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Wanna dance salsa on 2 or salsa on 1? Then you are at the right place. You can find salsa classes in different styles. Boston offers salsa classes for beginners intermediate and advanced dancers, so whether your aim is, you can find the best class that fits your needs.

From dancing alone or in a couple, private salsa lessons, socials, and more keep reading to search more and choose the right one for you.

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Learn Salsa in Boston - Classes & Studios

Salsa Classes By Juan

Juan Lopez is a dance instructor that salsa classes to adults and kids. 

They teach the Mambo style of salsa. Beginner students are welcome t join the classes. Also, he offers salsa classes to more advanced students. The kids’ salsa classes are available for ages 4 to 17 years old. He offers salsa teaching for individuals and couples too. 

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Arthur Murray Studio

Arthur Murray Dance Studio offers a variety of dance classes for adults including salsa, bachata, swing, tango, ballroom, and more.

Whether you are a beginner or have some dance experience, they offer salsa classes for every level. They offer social dance lessons for weddings, parties, birthdays, and more. Single and couple dance lessons are available. No partner is needed. 

If you want to put your dance hobby on the fast track, they offer competitive dance classes.

Salsa y Control

Salsa y Control is a dance studio that offers salsa and bachata classes.

They teach salsa and bachata partnering, footwork, and more classes in 1-4 levels. The classes are designed as 4-week or 5-week sessions. They offer private, and semi-private salsa lessons to individuals or couples. beginners, intermediate and advanced students are welcome to join the salsa classes.

For more info about the packages, visit their website.

Noche Latina School

Noche Latina Dance School offers dance clases in salsa, bachata, kizomba, and more.

They teach salsa on 2 style. Whether you are a newbie or an advanced dancer they offer salsa at beginning and intermediate levels. Their classes are offered as 4-week series. They also offer private salsa classes for individuals, as well as for couples. They have Salsa Ladies Styling Student Team too.

For more information, visit their website.

Rumba Y Timbal

Rumba y Timbal is a dance studio that specialized in Salsa, Bachata, and other Latin Dances.

They teach salsa on1 and salsa on 2 styles. Whether you are a professional performer or a complete beginner, they offer classes for everyone. Both styles are offered for beginners, intermediate and advanced dancers. They offer private salsa lessons if you want to improve your techniques. The private classes are offered only for couples.

For more info about the class packages and class schedule, visit their website.

J&L Dance Studio

J&L Dance studio offers a variety of classes for different dance styles and different levels.

They teach salsa on 2. They have salsa footwork, partnering, and training team as group salsa classes. For more specific and individualized training they offer private salsa lessons. They offer private lessons to individuals, couples, and private events. No partner is nessecarry. The programs are designed as a 6-week course.

They have many packages available, so check them out.

Masacote Dance

The Masacote Dance School offers salsa dance classes for adults.

They teach salsa on 2 and salsa on 1 style. They offer dance instruction for people of all ages, levels, and abilities. All salsa group classes are divided into beginning, intermediate and advanced levels. For more personalized dance training they offer private salsa lessons with a one-on-one instructor. They offer private lessons for individuals, for 2 and for a group. 

The school features a robust program of 20+ Latin-based dance and music classes per week.

Fawakaa Salsa School

Fawakaa Salsa Dance Company offers dance classes in salsa.

They can teach you how to dance salsa footwork, with a partner, and many more options available. They offer salsa classes in cycles. You must complete a full cycle to get to the next level. They offer salsa learning to all levels, whether you are a new dancer or have some dance experience.

If this sounds interesting to you, check them out.


MSDance COllective offers a variety of different dance styles, including salsa, bachata, tango Foftrot, and many more.

They offer salsa on 2 learning. You will learn different salsa choreographies. They offer open-level and advanced salsa levels. This class is offered on Friday. No partner is necessary, and no experience is required. They also offer private lessons.

If you are looking for salsa classes near 191 Highland Ave, Somerville, MA 02143, check them out.

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More Dance Classes in Boston and Massachusetts

If salsa classes are not your style or there aren’t any salsa lessons near your area, you can find other dance styles including ballet, bachata, hip hop, jazz, modern, Irish,  contemporary, and more. They are all available for beginners to intermediate and advanced dancers.