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Miami offers salsa classes for every age, skill, ability, race, and gender. Whether you are just starting your dance journey, or have some experience and want to enhance your skills, you can find the class you need in many dance schools in Miami.

You can dance in group salsa classes or take private salsa lessons to accelerate your learning with one-on-one instruction. The choice is yours. Keep reading to see their schedules and choose the class that fits your busy life.

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Learn Salsa in Miami - Classes & Studios

Liquid Silver Salsa

Liquid Silver Salsa provides salsa lessons to anyone interested in learning to dance.

They teach salsa on 1. They offer salsa classes to beginners intermediate and advanced dancers. They offer private salsa instruction dancing with a one-on-one instructor. Aside from private lessons, they also offer lessons for special occasions like weddings. For those who have never danced, we provide an introductory class that will cover all the dance fundamentals. 

They offer salsa bootcamps for all levels of dance, and also are available from Monday to Sunday.

Salsa Papi

Salsa Papi is a dance studio that offers salsa and bachata classes to adults.

They teach salsa on 1 and on 2. Their classes are available for all levels, whether you are a  beginner or an advanced dancer. Also, for more private and better learning, they offer salsa private lessons. No experience is needed and no partner is required to join the classes. 

They can prepare you for your birthday, bachelorette, and other occasions, and offer other activities.

Salsa & Art Studio

Salsa & Art Studio is a dance studio that teaches you how to dance salsa, bachata, and more.

If you are a beginner, they have basic steps for beginners. You can take drop-in classes that last 1 hour and a half, or you can join a monthly membership. If you want to improve your dance skills, they offer private salsa lessons for singles and couples.

They offer many class packages and they can prepare you for your first wedding dance.

Salsa Central Miami

Salsa Central offers dance classes in salsa, bachata, and merengue.

Their studio offers both group and private classes in a variety of dance styles and levels. Even if you’ve never danced before, they offer salsa classes for beginners too. They also have group salsa classes for intermediate and advanced dancers. Privaet salsa lessons are also available.

If you are interested in learning salsa, visit their page to see the schedule.

Dance Awakening

Dance awakening offers dance classes in bachata, salsa, zouk, and more styles.

They teach salsa on1. The salsa classes are designed in 2 levels, for beginners and intermediate dancers. They offer only private salsa lessons to develop your skills. No partner is necessary. All of our beginner classes are made for dancers with no experience!

They also provide private dance lessons for events, shows, and more.

Miami Salsa Driven

Salsa Driven is a dance studio that will teach you how to dance bachata and salsa.

They teach salsa on 1. However, all their instructors are familiar with other salsa styles. They offer salsa classes for beginner to advanced dancers. On Tuesday and Thursday, they have all levels of bachata. You can take group classes, and also private salsa lessons, to improve your skills. 

They offer several class packages, and also one night class. 

Studio 1890

Studio 1890 offers a varied dance program for all levels of interest.

They offer salsa on2 classes. Studio 1890 offers private dance instruction, group classes, and social dance parties. The salsa classes are divided into 3 levels, beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Many events are available too. They are available Mondays through Saturdays.

Visit their website for more information about the class schedule and prices.

Miami Baila Studio

Miami Baila Dance Studio offers classes in salsa, bachata, Zumba, and more.

They teach salsa on2. All levels are welcome, including beginners intermediate, and advanced levels. You can take on a single class or take monthly classes. If you’re a newbie, they offer beginner salsa on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Also, they have salsa workshops available for everyone. They can prepare you for your first wedding dance.

If this sounds great, check them out.

Miami Sensual Bachata

Miami Sensual Bachata is a dance studio that offers classes in salsa, bachata kizomba, and more.

Whether you have 2 left feet or you want to try dancing, they have classes for everyone. If you are a newbie, you can try their beginner salsa classes. Their salsa classes are group classes and private salsa lessons to accelerate your learning.

Click on the More information tab to read in detail.

Karibe Dance Studio

Karibe Dance Studio offers dance classes in bachata, salsa, reggaetón, and more.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced dancer, all levels are welcome. The salsa classes are designed in 4 levels. They can teach you footwork and partnerwork. They offer social events in all types of dance styles they have. They have private salsa lessons if you want to improve your dance skills and techniques.

They are open from Monday to Saturday, so check them out.

Casino D'Primera

Casino D’Primera offers salsa classes for every level.

Whether you are new to salsa or have some experience, their salsa classes are divided into 3 levels, including beginning, intermediate and advanced levels. They offer group salsa classes to socialize with friends and private salsa lessons for more advanced learning. If you bring a friend, you will get a free salsa class!

Visit their page to find out more about their prices and options available.

Salsa Kings

Learn salsa and bachata in Salsa Kings. 

They offer group salsa classes for beginner, intermediate, and advanced dancers. Everyone is welcome to join the classes, whether you are single or with a partner. They also have Ladies Team classes. If you want to master your skills, they offer private salsa lessons. They offer classes for your birthday, bachelorette, wedding, and more occasions.

Salsa Kings has over 20 years of expertise in offering salsa classes.

UV Latin Academy

UV Latin Dance Academy offers the best in Latin Dance instruction in bachata, salsa, and more.

They teach Cuban salsa. They can help you become a social dancer and a competitive champion at all levels. All students begin at Level 1. They offer different salsa levels that each last several weeks, from beginner to advanced level. 

They offer private salsa lessons, and group salsa classes, so check them out.

D. Vice Latin Studio

Wanna learn salsa? D.Vice Latin Studio offers salsa and bachata classes.

They teach salsa on2. Whether you are at a beginner level, advanced, or even performing on stage, they have salsa classes for every skill. They are also available for sweet 16, quinceañera, and wedding choreographies. 

If you want to accelerate your dance techniques, they have private salsa lessons too

Fred Astaire Studios

Learn salsa and many ballroom styles in Fred Astaire Dance Studios.

They teach salsa on 1. They offer private lessons, group classes, and practice parties for adults. They welcome singles and couples, so no dance partner is required. If you are a new member, they have a special introductory offer. They can prepare you for you first wedding dance, and more special events.

If you want to know more about their prices, click on the More information tab.

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More Dance Classes in Miami and Florida

From beginner to advanced level, you can find classes in ballet, jazz, hip  hop, bachata, ballroom, belly dance, pole, tap, modern and many more. Group classes and private lessons are also available for individuals.