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You can learn various salsa steps, choreographies, and techniques in Denver. Whether your level is, or you want to start a new dance hobby you can find it in Denver. Many dance schools offer group salsa classes and private salsa lessons for more advanced and personalized instruction.

Beginner, intermediate and advanced levels are available, as well as private parties, so keep scrolling to earn more.

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Learn Salsa in Denver - Classes & Studios

Salsa with Senora

Salsa with Senora and Jig is a dance studio that offers salsa and bachata dance classes.

They offer salsa classes on 3 levels, beginners, intermediate and advanced dancers. The classes are designed as 4-8 weeks series. You do not have to have a partner to attend classes. Private salsa lessons are also available if you want to improve your dance skills. They are also available for school workshops, and more.

Group salsa classes are on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.

Black Belt Salsa

Black Belt Salsa dance studio offers Salsa, Bachata, and classes in other dance styles.

Their salsa classes are designed as 4-week series. To improve your dance skills, they have private salsa lessons. All salsa classes are divided into beginners, intermediate and advanced dancers. They also offer salsa workshop, free social parties, and more. They are available for parties, occasions, birthdays, and more. 

Check them for more about their schedule.

RastaSalsa Dance

Rasta Salsa Dance provides salsa, bachata, and mambo dance classes.

They teach salsa in 1 style. The classes are available in 3 salsa levels, including beginners, intermediate, and advanced levels. They also offer salsa classes on the weekends. If you are an absolute beginner, they offer beginner salsa classes on Saturdays and Sundays. For more personalized attention, you can schedule private salsa lessons. They will teach you Solo, Couple, or Team Choreography.

You can take drop-in classes or pay for a membership.

Social Salsa Dance

Learn how to dance salsa in Social Salsa Dance studio.

Whether you know how to dance or want to start learning, their salsa classes are divided into 3 levels, beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. They also offer weekly salsa workshops. They offer monthly progressive classes to learn advanced steps and techniques. They can host your party or you can have at home salsa dance for your party.

Whether your choice is, take a closer look.

La Rumba

La Rumba is a dance company that provides salsa, and bachata.

They teach salsa in 3 levels, so every student can join whether you are an absolute beginner or have some prior dance experience. They have salsa classes on Wednesdays and Thursdays. They can prepare you for your birthday, bachelorette, or other special parties. You can pay as a drop-in class or pay for several classes.

They have classes on the weekends too, so check them out. 

Colorado New Style

Colorado New Style Dance Center offers dance classes in salsa, bachata, ballet, and more Latin styles.

They teach salsa on 1 style. All classes are available for many levels, whether you are a newbie or an advanced dancer. CNS offers many team options for those interested in being a part of our dance family. Whether you want to learn alone or have a partner, they offer private salsa lessons for everyone.

For more information, visit their website.

Ballroom & Beyond

Ballroom & Beyond offers Bachata, Salsa, Cha-Cha, Tango, Waltz, and more ballroom dance classes.

They teach salsa on 1 and salsa on 2 styles. They offer salsa dance classes in group and private lessons. Whether you have very little experience or want to participate in competitions, you can take private salsa lessons or competitive salsa classes. 

Ballroom & Beyond hosts social dance events, prepare you for your first wedding dances, and more options available.

Salsaville Studios

Salsaville Dance Studios offers new weekly dance classes starting at the beginning of every month.

They teach all the major styles of salsa: Latin American style, New York style, Los Angeles style, and Cuban style. No previous experience is required to join our salsa dancing classes. They also offer private dance lessons. The salsa classes are available on 5 levels.

If you are interested in learning more about them, visit their page.

Bachata Denver

Bachata Denver offers weekly Bachata, Salsa, and Hip hop classes.

Salsa classes are held every Wednesday. All levels are available. Bachata & Salsa Social Party are also held. Many options are available for every student skills, abilities, and needs. For more advanced dancers, or if you want to learn better with one-on-one instructor, you can take private salsa lessons.

Whether your choice is, take a look at thier class schedule and pries.

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More Dance Classes in Denver and Colorado

If the salsa classes don’t fit your busy life, you can find other dance styles including ballet, modern, jazz, contemporary, aerial, bachata, ballroom, and more styles that are available in Denver and Colorado. Group and private lessons are also available for every level.