into offer 2 weeks unlimited for a special price. They offer beginning, intermediate and advanced levels in pole, regarding your current dance experience. They also offer combo classes on Spin and Static Pole. If you are looking for a place to host your party, they offer many party packages.

Visit their page for more information.

The Pole POD

The Pole POD is a dance studio that offers pole classes.

Not only can you book your training POD but you are able to book private and semi-private sessions as well. They have pole classes for everyone whether you are looking to start your pole journey focusing on the basics or maybe you are looking for more pole flow. They have beginner, intermediate and advanced options available. 

For more information, contact them.

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More Dance Classes in Denver and Colorado

If you can’t find pole classes near your area, you can find other dance styles near Denver and Colorado. From beginners to advanced dancers, they are many classes available in groups or as private lessons, including, ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, salsa, bachata, Latin, ballroom, and many more you can choose from.