Pole Classes in NYC

Everything you need to know about pole dance in 2022


Pole dancing strengthens your whole body and posture. Did you know that in NYC you can find pole classes from beginner to advanced levels? Whether you are just starting, want to create a new hobby, or have some prior experience, NYC offers many dance studios that offer pole classes.

Keep reading to find out more about the classes, group and private lessons, parties, packages, and more.

Everything you need to know

Learn Pole in NYC - Classes & Studios

Body & Pole

Body & Pole features five studios that offer weekly classes in Pole, Silk, Hoop, Flex & Core.

Whether you’re brand-new to pole, they have a first package rate. No worries if you don’t have pole skills. They will teach you all the basics needed to progress. They offer pole classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced dancers. Heels are not recommended for those with little or no pole dance experience. No background in dance is required to take a class.

Visit their webpage to meet the instructors and to see the options available.

Foxy Fitness and Pole

Foxy Fitness and Pole educate pole dancing through pole artistry, sport, and fitness.

Small group classes, solo, and group private lessons are daily open. Schedule a private or semi-private session. No prior experience is necessary to start pole dancing. All of their classes are open-level and the instructors will work with you based on your individual level. They offer pole parties for your special occasions, and pole workshops. 

Men and women are welcome to join the classes, so take e a closer look.

Pole to Pole Fitness

Pole to Pole Fitness offers pole classes for all levels.

If you are a newbie they have an Intro to Pole program, where you will develop a basic understanding of what pole dance is all about. As you advance your skills, you can move forward to the more advanced pole classes they offer. Also, if you have taken pole class before but are new to Pole to Pole Fitness, they offer a Practice Pole class.

Visit their website to learn more about their classes.

Brooklyn's Finest Pole

Brooklyn’s Finest Pole is a dance studio that offers pole classes.

Whether you are new to this or have some prior experience, they have pole classes for every skill and level. They offer group pole classes and private pole lessons to advance your skills. They can dance on special occasions such as a birthday parties, a bachelorette, and other events.

To learn more about the class packages, you should visit their website and contact them.


IncrediPole is a dance studio that offers pole classes for women.

If you have never danced before, they have an Intro to pole class, where absolutely no experience is necessary. They also have Beginner I and Beginner II classes. For students who have experience, they offer Intermediate I and II, and more advanced classes. They offer pole workshops too. No shoes are required for any class. You must be 18+ to attend classes. 

They offer discounts for new students so take a closer look.

Le Femme Suite

Le Femme Suit is a dance studio that offers pole classes, workshops, and parties.

They offer various sexy dance styles including twerk, exotic, chair, and more. If you are a beginner, they offer a beginning pole class where you will learn the basics of pole dancing. Also, if you have some prior experience you can take intermediate or advanced classes they offer. They are available for parties too.

They offer several class packages and party packages, so click on the More information tab. 

The Bachelorette Loft

Come and learn pole dance at The Bachelorette Loft.

They offer a pole class that is a Bachelorette Party – Pole Dance Class and Pole Play. They also have a Yoga Pole Stretch class, where you will increase body flexibility. They have a happy hour pole dance class event, to practice, experience, and explore this popular dance with your girlfriends and other girls like you. They have a theme for each budget and no party is too small.

Contact them for more info.

Poletic Justice

Poletic Justice is a dance studio where women and men of all backgrounds and skill levels can dance pole. 

They offer private one-on-one lessons and private group sessions. If you are someone who never tried pole dancing, you should take private pole lessons before starting a full group pole class. You can also book a private group pole party. They offer pole dancing to every level, whether you are a beginner or advanced dancer.

They offer off-schedule class sessions available in the mornings, evenings, and weekends to accommodate your busy life.

Full Circle Brooklyn

Full Circle is a dance where you will learn the art of pole dancing.

If you are a new student, they offer an introductory Intro pole class. They have beginner pole 1 and beginner pole 2 classes where you will learn basic steps, and some more steps. For more advanced techniques, they have intermediate and advanced pole levels to improve your dance skills.

They also have Pole Conditioning, Pole Low Flow, and Spin Pole, so take a look at the class packages.


Come and learn pole dance at StripXpertease.

If you have no pole experience, and no rhythm, it’s no problem. The instructors will lead you through the whole pole journey. All types of girls are welcomed. For new students, they have beginner classes. Also, for more advanced students, they offer advanced classes. You can book a private pole lesson which they offer packages for.

They are available for dancing at your event too.

Vibez Studio

Vibez Studio offers a variety of group classes including Pilates, Spinning, TRX, Dance, Boot Camp, Pole Dancing, Aerial, Barre, Yoga, and more.

They have a pole program where all levels are welcome. Whether you are new to his or want to develop your pole techniques, they have classes for everyone. You can join the group pole classes or take a private pole lesson. Private sessions and parties are available. The classes are every Tuesday and Thursday.

Visit the website for more details.

Zack's Dance Loft

In Zack’s Dance Loft you can find pole classes for men and women.

If you are a newbie they offer a beginner pole class. They also have a pole stretch class. The stretching classes are alternative to Yoga if you want to achieve your goals with less efforts. They have Happy Hour Pole Dance Class & Pole Play where no experience is necessary and you will dance to different music.

You can buy 1 class or class package.

Got Pole?

Got Pole is a dance studio for pole classes for women.

They offer pole classes in combination with yoga stretches. All levels are welcome, whether you have 2 left feet or have danced before. They also welcome women of all ages who are ready to try something new. In their classes, you will learn basic steps in pole dancing and also strengthen your body.

Click on the More information tab to learn more.

Exotic Dance Central

Exotic Dance is offering classes, events & products since 1999.

You can book a 90-Min Private Girls Night Out Dance Experience where you will learn three of your favorite exotic dance styles with your girls. Also, you can book a 2-Hour Birthday Party Package (packages include a 2-hour of pole dancing, twerking, lap dancing, exotic dancing, and stripteas). 

Whether your aim is, you can find the classes that fit you the most.

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More Dance Classes in NYC

Besides pole classes, you can find many other dance styles in NYC including tap, jazz, ballet, salsa, bachata, heels, hip hop, and more. You can search to find the best classes that fit your busy life.