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Do you want to start dancing salsa as a hobby? Or maybe you want to level up your skills and go to competition? Whether your goals are, Manhattan has salsa classes for everyone. Whether you are new to this or have some prior experience, in Manhattan you can find salsa lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced dancers.

You can dance in a group for socializing, or take private salsa classes. However, the choice is yours. Keep scrolling to find out more about the classes.

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Learn Salsa in Manhattan - Classes & Studios

Salsa Classes NYC

Salsa Classes offer salsa classes for students with all levels of experience

You will learn how to dance New York City original style salsa. In their salsa dance classes, you will have the opportunity to learn the fundamental dance salsa steps, and salsa dancing turning patterns. The group salsa classes come in 3 levels. Also, you can take private salsa lessons for more advanced learning. 

They offer salsa dances for special events, so take a look at their class packages.

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BAILA Society

BILA Society is a dance studio that offers dance classes in salsa for adults.

We teach the New York style of salsa. If you are a new student, they have a salsa workshop for absolute beginners on Tuesdays, where you will learn the basic steps in a 5-week course. No partner is required. For more personalized training, they offer private salsa lessons.

If this sounds interesting to you, click on the More information tab. 

Joel Salsa NYC

Joel Salsa NYC is a dance school that offers salsa classes for adults.

They offer different levels of Salsa On2 classes for all levels. Whether you are Beginner, Advanced Beginner, or a more experienced dancer, they have salsa classes for you. They have group salsa classes, as well as private salsa lessons, salsa socials, and more. They have a special salsa-ladying workshop for advanced beginners and higher levels.

Take a look at their class schedule for more info.

Lorenz Latin Dance Studio

Lorenz Latin Dance Studio offers salsa classes for adults and kids.

They teach New York Mambo On2 style of salsa. Whether you are a new student or have experience, the salsa classes are at the beginning, intermediate and advanced levels. No partner is necessary because you will rotate during the class. They also have salsa social dance parties where the students can learn in a social environment. 

They can choreograph for weddings, sweet 16s, and quinceaneras.

Piel Canela Dance School

Piel Canela is a dance school that offers salsa, bachata, tango, and many other styles. 

They teach Salsa on1 and on2. If you are a beginner, they offer classes for beginners every week. You don’t need to bring a partner. They offer classes every day of the week, including on the weekends too. They have salsa group classes and private salsa lessons for individuals, small groups, and couples. 

Check them out for more details. 

Nieves Latin Dance Studio

Learn salsa steps in Nieves Latin Dance Studio.

They offer footwork and partner work. No partner is needed as they rotate around in class. For absolute beginners, they have Beginner 101 Class, where you will learn the basic steps in salsa. Salsa On2 is available for advanced dancers too. They offer  Monthly Packages. Group salsa and private salsa lessons are available.

The instructors have been teaching Salsa Dance for over 10 years.

Salsa Sabrosa

Salsa Sabrosa offers salsa, bachata, rumba and more classes.

They teach Cuban salsa. The salsa classes are divided into different levels, so everyone regardless of age can join. They offer private salsa lessons, for faster learning. They have salsa social dance, where entry is free. They also have private activities, events, and more. 

If you want to learn more about the classes, and events, visit their website.

Bachata Sensual

Learn bachata, salsa, kizomba, and more in Sensual Bachata Studio. 

They teach Salsa On2 in group classes. If you want to accelerate your learning they offer private salsa lessons. Also, you can learn some salsa choreography they offer. Whether you are a newbie or an advanced dancer, the salsa classes are available for every level, from beginner to advanced levels.

Join them every Saturday for social dance events.

Dance On 2 Studio

Dance On 2 Studio offers dance classes in salsa and bachata.

They offer group salsa and private salsa lessons. If you are a beginner, they have a beginner salsa boot camp that lasts 8 weeks. They also offer beginner 2, intermediate 1, and 2 programs, where you will learn different salsa techniques. 

They offer couples performance classes, ladies performance classes, sweet 16 choreography, and wedding dance choreography.

Cucala Dance Company

Cucala Dance Company offers dance classes in salsa.

They teach salsa On2 at the beginner and intermediate levels. Whether it’s your first time or you have been dancing for years, they have classes for you. They teach everything from basic hand techniques to triple spins. No partner is required during the classes. You can also book private salsa lessons for better learning.

Visit their website for more information.

Step Into Salsa

Learn salsa dance in Step Into Salsa Studio.

They teach Salsa On2 in group classes. No partner or dance experience is needed to start. You can book private salsa lessons if you want the fastest route to improve your dancing. Private salsa lessons are available for singles and couples. Salsa classes are designed in beginning, intermediate and advanced levels.

No matter what age, background, or level of dance experience, everyone is welcomed.

Stepping Out Studios

Stepping Out Studios offers dance classes in salsa, tango, swing, ballroom, and more.

If you want to meet new friends, they offer salsa group classes. Also, private salsa lessons are available if you want to receive personalized attention and fast-track your learning. Semi-private lessons for groups larger than 2 people are available. On Sundays, they are open for a salsa social.

The instructors have over 30 years of experience, so check them out.

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More Dance Classes in Manhattan and New York City

If you can’t find salsa classes near your area. you can always choose another dance style that best fits you. From beginner to advanced level, you can find classes in ballet, jazz, hip  hop, belly dance, pole, tap, modern and many more.